Whisper Lounge – Whisper to a Scream

whisper lounge, the grove, los angeles - dirty martini

Whisper Lounge
at The Grove
189 The Grove Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90036

You know you had a good night when…

You wake up the next morning, *ahem* naked, except for your earrings – actually, make that only one earring, the other one is nowhere to be found until three days later – face down on your bed. Not in your bed and under the covers, but right smack dab in the middle, diagonally, spread eagle, face down on top of the covers of the bed that looks exactly like it did yesterday morning right after you made it, except for the smeared mascara in two perfect little black spots. Ugh. Drycleaning.

You have bruises on your knees and elbows and shins that hurt a lot.

Your face is sunburned on one cheek. Or maybe it’s just burned. But you were inside the Whisper Lounge (supposedly). And it’s burnt on just one cheek.

You have over 20 missed calls and txt messages in your phone that you never read last night, but most of them are asking “whr r u?” and “r u ok?!?!” and “wtf?!?!”

whisper lounge - glasses
racking them up

You feel skinny because oops, you guess you were on a liquid diet yesterday

You feel skinny because you realize, after going into the bathroom, that at some point, your liquid diet that went in came right back out.

You look through your camera and apparently, you were having so much fun that you took a lot of pictures. Of nothing. And everything. WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE IN YOUR CAMERA?!?!

You know you had a good night when: you have zero recollection of the evening whatsoever. Zero.

At what point does “sometimes” become a “pattern?” *sigh*

whisper lounge - x-rated fusion liqueur
*eh* i’m waiting for triple x

Please, if you were there, don’t ask me if I remember my own two Citron/sodas, sneaking sips of your Dirty Martini, squealing over hot pink X-rated, playing with a troll, trying to pick up a woman, chatting with Bill, the shots of wait-don’t-you-hate-tequila-yes-who-cares-lets-do-shots-of-Patron, and getting *shush*ed by the bartender because “Hey now, we don’t talk like that here!?” Don’t ask me if I remember.

I don’t.

And, please, for the love of my sanity and personal perceived integrity, do not remind me. I prefer to live in ignorance and tell myself that I had a great time.

I had a great time. I had a fabulous time. I had an awesome, rockin’, wildly crazy fun time.

I did.

And of all places, at The Grove.

** a year ago today, i was in love with iron chef and guido taught me to cin cin **

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  • Acme Instant Food

    I wouldn’t worry so much about your camera.

    My weekends (oh hell, at times my weeknights) are spent imbibing, carousing, screaming over the din to be heard by my companions, and on and on. My “gang” is a fun group indeed and we are often find ourselves revisiting our teenage years. I am actually fairly adept at keeping the level of liquid courage at a comfortable level as dropping over that dark abyss into Dizzywood makes me uncomfy. However, it happens on occasion. Frequently, our camera snaps images of buddies, both of familiar and brand-spanking-new ones, and occasionally we review those images at a later date unable to identify some of the digitized faces.

    That doesn’t bother me.

    What does bother me is when our buddies email THEIR pictures of the evening. The missives are usually accompanied by such remarks as, “Here’s one for the album!” There are no Photoshop skills good enough to mask some unflattering images. “Did I really do that? Hhhmmmm…”

    It’s sometimes best to have some dirt on your friends to blackmail them with at times such as these!

  • Gloria

    Ha! I live within walking distance, and haven’t yet been to check it out. But after your adventures, perhaps I shall!

  • elle

    lol-i did the same thing last night-was it a full moon or something? My posion was a few too many kamakaze’s-now i’m hungry, headachey and brain dead…but you made me laugh so that’s cool.

  • sarah

    acme: yeah, i don’t like that feeling either – of completely falling into the abyss of unknowing. i mean, really, it’s kind of scary to think of how one acts when one has absolutely no inhibitions. yikes. i mean heck, if you’re innately a sane person, well, no need to worry, but what if you’re, you know, like me? LOL!

    oh yeah, and i am not so fond of outside evidence. expecially when pictures are part of like, oh i don’t know, a flickr group that gets emailed to everyone!

    gloria: well, i doubt you’d actually want to go there – i mean it IS at the grove, and all (nothing inherently wrong with the grove but for fox ache it’s a mall, right ;) ), but if you happen to be shopping in nordsttrom’s shoe department and wanna grab a re-fueling martini, at least it’s an option :)

    elle: it IS a full moon, isn’t it?!? strange things happen during the full moon. did you know that restaurants report the highest numbers of stolen cutlery from their tables on nights there are a full moon? LOL!

  • Mel

    You’re going to need to contact AA if this keeps up. Or, find a real job.

    These drunken blackouts are truly unsavory.

  • Kevin

    lacheesemonger: leave it to you to turn a post from Sarah into something truly unsavory.

  • Anonymous

    Sad. Truly sad. Stop drinking like a silly sorority girl. Have some class.

  • djjewelz

    I still can’t decide if the comments are funnier than the post itself. You, Miss Sarah, are fawking rock star!

  • Anonymous

    blacking out is not something to be proud of.

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