With Me It Will Be Delicious All Year Long – 2005 Food Blogging Awards

2005/2006 foodblogging awards
The Accidental Hedonist is hosting the (now) annual Food Blogging Awards, and the final five nominees in each of the fifteen categories are up and waiting for votes. All of the nominated blogs from the open nomination period are, in a word, awesome. So, it’s pretty incredible that the judges were able to narrow down the open nominations, some of which were hundreds of blogs long, to just five finalists. And all this over the Holidays, too! Like ligers, you judges have skills.

The categories are pretty much what you would expect for blogs, with everything from Best Writing to Best Photography; and some categories that are very specific to food blogs like Best Recipes and Best Blog by a Chef. I’d just like to point out one specific category – Best Restaurant Reviews – because *blush* The Delicious Life is listed as one of the finalists! *awshucks* Thanks to the lovely friends who nominated little moi. It’s such an honor to be listed there with other nominees who are bigger, have been doing this much longer, have infinitely more reviews, and are just plain awesomer. (And apparently, have much better grammar skills).

Alright, so that’s enough of the surprise and modesty and graciousness and lovey-lurrv. I have to say that what I really feel is…is the word “weird” right here? I love that the Food Blogging Awards are bringing attention to the food blogosphere and well-deserved recognition to amazing food blogs out there, but being nominated makes me feel, well, a little weird. The Delicious Life doesn’t really belong on the list (and that’s the truth), but now it’s there and…I can’t control this competitive little imp inside me that wants to rear its teeny pink head wielding a whisk of vengeance!

I must have been scarred somehow in high school when I got beat out for Student Council President by that *ahem* bubble-headed blonde. She stuffed the ballot box. I swear she used her Daddy’s money to pay off the faculty. I know she did, that conniving, spoiled little…*oops* Did I just spin this post into an out-of-control therapy session? Sorry. Down, you little imp! Down, I say!

delicious will dance
will dance for food

Anyway, the polls for the Food Blogging Awards are open and will be until January 18, 2006. I’m encouraging visits over to the Accidental Hedonist, and I’m not going to try to sway any votes, but I will ask you – what would Napoleon do? (WWND?) and leave you with this:

Delicious Pedro: “Would you vote for me?”
Napoleon Dynamite: “Heck, yes, I’d vote for you!”

Thanks, Napoleon. And if I win, I promise not to break out with any of D-Kwon’s Dance Grooves, even though I’ve been practicing every day. ;)

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  • djjewelz

    I’ll happily vote for you if you can answer this question: Do the chickens have large talons? ;)

  • Stephanie

    And of course I voted for you!

    And you most certainly do belong there…how would I get through my day without swining by here for a good laugh?

    You’re necessary, Sarah; ya gotta face it!

  • Stephanie


    In my world, some letters aren’t required.


  • Helen (AugustusGloop)

    Congrats on the nom Sarah.

    And I love Napoleon. Just back off from my Tater Tots ok? Gaaaarrrrrrsssshhhh!

  • Daily Gluttony


    You got my vote, Ms. Sarah!

    (I think I’m gonna go make myself a quesa-dillah now)

  • Daily Gluttony


    You got my vote, Ms. Sarah!

    (I think I’m gonna go make myself a quesa-dillah now)

  • anni

    As a loyal patron of your blog, you have my vote.

    Congratulations! Bon Chance!



  • Kirk

    Sarah – I’ll even bake you a cake…..

  • sarah

    awww….you guys are all too sweet! maybe i really WON’T get to do my d-kwon’s dance grooves of defeat ;)

    l.a.c.: i’ll ignore that last paragraph. although, i do have to say, you’ve got to be a pretty skinny dude to fit into my cheerleading outfit. LOL!

    djjewelz: LOL!

    stephanie: don’t worry, in my world, spellyng is for iddyits.

    a.g.: *gasp!* you’re revealing your true identity! i’ve been trying so hard not to blow your cover! and garsh, between you and sam, i hated being on this list. LOL!

    pam: you’re awesome. i think we need to wrap you in something billowy.

    anni: thanks! are you back from st. charles? (not that it matters since it’s pretty cold in so cal now)

    kirk: LOL! you know, i actually wrote this big long paragraph about pedro’s cake, but deleted it. LOL!

  • Eve

    congratulations sweetie

  • plau

    congrats, well deserved, and yes (holds up purple thumb) I voted!

  • sarah

    thanks eve and plau!

  • hermz

    Congrats Sar! Me, I wanna get into your little winter coat. Oh, wait… nevermind.

  • sarah

    hermz: LOLOLOL! i’ll let you into a cheerleading uniform, too…oh wait, never mind AGAIN. LOL!

  • MeowMix

    I just spent over an hour checking out your site! I love your writing style and you take great pictures. You definitely have my vote!

  • sarah

    meowmix: *meowmeowmeow*

    (yeah, i speak kitty, too ;) for anyone who doesn’t, i just said, “thanks for your vote, kitten.”)

  • bruingal

    Hi Sarah,
    I’ve been lurking on your blog for awhile, and just thought I’d say that I went over and voted for your blog. Love your site and your reviews!

  • craig

    sarah – great, of course you get my vote, something shoot for next year…lol…if we ever meet, i’ll throw a steak at ya…good luck with the voting..coming soon an “all-in” countdown…


  • jason

    got my vote!

    nice photoshop work =)

  • Sam

    who are all these people emerging from the woodwork and WHY THE HELL DIDN’T VOTE FOR ME??????????


  • Joycelyn

    hi sarah, funny post as always, and a very very well-deserved nomination…congratulations!

  • Craig

    hey sarah, its late and i only have my first posting but its now here please help, thanks.

  • paul

    Now that the results are in – I can disclose that you were my number one pick for the review category.

    Judging was difficult but I looked at things with slightly objective rules – your reviews gave me more of a feel for the places, not just the food but the character. Your storytelling within the reviews made them unique as well.

    Reviewing is tough, and the winner even admitted it.

    Besides remembering details, and describing nuances of tastes, it’s difficult not to fall in to the big newspaper reviewers style of being hyper-critical just to prove you have the expertise to review.

  • Sam

    oh god. paul hates me. All my insecurities ahave come flooding back.

    Now the judging is finished I can reveal I that I was embarassed about being a finalist in this category. I thought the restaurant whore should have been there at least. And Food musings. And of course I love our sarah. Truth be known, I really wanted to win overall blog (because i really think my blog is an ‘overall’ blog more than many of them, or I wanted to win best city because I really work hard to try and give a sense of the Bay area whenever I am not travelling.I sent several private emails prior to the judging telling blogging freinds I did not want to be in the restaurant reviews finals, but that obviously didn’t help.

    But – eh – you can’t always get what you want, can you? Btw, Paul, i think it is slightly unprofessional for a judge to reveal their personal preferences publicly like that, but the awards were pretty much a shambles from start to finish, so its to be expected. One of the finalist in this section wasn’t even seven months old which is against the rules, and then people who qualified were passed over.

    I for one was pleased to win without any pimping. That was enough for me to feel a little bit proud.

    Oh – and i do have a name – other than ‘winner’.

    PS – please don’t hink i am all narky and angry with you – i am not at all – and have just as much respect for you as I did before. I just feel a bit noncalent and uunexcited about the whole thing. I note your comement on getting a feeling of the restaurant which i *try* to do, but obviously need to work on harder for your apporval.

    back to the drawing board…

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