Yo Kanye, I’m Really Happy for You and I’m Gonna Let You Finish…

Champagne + Cassis Spheres Kir Royale
…But Heather is going to be one of the best party crashers of all time!

After top-secret, ultra scientific number crunching that accounted for duplicates, “house” comments, and cross-checks against the Twitterati, comment #67 on the ticket giveaway has been chosen to go to Jonathan Gold’s Cocktail Party at Union Station!

randomnumber67Air out one of those old bridesmaid dresses, Heather, because #67 – that’s you! (Hopefully, you’ll have an easier time wrangling a date than I will).

Thanks to Zocalo Public Square for their generosity with the tickets, to Jonathan Gold for not issuing a restraining order against me for oversharing my love and admiration on twitter, and to everyone who participated in the giveaway. Your tweets and enthusiasm have done much more than you would think.

And now, let’s drink!

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