Yo, SHF, Let’s Kick It – Ice Ice Baby

suagr high friday no.21 - ice ice baby
Awright stop, collaborate and listen
It’s Sugar High Friday, brand new edition

Summer grabs a hold of us tightly
Way too hot, daily and nightly

Will it ever stop? Yo, I don’t know
Turn off the stove, and let’s go

To the extreme in the freezer like a vandal
Ice cream maker, you’re churnin’ the handle

Sorbet, semi freddo, gelat –
Oh, put it in the oven? Sincerely hope not.

Love it or leave it, we’re gonna gain weight
28th of July is the posting date

If there is a problem, email to solve it
Check the dough hook, stand mixer revolves it

Ice ice, baby.

My very feeble attempt at trying to incorporate one-hit-wonder Vanilla Ice’s Ice Ice Baby into the theme for the 21st edition of Sugar High Friday, the worldwide, world-class food blogging event created by the multi-platinum Domestic Goddess. Word to the (new) mother. *wink*

Oh, come on. Don’t *ugh* like you couldn’t rap the whole first verse from memory.

How you interpret Ice Ice Baby is up to you – churn your own ice cream, freeze a fruit ice, build a sundae, hug two cookies around a snowball and call it a sandwich, or create some other de-luscious thang that’ll help us cool down in the high heat of summer. And hey, if you’re on the cooler half of the planet, the theme still applies. You are ice, ice, baby.

The big chill will shake down on Friday, July 28, 2006. Take a picture. Write about it. Blog it. But if you decide to go all-in and do your hair in the Vanilla Ice fade, well, you go right on ahead and keep that preciousness to yourself.

Please, make sure you email the link to your post to me on or about July 28. Email. It would be helpful if you include your name, where you are, and the special name of your frozen fantasy. Did I mention “email?” Yes, Email. For those of us who couldn’t hear because we were humming it too loudly, the email is deliciouslife[at]gmail[dot]com. You know the drill.

Roundup posted the following Sunday,
If heat makes me lazy, maybe on Monday.

(Couldn’t resist. And if you’re wondering if I karaoke this, the answer is yes. LOL! )

** a year ago today, there was an elephant in my kitchen **

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