You Are: Hungry Thirsty Appreciative Idealistic…and Going to Jonathan Gold’s Cocktail Party

Manhattan Cocktail with Cherry for Jonathan Gold's Cocktail Party at Union Station

It took a little longer than expected to select a guest for Jonathan Gold’s Cocktail Party at Union Station.

Last time we did the selection as scientifically as we could, using top-secret, ultra accurate number crunching that accounted for duplicates, “house” comments, and cross-checks against the Twitterati to select a number.

This time we did the process a little more…manually.

Don’t ask me what on earth possessed me to do it this way. Maybe I was nostalgic for high school cheerleading raffles. Maybe it seemed more reliable than relying on some huge, hidden computer to pump out an integer. Maybe printing out all your little twitter faces, cutting them out, physically touching something with my hands was the closest thing I’d ever get to real life socializing with all you virtual personalities who only live in my head and my tweetdeck.

Maybe I needed the hot, burning hurt from the paper cuts you all gave me to see if I still feel.


Okay! So where were we?

Congratulations, FindChris! We picked you from the tangle of tweets on the floor next to the patio sliding door. Drop me a line so we can coordinate.

And now the obligatory closing (canned) speech: Thanks to Zocalo Public Square for their generosity with the tickets, to Jonathan Gold for not issuing a restraining order against me for oversharing my love and admiration on twitter, and to everyone who participated in the giveaway. Your tweets and enthusiasm have done much more than you would think.

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