The culinary world needs to re-think the concept of the “mother sauces” … [click to continue…]

cioppino san francisco seafood stew with sourdough bread in bowls
What better way to celebrate National Tomato Day, April 6, than with a Classic Cioppino, an Italian-American tomato-based fish and shellfish stew, born in San Francisco. This version has Alaskan Cod and West Coast Shellfish, and stars Pomi Tomatoes, which are 100% fresh Italian tomatoes. Pomi Finely Chopped Tomatoes are peeled and crushed so they’re ready to go right out of the box. Classic Cioppino recipe with Pomi tomatoes below, cooking notes and resources follow. [click to continue…]

Pinot Noir Prune Jam on Cheese Board

Say hello to your new cheese board obsession, Pinot Prune Jam.

We’re all familiar with that squat little jar of fig jam that appears in some format on almost every cheeseboard, and while there’s nothing wrong with fig jam, there is SO MUCH RIGHT with Pinot Prune Jam, a subtly sweet fruit spread based on sun-ripened prunes and infused with red wine. The jam is super easy to make with only a few ingredients: California-grown prunes, California Pinot Noir wine, and if you prefer something sweeter, a little extra sugar or honey.

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It took me a long time to post this board because the Castelveltrano olives are in a spot that doesn’t balance the board. They should be diagonal and across from the other green, pickled things on the board, the cornichons on the bottom, just right of center. It bothers me so much I was going to re-do the board, but then we were all sent into quarantine and could only eat canned beans and sourdough bread.

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ultimate game day snack board

How to Put Together the Ultimate Game Day Board first, list of shopping resources/stores and Additional Tips and Tricks after. [click to continue…]

latkes smoked salmon and caviar appetizer and snacks board for hanukkah

For all the (chosen) peeps and their adjacents, a Latkes, Smoked Salmon, and Caviar Board. [click to continue…]

triple whipped sweet potatoes

If my future husband doesn’t like blue cheese on whipped sweet potatoes, well I guess we’re just going to have to compromise and have blue cheese on whipped sweet potatoes. [click to continue…]