About Me and You and Our Delicious Life

About Sarah and The Delicious Life

This list of lists has now become an unofficial About Me of sorts, and as such, I’ll try and keep it updated. This page is current as of April 2009.

I am republishing my Top Three Lists here and now because I recently went back and read it and realized that things have changed about me. I mean, you didn’t think I would still be wearing a baby pink baby polo shirt, did you?

And just to make things more fun for everyone involved, and yes, there’s no denying that we’re “involved” now, let me know about you in the Comments. I really do want to know more about you. In triples. Particularly what you are wearing right now.

About Me and My Delicious Life


~ TheDelicious (I think people call me more often by this “handle” than my real name)

~ Sarah (and now, I guess I can reveal the “J. Gim” part)

~ Princess


~ first and foremost, american

~ also korean, though i didn’t realize this about myself until i moved away from the midwest

~ i can speak spanish better than i can korean, does that count for anything?


~ i’m definitely past my late 20s early 30s, but just now entering my prime

~ “s” – this would actually be funny if there were edits over 4 years

~LA now and probably forever, though i did stints in the bay area, detroit rock city, cincinnati, and san antonio

what i like about myself

~ brain – it’s big. very big

~ rhythm

~ ability to be alone, but never feel lonely laser-focused ADD

what i don’t like about myself

~ my metabolism mini muffin top which is now a Jumbo Bakery-style Streusel Covered Muffin Top

~ tendency to become obsessed with any- and everything

~ analysis paralysis

things that scare me

~ flying in planes losing flying in planes

~ being in a large amount of pain, though i have a pretty high tolerance as it is not having control. of everything. having the responsibility of being in control. of everything.

~ roller coasters how hard i crush

everyday essentials

~ coffee any form of caffeine

~ checking email Internet

~ vitamins (a multi, calcium, C, E, and fiber) nicotine gum gum

wearing right now

~ giant silver hoop earrings giant gold hoop earrings diamond stud earrings

~ baby pink baby polo shirt white tank and crisp white trousers glasses

~ white stilettos nude 4″ stilettos with a fiercely pointed toe 5″ platform sandals

music to dance by

~ trance, like the kind from the 1990s, like mssrs sasha & diggers’ renaissance, if you really care anything “dance,” particularly electronic

~ breakbeats and drum n bass, like ltj bukem rap/hip-hop

~ gipsy kings rekindling a once-heated love affair with General Public

goals for the next 12 months

~ learn flash to let go

~ complete my self-teaching of korean cooking lessons figure out who i am

~ lose 5 pounds without dieting figure out who i want to be

want in a relationship

~ my best friend

~ my best friend

~ my best friend

physical things that attract me to the opposite sex

~ Colgate smile

~ smells like fresh laundry southern accent

~ glasses good posture

i can’t

~ fly (yet)

~ sing relax

~ focus on one activity for too long


~ dining out reading other restaurant reviews dining out

~ cooking and baking drinking dining out

~ reading

what i want to do right now

~ go running sip an absolut citron on the veranda overlooking the pacific

~ eat nachos flirt shamelessly with you

~ figure out my dining plan for the next five days let go

careers i am considering (more like, dreaming about *sigh*)

~ restaurant/food critic or writer or something fun like that

~ restaurant owner retired billionairess

~ professor of something awesome

where i want to go on vacation (if i could fly, that is)

~ the iberian peninsula with a li’l weekender to ibiza eating and drinking my way around spain

~ italy

~ england – and follow diggers around for two weeks – will he think me a stalker? luxuriously cruising around greece

kids’ names (and yes, eventually i will have some. maybe.)

~ olivia

~ sophia daisy, which is what i named my chihuahua

~ molly colette

what i must do before i die

~ run 10 miles without stopping

~ get on a plane, dammit, and go on vacation somewhere

~ write a children’s book. or a cookbook. or self help book.

** a year ago today, i didn’t “go big.” i went “medium.” **

** two years ago today, i was “on” in my on-again-off-again relationship **

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