Aperol Spritz {cocktail recipe}

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There was that eerie heat wave with back-to-back-to-back 100°F days.

Then Memorial Day weekend.

And now it’s the first day of June.

But if you missed, or just straight up ignored, all those early warning signs, and are still nowhere near beach/bikini/babe-ready, you have three weeks until Summer officially officially starts on June 21 to get it all together.

Ok but first, as always, a cocktail!

(Wait, what do you mean “no wonder I have this procrastination problem in the first place?”) …

Aperol Spritz {recipe}

Aperol Spritz is commonly served as an aperitif, so with its refreshing, citrusy sparkle, it seems more than appropriate to officially unofficially kick-off summer.

makes one cocktail. adjust accordingly.


3 parts Prosecco
2 parts Aperol
1 part sparkling water
optional: ice, garnish with citrus slice or zest

Aperol Spritz DIRECTIONS

Pour Prosecco over ice in a glass. Add Aperol, then top with sparkling water. Garnish with whatever.

Resources + Notes + Tips

~ Aperol is a citrus-y, slightly bitter, red-orange colored Italian liquor. It is similar to Campari, though lower in alcohol (at 11%). It’s pretty easy to find; I picked up a bottle at Bristol Farms for $35.
~ Prosecco is an Italian sparkling wine. Any “light” sparkling wine would work if you can’t find specifically Prosecco. Bisson makes my favorite Prosecco. In LA, available at DomaineLA and other boutique wine shops.
~ recipes for Aperol Spritz call for club soda, but I use Pellegrino, bottled mineral/sparkling water. It’s Italian. God, I feel so authentic. In most grocery stores, about $1.99 for 750mL bottle.
~ any and all produce for juice, garnish, etc, are from local LA farmers’ markets, of particular note, Santa Monica on Wednesday; herbs are from my kitchen garden.

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