{obsessed with} Cerignola Olives – This is Me Trying to Start Blogging. Like a Real Blogger. Again.

cerignola olives, green

Is there such a thing as olive overdose?

I hope not, but if there is, I’m probably going to experience it in about 30 seconds.

I’ve already eaten at least a half dozen of these green Cerignola olives, which doesn’t sound like a lot — six olives?! ooo, big deal six olives… — but it is a lot because each olive is the size of a small child’s head.

And now I feel weird about myself, sounding all cannibalistic and head-hunter-y.

I was introduced to this type of olive at a winemaker dinner last summer and have since been obsessed. Their size and bright, glittering green color get your attention and make them a little intimidating, but the olives have a mild flavor which, along with their fleshiness (what a word!) and size, reminds you that olives are, indeed, a fruit and not just some sort of condiment on the side. Maybe that’s why I keep eating them. I feel like I’m eating small, salty green plums.

These particular olives are from the Bristol Farms’ olive bar. At $9.99/pound, you best believe I didn’t get a drop of olive juice that would add to already gluttonous weight inside a pint container. If I’d had a cordless portable hair dryer in my purse, I would have given those suckers a bone-dry blow-out.

The small child’s head analogy is starting to scare me now.

I’m trying to “practice” blogging before my big trip next week. And by “practice blogging,” I actually mean “how about just fucking starting again? How about just writing your first real post in over a year-and-a-half that has actual sentences grouped into actual paragraphs, and not just captions to pictures? Huh? How about that?”

So here it is. Starting. Blogging.


With big, fat green Cerignola olives.

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  • Reid


    You’re back….kinda. :) I’ve missed your writing and can’t wait to read more.

  • http://theindolentcook.blogspot.com/ the indolent cook

    Lovely photo of the olives. Welcome back to blogging!

  • http://twitter.com/DianaTakesaBite Diana Hossfeld

    Do you think cute boys hang out at the Bristol Farms olive bar too? I think I could *feign* an interest in baby heads (I mean olives!) for that sort of thing. ;)

    • Sarah

      at *our* bristol, the cutest boys are actually in the produce section… don’t ask me how i ever noticed that because i don’t notice boys. anymore. really.

  • Laxwhatuget

    I was just at Bristol this morning getting ingredients for a dish I’m making for a cooking contest…I didn’t see any cute boys but I did see a 70 year old man in a jumpsuit fishing out some bleu cheese stuff spanish olives..nothing like heavy gorgonzola after a brisk couple laps around the block. If you guys haven’t heard about Real Women of Philadelphia, you must check it out! It’s Paula Deen’s annual competition, going on now. I’m in the kitchen as we speak referencing my recipe that I emailed myself months ago. I’ll meet you in the finals!!!

  • http://delightfulrepast.com Jean | Delightful Repast

    I’ve never heard of these olives until this very minute. Got me wondering if the nearest Bristol Farms (which isn’t all that near) is open at this hour!

  • http://profiles.google.com/kitchenriffs John Griffin

    Welcome Back!

  • catty

    I would LOVE if you started blogging again. But I see that you started, and then ran away to France ;)

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Sj-Sebellin-Ross/100002303639028 Sj Sebellin-Ross

    I was introduced to these olives at culinary school (here, if you’re interested: “Culinary School: Three Semesters of Life, Learning, and Loss of Blood” http://amzn.to/eOKJWw on Kindle). They are fat and juicy and addictive. If you can overdose, boy am I in troubles!

  • http://peanutbutterisgoodforme.wordpress.com Eden Leigh

     Wonderful, insightful blog that I’ll be visiting again and again. Love the olive pic. Love olives, not as much as peanut butter, but they are def. on the A-list.

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  • Kathryn

    I LOVE olives!  There’s a Whole Foods store that I go to sometmes that sells different olives by the pound.  I always buy the Cerignolas.  I could live off of them with a big hunk of cheese and a bottle of wine!

  • Prairiehamlet

    I am obsessed with the green cerignola as well.  I eat the whole container every time.  I am not swayed by olives, so this is a complete surprise.  Remember they have lutein, iron, Vitamin E, CoQ10.  On the downside, they are high in sodium.

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