Corkage Fees for Los Angeles Restaurants – Where You Want to Get Screwed

Corkscrew for Los Angeles Restaurant Corkage Fees
One day, I was bored at work, and since the only defining characteristic of that day was boredom, I can’t recall the exact date of the day because I was bored at work pretty much every single effin’ corporate-marketing-monkey slave-to-the-PR-grind day of my career life, BQ (Before Quitting).

However, thanks to the wonder of wordpress, I actually can look through my archives and determine that the day of which I write is July 19, 2005.

That was a fateful day. July 19, 2005, while it is known as Five-days-after-Bastille Day, it is also the day that I began my knowledge is power, and power is sexy personal campaign. Like the designer who gave shoulder pads to fashion, I was going to make everyone sexy.

I was also just bored, and when I am bored (even when I’m not bored) I do weird things like make lists in an effort to save my sanity and that of the people around me, as well as keep my idle hands out of the giant plastic bear-shaped container of animal crackers in the company breakroom.

So I made the Screw You! list of corkage fees for Los Angeles restaurants.

Risking my own allergy to talking on the phone, I used up all the minutes on my economy-rate plan to call every restaurant and ask about their corkage policies because restaurants refuse to put that information on line (!). It was a decent starter list, but even with people’s comments with additional information about restaurants, the list grew outdated. In the current state of the economy, the list is even more volatile. Restaurants are slashing corkage fees in an effort to attract customers, and sadly, many restaurants are just falling off the list completely.

That older version of the Screw You! list has now officially retired (which is why I’m not linking to it) and is being replaced by the newer, fresher, hotter Get Screwed list that is much more easily manageable in a google spreadsheet.

Take a peek at the list, and if you see that I have left off some very obvious restaurants, need to make a deletion, or have made any errors on fees or policies, please, leave a comment. Hopefully, seeing “$0 corkage” will encourage people to go, enjoy dining out, and keep restaurants busy.

Corkage Fees for Los Angeles Restaurants

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