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I hate the name of chef Tal Ronnen‘s new vegan restaurant on Melrose that replaces Philippe.

(Did anyone eat at Philippe? Really? No, I mean really?)

“Crossroads” sounds like a church. Or a Christian bookstore. Not to be racist, but maybe even a rehab center. Oh, I mean “spa.” Whatever, same thing.

But as much as I hate the name, “hitting the new Crossroads with a girlfriend” seemed an appropriate Friday night statement given my current situation. More on the specifics later, but for now know that Crossroads is good, in every sense of the name.

{pictured above: Artichoke “Oysters” with artichoke puree, fried oyster mushrooms, and kelp caviar $8}

Lentil Flatbread $5

Not gluten-free, but no nuts. Oh, how literal for my life now. (Served with three dips, below)
crossroads vegan by tal ronnen - lentil flatbreads

Dips for Lentil Flatbread

Smoked Cannellini Bean Hummus, Leek Pate, and Tomato Braised Banana Peppers (i.e. spicy ketchup)
crossroads vegan by tal ronnen - dips

Kale Salad $6

Obviously. With pine nuts, currants, and lemon-thyme vinaigrette.
crossroads vegan by tal ronnen - kale salad

“Crab Cakes” $8

Made with hearts of palm, served with apples, beets, and horseradish cream. Fav of the night.
crossroads vegan by tal ronnen - hearts of palm crab cakes

Lentil Cassoulet $12

with lentils, mushrooms, treviso (bitter!) and leeks. Very mustardy.
crossroads vegan by tal ronnen - lentil cassoulet

Scaloppine Marsala $14

Mushroom Marsala sauce over sliced Gardein, a vegan protein with the texture of chicken. The Gardein was good, but the sauce was a little salty.
crossroads vegan by tal ronnen - marsala
Crossroads has a wine list and a short menu of fancy cocktails from the full bar. I had a simple Moscow Mule, since ginger is so vegan.

Crossroads by Tal Ronnen
8284 Melrose Ave at Sweetzer
West Hollywood, CA 90048

wine, full bar, lots of atmosphere
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