Farm Shop, Brentwood {restaurant}

Farm Shop, Brentwood - Olive Oil Poached Chicken Salad

Gruet Sparkling Rosé

Gruet Sparkling Rose, New Mexico

Fried Weiser Farm Potatoes

with wild herbs, aioli and housemade ketchup. [$10.50]
Farm Shop, Brentwood - Fried Potatoes

Potted Fresh and Smoked Salmon

with toasted bread, caper berries, pickled vegetables, and salad [$17.50]
Farm Shop, Brentwood - Salmon Pot


with roasted squash, prosciutto and harissa aioli
Farm Shop, Brentwood - Frittata

Vinaigrette for Chicken Salad

Leading photo: olive oil poached chicken breast, little gems lettuce, filet beans in vinaigrette with soft-boiled eggs and radishes [$16]. The vinaigrette on the side, which tasted like a lighter Green Goddess dressing, was my favorite part of the entire meal.
Farm Shop, Brentwood - Herb Vinaigrette

No Tweeting Policy on Menu

Farm Shop - No Tweeting Policy

Ceiling Lights

Farm Shop - Ceiling Lights

Farm Shop

Farm Shop, Brentwood

Farm Shop
in the Brentwood Country Mart
225 26th St, Santa Monica 90026

weekend brunch with Mrs Sang and the original Big D

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  • gourmetpigs

    If other diners are paying attention to you instead of their own meals, then they’re doing something wrong too!

  • LKreigwrast

    Yeah, how dare a private establishment providing you a service ask you not to be boorish.
    Entitlement much?

    • Sarah

      o. not entitled. not much. i’m just an a**hole.

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