Fourrier Gevrey-Chambertin ‘Les Cherbaudes’ {wine} + Christian Louboutin Mani

Christian Louboutin manicure, black and red shoes and nails

What better way to kick-off the first week of the rest of your life than with the shoes, the nails, and the wine

‘Louboutin Manicure’

Black nail polish. Red “underneath,” like the signature red soles on Christian Louboutin’s shoes.
louboutin manicure - black and red

Domaine Fourrier Gevrey-Chambertin 1er Cru “Les Cherbaudes’

Fourrier Gevrey Chambertin 1er Cru Les Cherbaudes - label

Fourrier Gevrey Chamertin 1er Cru Les Cherbaudes

Christian Louboutin ‘Very Prive’

Your nails have to be fairly long for the red to show at all, so you might look a little like the Mistress of the Dark with long black talons, but if Adele can pull it off…Wait.

Multi-time Grammy winner, now Oscar winner for her song Skyfall for the James Bond movie, new Mom and a voice that earns more money each day than you do in an entire year? Obvs Adele can pull off whatever the hell she wants. We mortals have to plan outfit and occasion pretty appropriately to pull this off.
louboutin manicure - red sole, black and red

Zoya ‘Raven’ and Sephora by OPI ‘And a Cherry on Top’

Paint one coat of white polish as a base on the underside of your nails before adding two coats of red so the color stands out (especially with this particular shade of red, which is slightly sheer).
zoya nail polish raven, OPI by sephora cherry on top

Foie Gras and Black Truffle Pasta

And when your nails are completely dry, make the New York Times’ Foie Gras and Black Truffle Pasta. With Fourrier it is, like Louboutins, a perfect, luxurious pair. If you serve the pasta on red lacquer plates, I will bow down to you. [photo: New York Times]
foie gras black truffle pasta, new york times


~ Christian Louboutin ‘Very Prive’ peep-toe platform pumps at Neiman Marcus
~ Domaine Fourrier Gevrey-Chambertin 1er (“premier”) Cru ‘Les Cherbaudes’ from Rosenthal Wine Merchant
~ Zoya ‘raven’ at and Ulta
~ Sephora by OPI ‘And a Cherry on Top’ at Sephora
~ Foie Gras and Black Truffle Pasta recipe from New York Times

Inspired by:

~ dinosquarerobot
~ Adele rocking the Louboutin mani on DropDeadGorgeousDaily
~ Birchbox
~ AllLacqueredUp (back in 2007!)

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  • catty

    I kind of love this so much it hurts. Not sure my nails will ever get long enough though. And wait, you’re a size 36???

    • Sarah J. Gim

      catty: i never in a million years thought my nails would get long enough either! up until about a year and a half ago, i bit them SO MUCH – all the way down, to the point they would bleed! so gross. but then i just stopped and started taking biotin… just a little vitamin that supposedly helps strengthen hair and nails. it works!

  • snoringdormouse

    I love the mani pairings that you do. Maybe create a mani tag?

    • Sarah J. Gim

      i have them all tagged under “wine dine design” …

      but i’ll add “mani,” too just so i can give myself the excuse to post a mani sans wine (though why would i do that in the first place?! :) )

      • snoringdormouse

        thanks! =)

  • P Sarah Benton-Kenney

    Foie Gras and truffle pasta? If I had one last meal…yesssssssss.

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