Gourmet Grill Masters, Farmers Markets Around LA – Ain’t too Proud to Beg

Gourmet Grill Masters Rotisserie Chicken

When individual people become “couples” they withdraw into that place called “home” and start eating things like arugula salad and fava bean purée, I guess, and roast chicken.

Even if it’s roast chicken that you buy from the side of a small truck at the farmers’ market…

Or a half chicken, as was the case for our first taste of Gourmet Grill Masters, because that is all we could afford after we had already squandered what little cash we had on unnecessarily expensive Harry’s strawberries, Ojai pixie tangerines so adorably tiny that you pop them whole, and a dozen oysters.

Between the two of us, including the quarters I fished from bottom of the side pocket of my purse out of desperation, we only had a little more than what it cost for a Half Chicken a la carte. But not enough to upgrade to the Half Chicken + Side + Drink Combo.

It’s weird what happens to your brain when you can’t have something.

“I’m parched,” I said.

“I bet those potatoes are so good,” he said sadly, nodding toward the potatoes on the griddle under the rotating chickens. They were soaking in the juices that were dripping down from above. Yeah, I bet they are.

He stepped off to the side to answer a call. I waited in line for our order with the next round of chickens to come off the grill. I took the chance to do something I am always way too chicken to do in public, let alone in front of him.

“Can you give me a few potatoes for a dollar? That’s all I have.” I was bargaining, bordering on begging.

What we do out of love. And poverty.

The chicken is tender, very lightly smoky and Indian/South Asian-ish-ly spiced with things like turmeric and curry. I wouldn’t necessarily go out of my way to track down a farmers market for Gourmet Grill Masters’ because that spice flavor is a little too strong for roast chicken (for me), but if I’m already at the market, I’d probably buy a whole rotisserie chicken (if I have the cash).

Gourmet Grill Masters
Farmers Markets in and around LA {check website for days and locations}

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1 Thyme (Sarah) May 26, 2012 at 8:54 pm

The very first time we saw chicken on a rotisserie with huge chunks of potatoes at the bottom was in a little town in Italy called Val di la Pesa.  We were so amazed at the flavor.  Now they are all over America…thank goodness.


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