Hendrick’s Gin – The Delicious Daily 01.30.2010

Hendrick's Gin

Straight up gin will always taste to me like toxic liquid Christmas tree, but strangely enough, Christmas tree seemed to pair perfectly with cucumber when it was Hendrick’s.

It’s still gin, but Hendrick’s has a slightly less noxious herbal essence than others, and when mixed smartly with a complementary crisp flavor like cucumber or pear, the resulting cocktail can be refreshingly “interesting.”


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  • http://kitchen-22.blogspot.com Ino

    I do love gin (the alcoholics’ choice apparently) and this is by far the best gin I’ve ever tried. Make a “martini” with it using Chambord and a squeeze of lemon. Alcohol never tasted better…

  • http://www.thedeliciouslife.com Sarah J. Gim

    Ino: LOVE the idea of mixing with Chambord! It must bring out the “rose” in the Hendrick’s, which I have not yet sensed though it is said to be infused…

  • http://www.twitter.com/lebouleau Stephanie

    I can’t stand gin.. but Hendricks is the only gin I can drink. I love it with soda and lime.

  • andi wong

    Yay. Hendrick’s I agree who needs gin that tastes of christmas trees.
    Give me one that tastes like delicious cucumber vodka instead, yummy!

  • Thomas Setter

    Hendrick’s is OK, but I would recommend, if your looking for a subtler gin experience, Martin Miller’s to you.
    Soft with a delicate nose, its been around a little longer than Hendrick’s, since 1999 in England I think, but it is a proper ‘classic’ gin, but without that big whoosh of juniper. Superior for making the classics.

  • http://www.thedeliciouslife.com sarah

    Stephanie: even Hendrick’s is a little gin-y, but it’s better than the rest, for sure. Plus, in the end, it doesn’t really matter if youre’ mixing it with all those strong juices :)

    andi: I think I have quite fallen for the mix with cucumber… but no mint, no basil please!

    Thomas: Yes! I was introduced to Martin Miller’s gin last summer via a teeny little sample bottle, which I finally tried this past weekend – not bad. I honestly don’t think gin will ever be my drink of choice, especially not to sip straight, but when Martin Miller’s is available, I will definitely choose that.

  • jane

    I love Hendricks gin but I always feel guilty when dumping the empty bottles. I recycle them but have you ever found an other use for the unusual bottle

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