Homemade Almond Butter {recipe} – Turn On

almond butter, homemade, in jar

“I made almond butter.”

“You mean you put almonds in a food processor and turned it ‘on?’ ”

She tilts her head ever so slightly and glares at him through squinting eyes, looking even more Asian than she already is. It’s not as simple as just pushing a button, you know

“I made almond butter!”

Almond Butter

almond butter in spoon

Homemade Almond Butter {recipe}

Use whatever amount of almonds you want to transform into almond butter. I recommend starting with 1 cup of almonds, which yields a little less than 1 cup of almond butter. Add “flavors” like salt, honey, sugar and spices by stirring them in after the almond butter is completely made.


olive oil (if needed)


Put almonds in food processor.

Turn the food processor “on,” low speed.

Hold the processor down (mine started to wiggle all over the countertop) and just be patient. Almonds, like women, take patience and persistence to break down.

They will eventually get to a moment where the coarse meal seizes up into a ball that just rolls around in the bowl. Stay with it. Stay focused. That lumpy little ball will break down again and then it will come — that glorious fleeting moment when the almonds release their oils all over the bowl and everything magically melts into shiny, creamy butter.

If you need to add a half teaspoon or so of olive oil right at the end, that’s okay because, you know, a little lube never hurts.

Stir in any flavors like salt, honey, melted chocolate or spices.

(You might want to turn the processor off and let the motor cool down every once in a while if your processor is small or old or both (like mine is). The whole process took me about 15 minutes.)

almonds in measuring cup

Almond Butter Homemade, in food processor

almond butter, food processor

almond butter, food processor, stage 3

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