Kimchi Deviled Eggs {recipe}

Kimchi Deviled Eggs with Bacon and ScallionsHappy National Deviled Egg Day!

Kimchi Deviled Eggs {recipe}

makes 12 kimchi deviled eggs


6 large eggs
2 tablespoons mayonnaise
¼ cup cabbage kimchi
2 slices bacon, cut into ¾-inch wide pieces
optional garnish: sliced scallions, toasted sesame seeds, fine julienned toasted nori, furikake


Hard boil eggs, cool, peel, and slice lengthwise into halves. Scoop out yolks into a bowl. Place egg white halves on serving plate.

While eggs are cooking, drain kimchi and save the “juice” in a separate bowl. Very finely chop kimchi.

Using a fork, mash cooked egg yolks with mayonnaise; the mixture might seem a little dry which is okay. Add chopped kimchi and stir well. Add a little bit of the kimchi “juice” at a time until the yolk mixture is a creamy consistency. If the mixture still appears dry, add a little more mayonnaise.

Spoon about a tablespoon of the kimchi egg yolk mixture into each egg white half. Garnish each deviled egg with a piece of crispy fried bacon and optional garnishes. I like sliced scallions.


  • I hard boil eggs by lowering eggs into boiling water with a ladle, bringing the water back up to boil, then lowering heat to a gentle boil and cooking for whatever time. For deviled eggs, I cook the second time for 10 minutes.
  • Mayonnaise: Japanese Kewpie mayo seems like it would be the right “Asian match” choice here, but it has MSG! If that’s okay for you, Kewpie is available on, My current favorite mayonnaise is actually homemade aioli, but that seems a little douchefoodie for deviled eggs, so I like Sir Kensington’s Classic Mayo
  • Kimchi: current favorite brand, Ocinet Kimchi {오씨네김치, pronounced “oh-she-nay”), at either H-Mart or Hannam Chain Korean grocery stores
  • All other produce from local Los Angeles farmers’ markets or organic at Whole Foods Market

Different Variations on Kimchi Deviled Eggs

~ Momofuku For Two mixes bacon and scallions into the yolks for Kimchi Deviled Eggs
~ EatingWell is similar as Momofuku, but lightens the load and uses Greek Yogurt instead of mayonnaise
~ TheKitchn makes classic deviled eggs, adds a dollop of gohchujang (Korean Spicy red pepper sauce) to the yolks, then adds kimchi as a garnish
~ I Will Not Eat Oysters mixes gohchujang and miso paste into the yolks, then garnishes with chopped kimchi
~ Spoon Fork Bacon miniaturizes kimchi deviled eggs by using tiny quail eggs

If you’re not into kimchi 1) why are we even friends? and 2) you can still celebrate National Deviled Egg Day with one of these cool deviled egg variations by Kenji Lopez at

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