KitchenAid Stand Mixer in Ice Blue {giveaway}

kitchenaid stand mixer ice blue

The entry period for this giveaway is closed as of Wednesday June 27, but please don’t let that stop you from leaving a comment about what you plan to do this Summer of Love!

I’m giving away this KitchenAid Stand Mixer…

No sponsor. No advertising contract with anyone. And I’m sure there are more than a few ways to spin this into thundering! Hordes! Of website traffic! But that’s not it for this little blog, either. I just love the stand mixer that I received as a gift for my birthday one year (in baby pink!), I love this summery color, ice blue, and I love the eight of you who still read my blog (oh, only seven now? That sure improves your chance of winning!)

More on summer, love, and small kitchen appliances later, but for now, let’s just give this thing away.

To Enter this KitchenAid Stand Mixer Giveaway:

To enter the giveaway, just answer this question in the comments section below:

“What are you going to do this summer of love?”

(Don’t worry about composing a deep and thoughtful answer. For the contest, it actually doesn’t matter what you say since the winner will be chosen in a random drawing from the comments. But for me, it always matters what you say, so know that whatever you write, I will love and cherish and read it.)

You have until… oh, I don’t know, I guess next Wednesday, June 27.

Some fine print: 1) Please enter only once. If you enter more than once, I will just delete all your comments and then you won’t be entered anymore 2) Everyone is welcome to enter, yes, even those internationally. However, if you are outside the US and win, you have to provide me with a US mailing address to ship. The mixer is very heavy and it will be way too expensive for me to send it overseas! (Probably cost more than the mixer itself!)

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  • sara

    Hmmm… try to win a KitchenAid?  :P

  • Judykimchang


  • Cupcake

     I’ve never seen that color before. It’s just GORGEOUS!! I will be spending this summer exploring SF with my stomach and basking in the sun (or bay area gloom)-I recently relocated to Norcal. Your blog is my fav!

  • Kim

    Work work work :(

  • melissa

    spend it outdoors!

  • Alicia

    new job, new city, new apartment!

  • Dctolli

    Making a lot of fresh pressed juices with my new juicer. And lots of picnics with friends.

  • Ali Strunka

    This summer of love I’ll be doing anything I want b/c I’m finally done with school! WOO HOO!

  • Gourmetpigs

    I wish I could say I will be traveling, lounging on the beach every weekend – but I’ll mostly be working still! But planning to eat. A lot. And trying to burn it off, you know, for that one day this summer that I might make it to the beach.

  • Julia

    I plan on making oodles of ice cream.  And eating it.  

  • Chow Noir

    Buy a sausage grinder attachment for a hopefully newly acquired Kitchenaid and make my own sausages

  • Leyna

    I’m going to wear big floppy sun hats and make mojitos with fresh mint!

  • DiggingDogFarm

    Cook and Garden.

  • Allison

    I’m moving to Los Angeles with my love.

  • jen

    going to the lake!

  • Julie {Bananas for Bourbon}

     Partying like I’m not pregnant! Cuz I’m not. Just in case you thought I was being irresponsible.

  • Ande B

    For the summer of love I plan on focusing on my new business.

  • Diane

    As usual, spending too much time drooling over food porn on-line and reading your fabulously funny blog that I just recently discovered.  You crack me up!

  • Karina

    fill it with live music!

  • Lala

    Spending the hot Austin summer close to/in bodies of water! 

  • jozjozjoz

    Duh… I’ll be baking with my brand new ice blue stand mixer… ;P

  • Amy @ The Nifty Foodie

    Eventually taking a trip to San Diego this summer, but other than that, just enjoying the yummy in-season fruits and veggies! :-P

  • Kerry Patrick

    I’ve been on a European culinary tour all summer. Last month was Spain, this month is Italy and next month is France. Then…back to the US :(

  • robocco

    This summer really is a summer of love for me as I will be giving birth to our baby which is due in August. We’re already excited how the baby will look like and how our perspectives will change as parents.
    Nevertheless I do wish everyone a very special summer with memorable moments.

  • Whitneyhl

    eat my way through Vermont!

  • Tracy

    I’m going rowing! 

  • Beeba’s Mom

    Looking forward to annual family vacation and homage to summer–super soaker water fight, homemade ice cream (hand cranked, of course), Hawaiian shirts, and lots of food, family, friends and fun

  • Mollie Garnes

    We’re eating of course ;) Lots of Thai food, fishing trips, swimming in the pool, and trips to local farmer’s markets. In August, we’ll hit the sleepy little town of Marblehead for lobster, sailing, and family reunions.

  • Elizabeth Kim

    this summer of looooove i am going to fatten up my boyfriend for the kill. jk, just fatten him up with the yummies i make with this mixer! NEED!

  • Jess

    Trying out the new smoker and hanging out by the pool, drink in hand.

  • Amy

    Find a job, exercise consistently, cook/bake a few times a week and doing lotsa lotsa fun stuff!

  • eliotphillips

    I’m planning on celebrating the traditional Summer of Sarah. Happy Birthday!

  • nick stagliano

    east-coast exploring!

  • Denise M

    this summer we are taking my daughter on her first airplane trip to meet my husbands family

  • Mma7

    Traveling with the love of my life :) oh and procrastinating on my thesis at the same time!

  • eizc

    Wishing I was in the same city as my boyfriend, but sending postcards with sweet messages instead.

  • Adlf2000

    Would love to do a few day trips upstate, hiking with my family, some water fueled fun, taking my 8 year old on an adventure to revisit our city as tourists seeing it for the first time.

  • Liene

    Moving back to the US after living in France. Not very romantic to be leaving the country that invented love, but there you have it, the mixer would help me get over it. Thanks for the chance.

  • Brandy Brotherton

    Funny you call it the summer of love.  I just started seeing someone :D  Maybe this one will the the one that works?/

  • Mrs Grow

    im going to learn how to make the best gelato ever and throw an ice cream party!

  • Cathy

    My summer of love will hopefully be spent with my #1 enemy, the gym!  And of course, eating lots of good stuff haha :)

  • Craig Minami

    I am going to Chicago and eating

  • Overworked Underfed

    I just bought a fancy ice cream maker so I’m gonna try to make the best salted caramel ice cream ever!!

  • Bunny

    No, there are 40 comments. Sad.
    But, this summer of LOVE, I might find a love… otherwise I’m going to go scuba diving in Seattle (HOLY COW) and cycle from Seattle to Portland.
    Oh, and miss you, dear Miss Delicious… 

  • Georgia The Comfort of Cooking

    A good mix of travel, relaxing, cooking and eating!

  • Samantha_quinnell

    I am throwing my dad a surprise mad men themed 60th birthday party with all his old friends from the last 60 years in attendance! I cant wait!

  • Katherine

    Hopefully go on vacation somewhere beachy :)

  • Doah

    Sadly, there’ll be nothing lovable about my summer as I’ll be shackled to the ugly ball and chain known as bar exam prep. I guess one possible highlight of my summer can be making delicious treats with… an ICE BLUE KITCHENAID STAND MIXER!!! PIck me, pick me! :) P.S. – You’ll never have just eight readers, are you kidding me? 

  • rikkisnyder

    This summer is going to be full of traveling and picture taking for me and of course enjoying the beautiful weather at the beach! [:

  • Lao1430

    My summer of love is all about enjoying my first grandchild. Her name is Cecillia Parker Isaac and she is beyond beautiful! She arrived on May 23, 2012 at 6:45pm and has had us all in her spell ever since. I lost my Mother this past March. Now without both my parents alive, the only healing that I have had is because this “angel Baby” is in my life. In the passing of one life, another begins. It really makes you in awe about “life”. I would LOVE to win this for Cecilla to use together one day. I look so forward to being in the kitchen with her just like I did with my Mom so many times with so many invaluable memories.

  • jeneno

    Make this “simple summer peach cake recipe” weekly until there are no more peaches in season ( ) and continue to grow a water dragon baby girl in my “belly” with love (and peaches).

  • Bad Home Cook

    OH All right. This Summer of Love? Being single for the first time in my adult life, and learning to love myself first.
    It sure would be more fun if I had a cool ice-blue Kitchen-Aid….

  • rooth

    This giveaway is awesome!  This summer I’m going on a mancation – I need a break a real break for my own sanity as well as everyone else’s around me

  • Toots

    I plan on grilling nightly, spending a lot of time at the beach, and then taking my mom to Ireland for her 60th!

  • Darleene Powells

    Plan all sorts of fun stuff to do with my two love muffins (my toddler and 10 month old).

  • TheSlowRoastedItalian

    Well living in the desert I am sure we will spend a lot of time indoors, cooking, baking and occupying ourselves in other ways… 

    Happy Birthday Sarah!

  • Cayla Gallagher

    This summer of love I’m moving to Australia to be with the love of my life <3

  • Tiffany

    Lots of beach time in Santa Cruz and conjuring up recipes for homemade dog biscuits.

  • Maggie

    continue setting up a home with my (relatively) new husband. it feels so good :)

  • lauren {the talking kitchen}

    Drive up to Northern California… enjoy the sights, the food, and my hubby.

  • Tweebh

    Spend a fun filled summer with my sons :)

  • Jaince Bissex

    I’ll be renovating my kitchen this summer so this new mixer would be great!

  • YNO

    Eat good food and drink wine

  • Tori Tsu

    I am going to NY to spend a blissful 12 days eating around the city (and hanging with my man). The rest of the summer will be filled with my city (SF) and all my wonderful friends.

  • Sharon Meged

    Blue is my favorite color, and I’m a little obsessed with cooking…so this giveaway is just perfect! As for this summer, I am starting a new job! I moved to DC a few years ago for my Master’s degree, and I just landed a position here to will help teenagers abroad learn English – woohoo! If I win this giveaway, this summer will also include a ton of experimenting – I love to cook big savory dishes (a blog is in the works!) but I have yet to explore the baking world. I have mastered baklava though, which I am quite proud of! Thanks for putting this giveaway together! 

  • Jane

    Zion Canyon and the Narrows hike.

  • Natasha H.

    Camping with our 10 month old and making lots of home made ice cream!!! Not at the same time of course.

  • BourbonLvr

    I’ll be working (sad) and cooking (happy).

  • Lo

    Lots of cooking and making my Limoncello…yum, yum,yum…..

  • Shannon

    Going on a dream vacation on a Turkish Gulet! Can’t wait to sample the Mediterranean cuisine!

  • Linda Chung

    I’m planning a trip to Hawaii! Sunshine, beach and I’ll take those little umbrella cocktails!

  • Kittyluong

    I will spend the summer planning my wedding!

  • Maya

    This summer of love I am going to take swimming classes with my 2 year old! Fun and practical.

  • Brianne

    Hopefully find love :)

  • Volleybabe1

    Since a vacation isn’t in the budget, I will probably try to find a pool and hang out with my honey.  Oh and cook some amazing food and loathe where it lands on my body.  Wobble wobble :)

  • Abby Reisner

    I’m going to greece to do a language school, a cooking school, and to work on a farm for a couple weeks. so excited! 

  • Sean

    Going to Spain, Croatia, and Italy, eating and drinking my way through each.

  • Ck

    Attend my friend’s wedding in Seattle!

  • dyoung

    Going to hop on a cruise, but haven’t decided a destination yet!

  • D_mave82

    Me and my hubby will be going to Rome for our first year wedding anniversary!

  • Kat

    Sharing my love of Russian language with college students!

  • Emma

    This summer of love I am going to grow some tomatoes and cook lots and lots of delicious meals at home.

  • Dani H.

    Finally moving to the same city as my love after 2 1/2 years doing the long-distance thing! Ooh and also- finishing up my grad degree and starting a new job. We would love a beautiful mixer for our new apartment!! 

  • Rfb5627

    Spend it with the breeze and a book under my Grandmothers tree.

  • Jessica Stearns

    I will be leaving my current job, starting school full time for social work, and packing my bags and moving in with my amazing boyfriend (and of course my kitty is coming along too!)

  • Lenzie

    This summer I will be traveling to Spain and Portugal! And enjoying all of the delicious food and culture that those countries will bring :)
    Besides that, I will be working and trying to enjoy the sun as much as possible!

  • Krista

    I love that blue! I will be perfecting my popsicle making and trying not to turn to dust in the desert heat.  

  • Jules Walter

    I’m going to try and win a Kitchen Aid as I lust after them but could never afford one **sobs**  but I fear that you won’t send it to me as I live in the U.K and you don’t.

  • Evelyn

    I will be doing lots of cycling, running and baking!! 

  • Kara

    This summer will be spent transforming the office/storage room into a nursery!! Baby #1 arrives late December or early January! We have a lot to do to get our house ready for a newborn.

  • Mary Ann R.

    Eating healthier and taking care of my garden.

  • Bertha Cherie

    I would do lots of traveling and also lots of baking! Thanks for the giveaway.

  • Madelynu

    I will be spending as much time as possible with loved ones. Life is short. Enjoy it!

  • SquirrelGirl

    This summer I will sit at barbecues and stare longingly at all the corn on the cob that I can’t eat. I’m really glad that I can finally afford braces, but this is a high price to pay.

  • Gloria L.

    transforming myself into someone I want to be.

  • Jenshats

    Lots of smooching, grilling, concerts in the park, pool days with the kids and general summer awesomeness.

  • Stephanie Bunn

    HEY! Happy birthday, my fabulous food friend. I hope you get spoiled like crazy today. Actually, the entire week. I think the older we get, the more celebration time we require.
    Anyway. Summer? Hanging with my awesome kid (who is NINE now, can you believe?), going to the drive-in, trying to garden on the front porch, & eating lots of seasonal foods.
    Love ya lots & have a fantastic day.
    Stephanie from Dispensing Happiness

  • Hydrojenn

    My hubby and I will be spending three wonderful weeks in Italy…with the hope of a souvenir to make an appearance about 9 months later! :-) Also, I plan on taking a few more advanced cake decorating classes at the local specialty bakery store.

  • frazgo

    Spending the summer visiting my daughter and her newly minted baby…my grandson as much as possible.  Teaching her to cook has been fun as she’s a fast learner.  She really needs a kitchenaid to complete her kitchen.

  • dihuynh

    I’m learning skills that will help me in life =)

  • Jessica

    I am in Colorado this summer for an internship! I am doing lots of hiking and exploring.

  • Sue Pace

    Having fun with my family and cooking a great dinner every evening!

  • Catie Russo

    We will be going on a vacation to Montana!

  • Joan

    learning to cook. after spending 21 years in the same house, I’m moving away on my own in September for grad school! so excited but reluctant as well

  • JennaBme

    I plan to spend quality time with my new kitten and watch how he interacts with my 6 year old, 18lb orange tiger cat.

  • Hillary

    lots of time will be spent  in the sun – picnics, pools, beaches – and taking advantage of free time to go on weekend outings.

  • Joshtai23

    Relaxing and hanging out with friends until school starts

  • Karen

    Waiting for the birth of my first grandchild.  Can’t wait.

  • Katherine

    Spending lots of time with the family and getting a few weekend getaways in when I can!

  • Kellie

    I’m going to ride my bike and go swimming in the sunshine!

  • Lcorinecampion

    This summer of love I’m celebrating my first summer as a resident of California and finding a great job, adopting a sweet puppy and cooking amazing summer produce!

  • Shermainewaugh

    I’m back at school this term, but doing an internship instead of taking classes, and will be spending the summer with my three best friends, cooking, grilling, and baking the days away. Best summer ever!

  • Tracey

    Spending the summer taking cooking classes & bbq’ing with my family. 

  • Amy from Kid Cultivation

    Happy Birthday! I’ll be trying to prevent my three kids from destroying the house or each other by keeping them busy in the kitchen.

  • Jackilyn Punsal

    I’m trying to be more social.  Lots of rooftop bars and dinners al fresco for me! 

  • Ellen

    save enough money to move away!

  • Kaitlyn

    I’ll be surrounding myself with people who make me happy and taking life as it comes!

  • Kaitlin M

    Unpacking, cleaning, and organizing the house I just moved into!

  • Margaret

    Hi Sarah! This Summer I’m trying to take long night time strolls with my boyfriend instead of plopping on the couch like we usually do. ;-) Thanks for hosting this giveaway. xo

  • Bioticman1135

    this summer, im going to work on starting my career!! its been too long of a wait and given current situations surrounding me, im in need of a decent income from a good job.

  • Molly

    I will be working in the local food co-op kitchen and having way too many reading groups and dinner parties with friends. Oh, and trying to figure out the rest of my life…

  • Bsaal

    Spend more time with the people I love and care for.

  • Maryam

    Working and swimming and baking.

  • Happy Go Marni

    I plan to bake several pies with fresh fruit from the farmers market, figure out what to do with my hundreds of cherry tomatoes growing on my deck (because I just discovered I have a green thumb!!!), and see lots of free outdoor summer concerts. 

  • Nikole Stever

    enjoying the cleanliness of my kitchen (doubtful) with the ease of having a mixer going and being able to multitask during endless get togethers and cook outs!

  • Rebeca

    I’m moving to miami, and I’ll be starting my internship at a restaurant!! so happpy!!!

  • vince001

    learning to cook and live a healthier lifestyle.

  • ila Nguyen-Hayama

    this summer i’m going to perfect the genoise!!! xoxo

  • Amanda Robins

    I’m finally going to visit mainland Europe and spend some quality time at the beach sipping fancy girly drinks.

  • Colleen

    This summer I am taking some classes for my restaurant management major that involve cooking for our restaurant’s lunch service so I can graduate college in 3 years and then go the culinary institute of america! I’m also finally baking my way through my bucket list of recipes which so far have ended up in some delicious croissants and macaroons!

  • Robinvk

    this summer I am happily reading the archives of your blog, now that I have discovered you!  :)

  • Amsterjudy

    Staying out of the sun.

  • Emhoffman86

    Making ice cream with my new kitchenaid stand mixer and ice cream bowl attachment!

  • Kathryn

    This summer of love….I need to find a job I don’t hate!

  • scribw

    road trip to co

  • Lgturby

    I will be working in ministry at Berry College!

  • Alexandra

    This summer, I was actually hoping to get an internship at an hospital, but now I’ll travel through Europe with my boyfriend! :) And thank you for this amazing giveaway!!! xo

  • Lena

    My plans are to reorganize my life a bit but in the meantime I’m going to cook some delicious food from fresh seasonal fruit and vegetables, bake a few delicious cakes, make some lovely ice creams, and prepare a surprise party for my parents (50th wedding anniversary!).

  • Culinary Vampire

    Building up my cookie and ice cream business.  I needs to make enough orders so I can move to a commercial kitchen and make MORE orders.  My hope is to eventually quit my day job and make the cookie and ice cream business my day job.

  • Chrisalvey

    I’ll be making pizzas on the big green egg every day I can

  • choiii

    I will be traveling though SE Asia and Peru!

  • Alyssa

    I will be learning how to cook more healthy food

  • P.A

    I shall be working in a bakery in the sweltering Mass. heat and loving every second of it….well maybe every other minute of it.  :)

  • Ashlie

    Mostly workin hard for my money, but cooking/eating every free moment :)

  • Rachel

    i hope to be able to try more recipes on your blog and on tastespotting

  • Olivia

    making jewelry!

  • Ella

    Planning a wedding!

  • Valerie Tate Williams

    Keeping my head down and trying to survive this heat!  (Houston)

  • Murfinator

    I will be sweating in my non-air conditioned house. %^( And wishing I had A/C so I could bake more using a new Kitchen AId mixer!

  • Sperpis

    I am going to take time to work on my writing and focus on achieving my goals while still having fun. I live in Portland, Oregon where it rains ALL THE TIME so I am definitely going to take time to enjoy the sunshine while we have it! 

  • Anjel

    Cooking and eating my way through a whole lot of delicious recipes featured on this site! 

  • Heather

    Working, yardwork and new patio construction to keep me busy while I pine away for my husband who’s in pre-deployment training!

  • Alana Folsom

    Popsicles, poetry & pluots

  • Fran Meadow

    Grandkids, hiking, kayaking all of which I love, love, love.!

  • G Mciver

    Enjoying the sun, eating delicious food and spending time with the family

  • Lauren P

    Moving from Colorado to North Carolina with my boyfriend. Now that he is done with his PhD and we both have exciting jobs we are planning on cooking together!

  • Justin Sarro

    gunquit, Me

  • claudia

    another summer when always a bridesmaid, never a bride.

  • Hanne Paulsen

    I’m going to new york!

  • Cyndi

    Lovely question! In food–I am going to preserve roasted garlic, perfect my blueberry pie, and hopefully can as many tomatoes as humanly possible! I also want to have picnics all the time, and make sure I get to the beach! 

    Thanks so much for your lovely blog. Your pictures are beautiful.

  • davrm

    I plan to enjoy as much sun as possible

  • Jo

    I’m going to the city of love! Paris!

  • Lizweiss

    Our family vacation is to Nantucket. Lots of great farm-fresh foods and plenty of seafood!

  • Greg

    Try and have as much fun as humanly possible. Eat, drink and be merry!

  • AmandaLusky

    I am working on my doctorate in philosophy and baking to keep sanity!

  • Gina Davis

    I’m going to celebrate my 45th birthday and my daughters 6th birthday by going to a water park in the morning, making an awesome dinner of “Birthday Pasta” , blow the candles out on a Gluten free cake, then catch the late showing of Brave and stuff my face with greasy movie theater popcorn!

  • lleighton

    Passing the Missouri bar.  Fingers crossed!!

  • Laura @ An Uneducated Palate

    I’m going to make homemade marshmallows in my lovely new kitchen aid stand mixer, then use them to build the perfect summer treat … s’mores!

  • Ellen Panetto

    Nothing different, really.  Running, swimming, reading, gardening, cooking, eating.  Doing as much of those things every day as possible :)

  • ry

    listen to a lot of marvin gaye

  • RMJ

    i plan to spend as much time with those people close to me as humanly possible.

  • Judy 0

    Making moves! Going to start researching and recipe testing and talking to people in my goal to open my own food business. Exciting times ahead and hopefully a very productive and fruitful summer!

  • Heather N.

    Getting ready for a big road trip to Louisiana.

  • Elena

    Planning a baby shower and hanging out in the California sun!!

  • melinda @cookingalamel

    Lots of reading, hiking, camping, and anything outdoors I can!

  • Catecando

    I will be traveling as much as I can and getting my life in order. I want to focus on my art and finding a career. I want to be happy and at peace with what the future will bring me. Oh, and cuddling up to the boy with lots of tasty cocktails never hurts ;)

  • Sydney

    I’m am going to read everything, and bake everything and then some.

  • Kentsavs

    I’m going to celebrate my friend’s wedding, attend a conference, and prepare to become an aunt this fall

  • maggie

    enjoying the summer with friends and family

  • Dan Kavouras

    List of things to be done this summer: 1. Graduating law school, 2. Taking the bar exam, 3. Cross-country foodie road trip, 4. Move into a new apartment, 5. Fill the apartment with new cooking tools, 6. Enjoy. 

  • JoJahng


  • Michael Lee

    I am always going to read through the deliciouslife and hear what the player president has to say.  Also my wife and I are going to fly out to NY this summer to see my cousin getting married on top of the Tribeca skyway rooftop.   

  • NC

    Enjoying the sun, friends and family!

  • Cody Slager

    I’ll be cooking at Timpone’s Restaurant in Urbana, IL. I also hope to start bartending, because I just finished a course on it.

  • dkitty520

    Food inspired road trip along the California coast! Then hopefully doing a lot of baking with my new standing mixer!!

  • BethK

    Study study study and then move. I have no kitchen stuff, so this mixer would be a great start!

  • debra

    I’m going to try and live a more delicious life. I’m already inspired regularly, now if I could just let the burger meet the pan more often!

  • Joanhoang

    Work (wah wahh) and enjoy my new apartment!

  • K.Boyce

    I’m going to LOVE going to the various Farmers Markets around Seattle. I can’t wait for raspberries!

  • jaminator81

    I’m going to tend my garden and cook amazing fresh dishes

  • Audrealjade

    I am going to heal from thyroid disease and eat beautiful, refreshing, unprocessed foods to nourish my body and soul so that I can finally have energy to give back in this life and love my family and friends.

  • Irenerd1

    I am going to love making as many ice cream recipes as possible :-)

  • Aduong85

    Moving into our first house, making it our home, summer baking and cooking, celebrating my birthday with friends over for a bbq in our new home, enjoying the sun and the warmth. How about you?

  • Mia Ryan

    I’m going to move in with my two big sisters in our new apartment in London, and cook all the (literally) hundreds of recipes we’ve lined up to make together :) 

  • Florence Lin

    Interning at The Field Museum and hopefully doing a lot of cooking/baking with this beautiful machine :) 

  • Clarissa

    I’ll admit I was attracted to your blog by your giveaway on tastespotting, but I love your honesty and voice!  Hope you’re getting lots of quality matches on match, thanks for sharing! 

    I’m looking forward to making tons of ice cream and frozen yogurt with my new ice cream maker!! 

  • Taysha Riggs

    I’m going to make treats that will take all fall to lose the weight from

  • Bgcg09

    Im going to try and eat healthier and work out regularly! 

  • Angel

    I am starting my first job as a graduate!

  • ceruleanthought

    I’m going to try and get an internship somewhere and I’m still looking for a summer job. BUT in two days time I will be departing for a cruise in Alaska with my family! :D

  • Maureen

    Spend as much time with my kids doing fun stuff like playdates, beach excursions, tennis, etc.  Thanks!!

  • Trace1

    Work in my garden and process the harvest.

  • April

    Spending time with friends and family and doing some fixup in house.

  • Natalie

    In roughly 7.5 days, not that I’m counting or anything, I’ll have one full week off of work in which I fully intend on sleeping in past my 6am alarm, spending a few days jet-skiing in MI where I’ll hopefully turn a lovely shade of bronze & eat lots of grilled food. I also just stocked up on Wilton goodies so I plan on baking lots of pretty cupcakes and beer bread!

  • Andrew Arra

    Actually, I’m getting married to my best friend I’ve known since 7th grade Sept 29th @ Bald Head Island. We actually are requesting a KitchenAid mixer!

  • Tiffany

    I’ve already had an amazing summer!  Just got back from Orlando where I was able to go to Universal and see Harry Potter Land, as well as cruise on over to the Bahamas with my lovely bf =).  I also plan on picking up baking and cooking as my new hobby, and this will make an awesome addition and such a beautiful color!

  • Anbuxton

    I’m volunteering at a music festival – 4 days in the woods! I’m terrified, but hoping to have a great time and meet lovely new friends 

  • Colette

    I’m going to spend time with friends visiting from Ireland and make salted butter caramel icecream!

  • Melanie

    spending the summer in Mississippi (originally from Canada) with my boyfriend :)

  • Krystal

    Wine tasting, river rafting, a couple weddings, and simply relaxing (hopefully!) LOVE THAT COLOR!!!

  • Lamberson4543

    This summer I’m enjoying a new camper, traveling the western U.S. with my husband.

  • Hallie Himmelreich

    Headed to Minnesota in a week to visit friends I met while studying abroad in Ireland..and making as much cheesecake as possible.

  • Steph B

    I am going to spend the summer getting my food blog off the ground before starting my third year of law school in the fall! Hopefully I can break in a new mixer and take some beautiful blog shots!!

  • jmbj

    Working my way through the momofuku milk cookbook and hitting the gym to work it off!

  • Carrie

    After a few months of a not great breakup, that left me displaced in a terrible basement apartment… I’m baking and cooking again….

  • Thosethoughts

    I’m going to make a plan and actually follow it.

  • Natanya

    I’ve spent this summer cooking a new dish every day! Lots of new ideas from the local farmers’ market!

  • Charlene Straw

    Sadly, I don’t have huge plans for the summer. I’ve recently moved to Santa Cruz, CA. So I’m pretty short on cash. But hopefully some friends will visit and I’ll hang out at the beach a lot. 

  • bellyup

    I’m going to make lots and lots of ice cream to survive 90 degree days in my un-air-conditioned upstairs apartment :)

  • Firsmtatelin

    I am going to spend my summer enjoying New England before moving to Iowa! 

  • Kim

    Spending my summer of love with a new gentleman friend in Lake Tahoe.  One of the most romantic places ever!

  • Charlotte

    I’m going to try a new sweet and a new savory recipe every week!

  • Quentin Lo

    Make amazing baked goods with the mixxxer!!!

  • Honeypunches

    I’m going to move (and change my life…for the better I hope)!

  • Avryan2391

    I am going to be lazy for the first summer in what feels like forever. 

  • Randi in canada

    trying to get my kitchen floor installed that’s still sitting in my living room.

  • Marilee

    Make ice cream, of course! ^_^

  • Vik_baa

    Watching my beautiful toddler grow up day by day and making most of each moment 

  • LegallyBroke

    I am working as a public interest intern for a nonprofit social justice law firm. 

  • Lalitha

    Honestly? I’m going to start doing all the things I’ve never had the guts to do before. =)

  • Jennifer

    I’m going to shower my 4 month shih tzu puppy with so much love he’ll want to throw up. And hopefully meet someone whilst walking him. Duh, the MAIN reason why I got him.

  • Mary Rush

    I am going to a fabulous restaraunt in the British Virgin Islands for my Birthday!
    And, maybe sailing.

  • Pookey

    I’m going to run a 10k as fast as my not so little feet will carry me, chill with my hubby, visit with friends and generally enjoy life as we know it.  

  • Stella :)

    I’m probably going to a greek island, maybe Ios or Kos.  :) (even thoough I’m Greek, they never end:P)
    Ok, maybe I will make some desserts too :P :P :PP.S.:I hope this giveaway is not only for  US people, but for everyone :/

  • Lillie Mae Stone

    Graduate school classes and baking.

  • KaitlinZ

    My summer plans include experimenting in the kitchen.  There are TOO many options at farmers markets during the summer and I go crazy.  I’ll go on vacation when it’s a little cooler and I can actually enjoy being outside :)

  • Tess G.

    It’s my last summer in San Diego and I plan to enjoy every minute of it. This means lots of weekend beach days, summer gatherings with friends, and culinary adventures (both homemade and store bought!).

  • Caitlinowens83

    I am a teacher, so I am going to soak up every second of it and RELAX!

  • Erica

    I’m going to teach a class on food issues for a local inner-city high school students in a program to prepare them for college. And hopefully do a lot of berry picking on the weekends!

  • Molly

    take more time for relaxing

  • Sylwia

    I am going to spend some time with my family this summer and enjoy them as much as I can!!Maybe I will bake some nice pastries for them or make a ice cream!

  • Will

    make food porn.

  • endlessmaze

    This summer, I’m going to start yet another veterinary internship, move to a new city, and bake my heart out.

  • Jessica @ Chockohlawtay

    I’ve wanted a stand mixer for so long!  Or at least, a new one that isn’t broken  :(
    This summer?  I really want to go through my entire to-bake list, start to finish, over 90 recipes.  I hope I can do it.  A new stand mixer would TOTALLY help with that goal  ;)

  • Cuppa Joh

    I’ll be having a summer of love at the London Olympics where my BF is (I’m in California), and we’ll be eating our way through the city. :]

  • The Duck

    This summer, I am going to take my last term as a full-time engineering student.

  • Crystal

    I’m going to read all the books I didn’t have a chance to during the school year. I’ll attempt many firsts in baking (making mochi and homemade pie top my list!). I’ll find new ways to use my dutch oven. I’ll stuff myself with all the fresh, seasonal fruits I can. 

  • Erika

    I will be cross-country ski training in Stratton, VT!

  • Catherine

    I’m going to experiment with making ice cream sans ice cream maker and search out some swimming holes.

  • bliggitybloop

    Gonna use it to grind meat and make sausages!

  • Ron

    Summer of love means vegetable gardening, beekeeping and relaxing!

  • Lily Ciric-Hoffmann

    Spend time with friends and family, swim, relax, do more yoga and of course enjoy some delicious healthy food!

  • Laura

    Hopefully making dishes with my new mixer!

  • Blair A

    This summer, I’ll finally be able to live with my beau and start learning French! And, hopefully lots of trips to NY and the beach–two things I sorely missed in Kentucky. 

  • Jaclynr12686

    This summer I will be hiking the National Park System and enjoying every bit of it! 

  • C

     Vacation, read, tan, bake, repeat.

  • Claudiana89

    I’m going to spend more time baking decadent cookies and trying out new ice cream recipes with my nephews. 

  • Rich Diemand

    Hopefully finding a job & moving south to be with the one I love.

  • IamSam

    Getting some inspiration for my future apartment (decoration, furniture…) and enjoying my spare time outside in the garden at my parents house!

  • Nicole

    Mini pies!

  • Maggie

    This summer we are going to stay HOME and enjoy our new apartment, complete with 10th floor sweeping Santa Monica Bay views…on our new double lounger on the patio.  Only wish I could be home right now…

  • Lkgundel

    I’m going to work on my dissertation!  It’s a full time job!

  • norris


  • cpak

    I’m going to work on my dissertation as well. Fun times!

  • ameng18


  • Anne

    Lose myself in summer novels, make black pepper vanilla ice cream and foster a Basenji momma and her 9 puppies

  • Margaret Lynch

    this summer, I am going to the beach, and also look for a house!

  • Sarah

    maintain a healthy amount of fiber in my diet

  • key316

    Going to Africa!

  • Donna Dang

    I am going to Vegas this summer after a 2 year hiatus! And plan to bake and cook more because food is my passion.

  • Jessy

     I’m going to Spain for a month! :)

  • bee

    hopefully cook!

  • Rebekahrsmith81

    Enjoying going on dates with my husband and kids: drive in, water park, pizza parlors, new ice cream places, etc.

  • Annie

    In 35 days I will be on a plane from CA to watch the London Olympics! I have been planning this trip for 4 years and will be going by myself. I am so happy I made my dream trip happen and I’ve had so much love and help from friends and family who know more than me about travelling in Europe. Think about it, what is one adventure you want to have in your life? I know you can do it :)

  • Nalini Vishwanath

    Road-tripping along the coast of Oregon ans California coming up this summer!

  • Brenna

    Bring a beautiful baby boy into the world.  <3

  • Andrew

    make some meringue!

  • Rina

    Spending as much time as possible at the cabin at the lake. It will be an adventure with a one year old :) Other than that, working of course.

  • Eugene

    Working in a research lab by day and breaking in my new kitchen by  night.

  • Emma Court

    Jetting off to Marrakech this Sunday with the boyfriend – excited doesn’t cover it! And working my bum off to save up for new kitchen equipment ;)

  • Annie

    I will be exploring the great outdoors with the love of my life, putting over 1500 miles on my bike, plucking produce from my oh-so-happy backyard garden, and slaving away in the lab!

  • lala

    fall in love with all things Latin (and my husband again!) in his home country of Venezuela!

  • Dixya Bhattarai

    all i want to do is relax, eats tons of fresh fruits & vegetables & stay hydrated because texas heat is brutal!

  • Angela Evans

    Heading back up to Washington State to stay in the house I spent many summers at. Can’t wait to share that time with my little boy!

  • Melissa H

    This summer, I plan to live my life in nature, and indulge in wine in only the best place – central coast california! 

  • Stephanie

    This summer, I plan on visiting my fiance (who I haven’t seen in months) and running off to the beach with him!

  • Liz-zie

    Have the time of my life!

  • Coffeecircle

    film festivals, road trips, food!

  • Lani Kawamura

    Mandatory hugging fests for my newly rescued kitty, who needs to develop lots of socialization skills.

  • christina p.

    this summer, i plan to be reunited with my husband who has lived in another state for the past 2 years! woohooo! 

  • Gloria

    Reading Anna Karenina under the California sun :o)

  • Rachel Tobias

    This summer I’m falling in love — and it’s perfectly wonderful! 

  • SandeeA

    well basically there are two posibilities:

    1- This summer I am going to fall in love with my new Kitchen Aid Mixer in Ice Blue
    2- This summer my heart will be broken if destiny is cruel and keeps me away from my Kitchen Aid Mixer in Ice Blue

    I prefer option one indeed

  • mss

    I will be taking lots of walks!

  • L. Pierce

    I’m going to move across the country with the love of my life :)

  • Nataliya Vakulenko

    loving and baking for the most wonderful man…

  • jae

    Enjoy my two sweet puppies, play as much golf as I can possibly fit in, swim in the pool to keep cool, and help my newly graduated daughter move into her very first apartment when she starts her first job of her nursing career next month.

  • Lizgreen1515

    I will be loving my new apartment, cooking & decorating & soaking it all up!

  • Tracy Turba

    My boyfriend is coming to visit my hometown and family for the first time, and then I am going to visit his! :) I’m also going on a family vacation that I am crazy excited for! 

  • Cupcake

    I will be spending summer baking sweets and sipping wine

  • Seth wants the mixer

    drink beer and fish.

  • Katie

    BAKING! hopefully with this mixer :)

  • jenah

    I’ll be going to San Francisco for a week of fun with my hubby on our very first trip together :)

  • Melodylynn457

    i am moving to the beach!!!

  • Cfarr

    Hanging out with family-especially the cute grandkids!

  • Jami

    Going camping this weekend, and eventually, going to Northern Spain!

  • Bsophia_yam

    Baking, baking and some more baking!!!!!!

  • Chera Robinson

    Getting married in 23 days!!!!

  • Ashley Liow

    i will hopefully be harvesting a ton of veggies and spending lots of time canning them. 

  • Maria150

    Make lemon bars!!! And prepare to move to Los angeles

  • FreeSpiritEater

    I am going to spend as much time as possible with the man I love. Photographing, creating recipes together, etc. 

  • Anh P.

    i will be teaching my daughter how to cook all my wonderful chinese dishes! =)

  • Nate

    Honing my skills and craft in charcuterie.

  • Sweetypie

    This summer I will bake a lot for all my friends to cherish the oven that I finally got :)

  • brittany c.

    Finishing out my first year in AmeriCorps, and trying to find a placement to do a second year of national service. :) 

  • Divya Prakash

    Loads of cooking, baking and running behind my 2 kids. All this summer and year long the same. 

  • Vivien Kuo

    Learn how to bake bread, cakes, anything and everything. A slow start to becoming a pastry chef (hopefully?)

  • KellyLB

    I plan to go to the lake, read lots of books and have cook outs with my friends. 

  • China9131

    I will be working.  I will also be baking with my daughter as she prepares to start her own home. 

  • Brodi Ayers

    This summer of love… Hmmm. My boyfriend and I will be traveling for his Mom’s 60th and the 4th of July. We just picked out a bunch of new recipes to try out together. Of course his are mostly sweet treats, whereas mine are on the savoury side.

  • John

    With a KitchenAid Mixer?

    Pizza dough, lots of Pizza dough. ^_^

    Pick me! :D

  • Keely Whitmer

    re-designing my blog and going to sit in a beach chair and not move for 1 week! (not at the same time!)

  • Tamea Byrd

    Enjoying my last summer of freedom! I’m in grad school and will graduate (and become a CPA) in December, so I’m soaking up all the lazy moments this summer.  Lots of hiking, trying new recipes, and (hopefully) finding my inner green thumb.  

  • bren lee gomez ♥

    I’m gonna rock I’m gonna roll I’m gonna bop I’m gonna bowl I’m gonna score tonight. Oh yes.

  • Clazaro

    Figure out how to bake without wheat gluten or eggs for my allergic son.  That’s love for you.

  • Devin D

    Working, cooking, and getting ready to run away to England!

  • Laura

    I’m helping my parents move this summer, which is stressful and bit sad, but it is also the start of something new and exciting. 

  • Rob

    Since I only have a week break for my summer vacation at my hagwon, I will spend the time with my boys playing with them. In addition, I will continue to learn and cook the Korean foods that my wife doesn’t make. I’ve been successful with several all ready, i.e., bibimbap, donggas, jumokbap, mandu, kimchi, juk. I think next up is samgak kimbap, jeolmyun and nangmyun especially for this hot summer!

  • Jsawaf

    This summer I will make a different recipe every week and test it on my boyfriend who says that he loves whatever I make, even if it’s Kraft Dinner (YUCK!).

  • natalie

    baking, traveling, and eating… 

  • Shivani

    Hopefully this summer of love will be spent cooking up some delicious food for lovely friends and long afternoons biking with the boyfriend and ending in the various parks for delightful picnics. thanks for all your wonderful posts! :) 

  • H and H

    My wife and I are gestating twins, and trying to figure out how to keep them fed….

  • Julie

    I’m going to enjoy the sun as much as I can and spend time with family and friends.

  • Meredith

    Not much! It’s my last real summer before med school, so I’m savoring it. :)

  • Lisa C.

    I’ll be spending my free time with my sister’s dog (that thinks of me as his owner instead!)… he’s getting old and has health problems and all he wants to do is play or cuddle with me when I’m around, but haven’t had much time before. :( 

  • Diana

    I’m working, then going off to FRANCE! need a stand mixer to help my belly prepare.

  • Ladyepanda

    I want to bake a whole sea bass in rock salt.  I don’t know why I feel compelled to do this, but it’s freaking cool.  I will do that at some point this summer.

  • Becca

    I just got a job at a local pie company as a dishwasher, so I will be spending the summer (and beyond) honing in on my cooking and baking skills so that I can climb the ladder of the company until I am a chef.

  • Brigitte

    I will be fighting to keep our wonderful Haleiwa Farmers Market alive. Our goverment has shut us down saying that we are no longer welcome on the site they put us on!

  • Gracia

    summer school )= but i have a one week break after tomorrow and i can’t wait to start baking again!

  • Angel Cofer

    Spend time with my husband

  • Eikit Sau

    Trying to catch up with life.

  • Maureen

    My husband just started a new job so I think it will be a while before we go on vacation so we will do staycations.
    We will walk after dinner and we will have family get together and barbeques. 

  • Sonny

    Loving my wife more than I have and loving my little girls more than they can imagine.

  • ellen_davis

    I’m getting engaged! Wahoo! Best. Summer. Ever. 

  • Tyler

    Winning this KitchenAid for my woman!

  • Anna

    I will be babysitting, giving swim lessons, fishing with my family, and mastering cooking baking because I’m living in a house with my 4 best friends next year

  • Gabrielle

    move in with my boyfriend!

  • DivineCusine

    With my husband I will create new cooking portal, and like always submit new recipes on Desperately need this mixer for my kitchen!

  • Laura Lea

    Go to lotsa fun places for my friends’ weddings!!!

  • Melissa M

    Working, as always, but in between making ice cream, running and trying to re-learn how to just be.

  • christina

    I’ll be baking lots and lots.. so I could use a lovely new mixer : )

  • maeghan

    My daughter is two so this summer she is going to be lots of fun. My husband and I have loads of fun activities planned, plus some great down time at home. A mixer would mean some yummy treats!

  • Hilaryrmurphy

    Nursing school! And a lot of boiled peanut eating :)

  • Diane, A Broad

    I’m going to do a lot more walking around Paris. Apparently we’re also going to Zurich next week? And I want to go to Italy or Ireland sometime before the end of summer, too. Wow, my life is hard.

  • Alice

    traveling, boating, baking, and science.

  • Aidan

    Make more of my own pizzas.

  • Marina

    I’ll be enjoying being home in Paris with my best friend before we both start law school! And hoping to learn how to make great macarons!

  • bonnie

    I will be taking care of my grand-babies. My daughter got a new job :)

  • Jessica

    I will be grilling pizzas and enjoying walks with my puppies :)

  • CindyB

    I am making bread, and homemade jams and jellies. I am canning for the first time, using the produce from our garden. I have become an earth mother, and i’m loving it!!

  • Vanessa

    I’m going to teach kids yoga & spend more time in the kitchen

  • mtestify

    Traveling, I’m going to Eritrea!

  • mimi

    Reading. I haven’t been able to read during classes so now’s my time.. 

  • Susan aka skHATER #13

    Gardening, fishing and roller derby. all the while cooking and canning my booty off!

  • Andrea Fideler-Schmidt

    For this summer of love? I am focusing on making my house more in to a home and imbuing that small town, simple life mentality in to my big city plot of land.

  • Jackie_jones_68
    • Jackie_jones_68

      I meant to say I’m spending fun in the sun time with my 3 year old :)

  • Christine

    This summer of love involves my new bike and new bikini! 

  • Glendj

    I live in London so I will be wearing my wellies this summer as all it does is rain

  • M.

    Summer school and baking cookies.

  • actorsdiet

    what an incredibly sweet and generous giveaway!  i’m actually going to my in-laws’ WEDDING!  they’ve been together forever, but never officially tied the knot.  now that they need to be on medicaid, they need to get legal. it’s going to be a blast!

  • Bridget

    Bake/cook/create as often as I can for my blog this summer before classes start!

  • Mandy

    Hmm…win the lottery? I guess winning a new kitchenaid would be good too. Seriously, would like to make my own prosciutto. That is my goal.

  • Rbnelson2

    A trip to the Azores to take a break from this unending quest to get my biochemistry phd

  • Matt

    I plan on taking it easy this summer of love… It stinks I already took my vacation.
    Speaking of love, I love that ice blue color!

  • caitlinashley

    Studying for the bar, but taking a fun vacation after that!

  • Captain_Ravis

    This summer of love, I’ll be sending love in the form of baked goods, tea, letters, drawings, and goofy things to my husband in care packages. I intend to furthermore, increase my skill in cooking and baking, tending to the garden, and hanging out with my cat, Valhalla.

  • Kat

    Summer concerts, beaches, grilling and jamming!

  • Adri (thegirlblogger)

    Six or seven readers my ass. There’s a ton of lurkers out there… hosting a giveaway just draws them out of the shadows! 

    Anyways… where were we? Summer of love. My goal is to just find a date! Love not necessary. Then again, my idea of finding a date is doing nothing out of the ordinary and seeing if anyone I know/meet has the guts to ask to take me to dinner. I have no expectations… so we’ll just have to see how it goes!

  • Caterina

    Snuggling my 10 month old twins as much as possible before they start full time (!) day care in the fall.  Eek!

  • Ellen Pederson

    a) surviving the new england summer without air conditioning
    b) finishing up my BA
    c) doing a side-by-side comparison of all the bakeries in Boston Chinatown
    d) eating, obvi

  • Marian

    Quitting my job to go back to school full time, and a 3 week road trip between gigs.

  • Kevin H.

    Grow a significant percentage of my own food

  • guest

    i’m going to finish writing all my papers!  and make one new delicious thing each week from my CSA share.
    also, even though i *heart* your blog even when you don’t post that often, i will *heart* it MORE if you do post more often  ;)

  • Jaymee Sire

    I love your blog! Happy Birthday! My boyfriend just moved to L.A. so I’m hoping to make plenty of trips down there this summer. :)

  • Meaganm

    I’m going to do some soul searching, some spirit infusing, some horizon-expanding (both in a spiritual and physical sense!), go sky-diving, zip-lining, cliff-jumping, and watch my little brother marry the love of his life. <3 It's going to be a REALLY good summer. :)

  • stacy

    teach since I’ll teach through the end of July!

  • maplessyrup

    Teach preschoolers cooking classes about fresh garden-to-table fruits and vegetables! <3 Love it!

  • JodyFLitvak

    Well, my daughter is home from college for the summer and, among other things, we’ve signed up to take a class on macarons together. 

  • Tdmcg

    Spend time with my new twins and enjoy seeing the world through their eyes!

  • McKelle

    work at my dream job at Apple, inc!

  • Laurie

    With a little more free time, i’m gonna spend a lot of time in the kitchen cooking and baking! Yeah:)

  • Freddy

    To perfect a ceviche recipe

  • Chelsy Ethridge

    Work, work, work. Can’t stop. Won’t stop. Oh, and I’m going back to school in the Fall for a post-bacc degree, so I am prepping myself for that headache. :)

  • Catharine @BakingCHemist

    Wow, lots of comments!  This summer I’ll be swimming laps in the pool after a long day’s work!

  • Anne

    I’m going to make a baby with my husband of 6 years! 

  • Emily

    I will be working full time (and then some) to make enough money to meet my husband halfway across the world, as he has been traveling since december 6th, and I have been…eating. :)

  • JennMarie

    Taking some much needed time off work with a road trip to Oregon! 

  • Cass

    Get my personal training certification!!!

  • Jocelyn

    teaching English!

  • Aes4u

    i would loooooove to use that beautiful blue love machine this summer!!!! 

  • Tori

    Continue working towards getting my undergraduate degree and cooking my heart out to relax.

  • keith

    Take a 3 month roadtrip around the country with my new blue stand mixer in the passenger seat!

  • Fawn Ward

    I will attempt to acquire as many freckles as humanly possible in the sadly short but joyous Seattle summer! 

  • Hannah

    Pack a car with a portable barbecue, some wireless rechargeable speakers and some great cuts of meat. Then off to the beach! The perfect summer date for me and my husband includes sand, songs and smoke!

  • Adrie de Waal

    I will be spending as much time in my garden as i can. Or at the beach. :)

  • sssv

    I was laid off in March and have since been trying to start my own business but, at the same time, I’m supporting my boyfriend emotionally in his own career change from an environment that just wasn’t good for him.  While it’s a leap of faith, we are both very happy in these changes and optimistic for our future together so that’s my summer of love!  :)

  • Molly

    Grill out and eat from our garden as much as possible!

  • Cmdbass

    Camping on the Outer Banks!

  • Magz

    Eating as much ice cream as possible! 

  • Heather

    Create new recipes and enjoy the sunshine!

  • Jkatheta

    We are Finally going on vacation!!!

  • Samantha Simcik


  • Charissa

    Play volleyball and get a deep tan! :)

  • Forensickt

    Working hard and glad to have a job!

  • April13

    This summer I am getting my life together as I prepare to start my junior year in college.  I am an Environmental Sciences major, and I plan on getting my doctorate in Marine Biology.  In the meantime, I am trying to figure out the best recipe for chocolate chip cookies for my husband, and watching creature features on SyFy with my dog, Brutus.

  • Bekki

     I always find myself inspired by summer weather – so many bright colors and gentle breezes and warm sunshine and the scent of BBQ on the air in the evening – so I’m really hoping to buckle down and write my novel. I’ve been moving at a snail’s pace since I started it in November and since I’m currently unemployed, I have all the time in the world to write. Or bake, which is a welcome distraction from writing. :)

  • Jenabaum

    Take our kids to the beach!

  • Jennifer


  • Claire DeHaan

    this summer of love, i am going to take three classes and get one semester closer to the job of my dreams. also, i’m going to enjoy all the free events in chicago. i plan to read one huge novel during my month off in august as well. 

  • Evelyn

    getting married!!! =)

  • Sophia

    Working nights and going to summer school during the day to finish college, and getting my degree quickly (R.N. :D ]

  • Meghanreimer

    Attending my brother in law’s wedding and writing my first novel!

  • Libbymparker

    I tell you that if you give me this mixer, I’ll be spending my summer weeping with joy every time I walk into my kitchen. I only have one outlet but I’ll let this guy have it.
    Really, though, this summer I plan to make this summer of love, all kinds of lovely. I plan to let the good moments really soak in instead of rush by.

  • Starlla143

    We just purchased our first home and the selling point was that the house is basically half kitchen & half cedar screen room with high beam ceilings. The kitchen has been completely renovated & is a real chef”s kitchen that is just ready to be taken advantage of….by ME!!! Long story short, when my Mom passed away I inherited her banana colored, straight from the 70’s Kitchenaid mixer that is chipping away but has SO much character & memories attached to it. It is because of this that I can’t bring myself to get a brand new one….but it’s time. So, I will be baking my Mom’s famous cheesecake (now mine ;) in my new kitchen & will be grilling out on our new cedar porch this summer. Here I come!

  • kaylaj

    going to Costa Rica! 

  • Mindyoja

    Hang out and play with my kiddos and enjoy the new baby!

  • Christopher

    This Summer I plan to find work and get in shape!! 

  • Merissa

    Quitting my job, packing up my belongings, moving to a new city, starting law school, and in the meantime traipsing around the mountains and spending a week and a half lounging by a lake in the middle of the woods in Canada!

  • Courtni

    Starting a new job! 

  • Rose

    We are going to go on as many picnics as we can, grill dinner several nights a week, and take a long road trip from Seattle to San Francisco! 

  • Olivia

    starting a fabulous new job and baking up a storm.

  • sue

    I am going to, unfortunately, work but, fortunately, spend as much time as possible outside with my 4 kids and my husband.

  • Beth

    Work…and play with my niece!

  • Sbpfeifer

    I’m spending it in Narnia! (No, really, I’m in a musical of Lion Witch and the Wardrobe all summer)

  • Jlamstudio

    finishing up culinary school at Le Cordon Bleu in San Francisco, and doing my externship at Benu
    Restaurant in the city. And will be cooking and baking on my time off!

  • Ming123

    expanding my culinary horizons with my beautiful new ice blue kitchen aid stand mixer?  

  • mistiemp

    attending my aunt and uncle’s surprise 50th wedding anniversary/vow renewal

  • pH

    First and foremost, the truth is that your mixer stand on tastespotting is what brought me to your blog. Second, it has taken me at least 30min to right this comment because I have been looking at your other pages and all the awesome photos there. Your dog is adorable. And those dreamy kitchens…oh I had to be careful not to drool on my laptop. So in a short concluding thought, your blog is a wonder and I have just bookmarked it! 

    As for your question, I try to live out my life day by day. Do my best, take what comes, be happy and proud of myself. So I will be/am trying to fill each and every one of my summer days with new recipes, getting greasy with my bike, getting my adrenaline fix by caving and base jumping for the first time, loving my sweet hardworking girlfriend, and seeing my family more. Of course the beach is thrown in to the mix by default. ;) 

    Kitchen Aid mixer stand or not, [I love the colour by the way!] I am happy I found my way to your blog! 

    • pH

      ps: What about you? Any plans for this year’s sunny months?

  • S – guest

    I will go to a lovely wedding in Bucks County.

  • amanda

    quitting my job to go to pastry school — eek!

  • Myhollym

    Run ten miles and bake bread and cakes to my heart’s content!

  • Brian L. Baker

    I will continue to try desperately to find a job.  I was laid off in the summer of 2009, and have been looking for full-time work since then.  I am currently working part-time for Sur La Table in Fresno, CA, and am very happy to have that.  However, things are tough in the Central Valley of California, and this week I have only been given 9 hours – same thing next week – and at $8 an hour, it is tough to live off of.  I’d like to win this because sometimes I sell my chocolate chip cookies, as caterers need them, and my KitchenAid from 1972, is starting to make scary noises.  Thank you for the opportunity.

  • Leah W

    Going to Sensation in Amsterdam!

  • alexa

    Bake everyday, and work to be able to get to the beach…

  • Jen

    I’m going to ride my bike and have as many picnics and bbq’s as possible!

  • Becky

    Moving to Portland, hurray!!!!

  • casey

    this summer I will sit by the river with mason jar cocktails/homemade sweet tea and embrace all the mosquito bites. I will also attempt to bake the most amazing vegan pie (my first pie baking experience ever!).. a new mixer to assist in this endeavor would be a pleasant surprise.

  • Emma

    Go on a solo hiking trip on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington and really take in all the beautiful sights!

  • Kim Raymond

    Swimming in the pool everyday because it’s so hot out there !! 

  • Melissa C

    This summer, I’m going to cook cool things in my hot kitchen…

  • AgaG

    Produce ‘the Ventriloquist’ [venter (belly)+loqui (speak)] workshop.
    For the first time I  will be creating n coordinating my own cultural animation project, that explore the power of food/taste/smells n textures as a language for working with the unprivileged community in Warsaw, Poland.
    Hope my love for food/people n storytelling will be contagious this summer :) 

  • SunriseW

    Entering notes in fields like this to please a woman who shares my bed.

  • Erin

    Exploring the great outdoors as often as possible. 

  • Kaitie O’Bryan

    This summer I am going to LOVE going back to school!

  • Rachel Elizabeth

    I am designing an activewear collection this summer :) 

  • Samantha Stojkovich

    I’m going to eat as many delicious meals as i can!

  • Lucy

    I’ll be cooking much more–with delicious summer produce!

  • Theresa Smith

    What I am looking forward to is getting good at learning to relax with my sons more.

  • Nstoik


  • Diana

    cooking a lot!!

  • Inger Nemcik

    Spend more time on porches with friends than ever before. Life is short and I am going back to school in the fall after a very, very long break.

  • Jess

    Grilling and chilling by the lake.

  • Sherry

    who knows, whatever comes my way

  • Maggie

    I’m working with toddlers all summer and baking pies with all the fresh fruit that summer has to offer. Going home for my birthday; and moving into a new house to prepare myself for the year long credential program that awaits me. 

  • Big E

    Live, love, laugh, cook.

  • Talia

    Bask in the sunshine!

  • Jennyplatow

    shop at the farmer’s market !

  • Julia

    I’m working at a philanthropy non-profit right now, but in a month, I leave to teach English in Chile for a semester! Just trying to spread as much as love as far as I can this summer. 

  • Alagwc

    work, work, and more work

  • susan in taos

    I’m hoping that I have work!!  There may be a two week trip back “home” to see my mom (I miss her!!)

  • amy beth marantino

    i am going to spend some time with my nephews

  • Sarahbeth401

    We just moved to Tx, so we are spending each weekend of this Summer of love exploring our area! This weekend, we are exploring Austin!

  • Xine

     Surprising my sigother with a trip to ride some ROLLERCOASTERS! :D

  • Stephenie Hanson

    Get into the habit of immersing myself in the Bible on a daily basis in order to truly see and appreciate the positive aspects of my life (read: blessings) that I too often disregard due to incessant worrying…Oh and play around with new marinades and recipes and exercise :)

  • Monica

    doing lots of Bikram yoga, cooking, sewing and swimming! I signed up to teach a summer class, but not enough students signed up. ps. I don’t have a mixer and desperately want one!

  • Lyn Heather40

    Kayaking and Grilling!

  • Ellen

    I was thinking of world domination but that seems like a lot of work. So I’m thinking swimming.

  • Libby

    To explore and learn and have outdoor garden parties with lots of things in lots of mason jars.

  • Shruti

    Write & drink wine

  • Tiffany

    Lots of summer desserts!

  • Lindsay

    Camping, hiking, get togethers with friends on the patio, cooking new and interesting meals, mixing up refreshing drinks and baking delicious treats for friends and family…oh and basking in the sun as much as life allows!

  • Kathleen

    Just dream about such a dreamy mixer.  Oh so dreamy…

  • Danielle Sleeper

    Going on a road trip with the boyfriend. We plan to eat our way up the West Coast of the US :)

  • Meaghan Ruane

    Doing an internship for culinary school and spending time with my boyfriend before he leaves to go to New Jersey <3

  • Lydia

    Work, Work, Work & hopefully at least take a weekend Staycation……..

  • jaims

    Enjoying the sunshine from my office window 

  • Danielle

    Showing my daughter how to do what you love and love what you do.

  • Blen0008

    Teaching summer school to students with Autism, and cooking away my worries. Being a poor, stressed out, first time teacher is TOUGH business, but the students make it totally worth it!

  • Chia-Luen Lee

     Summer of love… more like summer of work for me! Gotta get a job and make some money so I can buy delicious and healthy ingredients to make delicious and healthy food!

  • Ingrid Pan

    Studying for graduate school as well as soaking in the sun and cooking :)

  • Jennyjlee88

    In this summer of love, I will be sharing my love with a bunch of elementary students for summer school.. (yay!) 

  • Chandriga

    I would enjoy cooking all the home grown vegetables and fruits from my garden.Summer in Northern California, especially in the wine country is too beautiful to go for a vacation. 

  • Min-Chun

    Make clafoutis using seasonal cherries.

  • Stephanie Yniguez

    Going back home to California for 2 weeks, soaking in the sun along with doing some yoga!

  • Khunyoung

    I plan on confessing to the boy with the sweet tooth with my own variation of Red Velvet Cookies.

  • anita

    i finally got around to making my own organic garden. organic food is so expensive. now my hunny built me a raised bed. those damn birds have eaten all my kale and zuchinni flowers :( tomorrow I’m gonna get a net
    imnotarunner at gmail dot com

  • Andi Elbel

    Love your blog and giveaway spirit! I will continue to learn and grow this summer while focusing on the good in all:)

  • Jeanne

    Work on becoming healthier!

  • Natalie

    Soaking up the sun and enjoying some delicious summer barbecue :)

  • Jennifer Evans

    I will be cruising to the Bahamas for my birthday.

  • Erica

    Finish up my first pharmacy school rotation and then fly 3000 miles to Seattle to visit my boyfriend!

  • Maria

    I will be attending my oldest son’s June wedding! So excited~♥

  • Kristyn

    My husband is currently deployed to Afghanistan. I bake about 12 dozen cookies every two weeks for the guys in his platoon. My cookies are famous and anyone who has tried them has loved them. I’d even mail you a batch if I won this mixer! I’m 6 months pregnant so saving some arm strength would help me be able to push out more cookies. Thank you for this offer!

  • Alyssa C

    In this summer of love.. I will be counting the days until my first trip to Japan in December!! :D

  • Angela L Cramer

    Finishing up my EMT certification and studying for the MCAT.

  • Spinnersend713

    Oh lets see, i have my little cousins Quince, trip to vegas, Comic con, and Im starting up my 4th quarter of Culinary School! :)

  • Niku

    I’m renaming it the Summer of Lust and the first thing I’m making with the mixer is whipped cream.

  • suzie

    backpack around europe with my sweetheart boyfriend!

  • Chelsia Rief

    Begin getting ready for our 3rd baby and celebrate 9 years of marriage- Booya!

  • Jordana Weiner

    I will be becoming an Auntie and baking lots of sweets! 

  • Bpatuwo

    Going to the Dominican Republic to do some medical work! And going to Chicago for 4th of July! Can’t wait!

  • Andrew Tseng

    Same thing I do every summer. Try to take over the world

  • Adrienne

    Playing with my kids, camping, frolicking at the beach, eating BBQ, drinking beer, and enjoying the awesome sunshine!! 

  • Ann Wingert

    watch my garden grow and I better dang well enjoy it!

  • Sol

    Enjoying my first post-grad summer before law school! 

  • Alaska from Scratch

    Going to catch some wild Alaskan salmon and halibut this summer. LOVE the mixer, especially the color. 

  • Naomi

    Exploring South Korea.

  • Cat

    I am going to WORK at a restaurant and set up my classroom for next year!  Hopefully I will find some time to use my lovely new KitchenAid mixer in between :)

  • Tina Poole

    See my favorite band, twice in a row – something I’ve never done before!

  • Erin@BrownieBites

    Finish my LAST summer as a professional photographer – couldn’t be happier! :)

  • Annette Herbst

    I will be spending my days reading and spending time with my grandchild

  • Jen Jahnke

    this summer of love, I am going to be loving my new baby girl, come mid july!  And boy do I love that color on that mixer!

  • P Rowland

    Golly what a question. I guess i would just love it to be summer!

  • Barbi C

    enjoy my yard and garden and take a vacation with my parents.

  • Strawberrymint02

    Putting three years of preparing for dental school behind me, leaving a top 10 university, and finally pursuing my passion by attending culinary school.

  • Anandi

    I’ll be working and dreaming of next summer when I’ll have saved up enough money to travel to Europe with my boyfriend!

  • CrumberryBakes

    starting my new job as Disney’s newest Pastry Chef!

  • Pratima

    Gonna pack up my worldly possessions and move to Cincinnati for grad school.

  • Hannah

    Find some happiness. And get my tan on.

  • J Lewis 10

    Filming a webseries I’ve been writing with friends and acting in the Edinburgh Fringe.

  • Rita Scott

    I have every intention of spending as much time as possible at the beach, and on the hiking trails with my dogs this summer! 

  • Redmaryt

    I’ll finish my dissertation, maybe go to Africa, spend time with my love, and have a blast with my little nephew. And cook everyone yummy dinners! 

  • Heather Likes Food

    I’m traveling and eating as I go! Can’t get any better than that!

  • Tracie

    Planning my upcoming wedding!

  • Rockie

    I will continue to pursue art in my daily life.

  • Natalie

    Studying for the MCAT and hopefully making a lot of summer dishes to share with my friends! 

  • Abigail Lee

    Celebrating my 29th birthday with my husband (we just got married)!!!

  • Flora

    get better at finishing artwork and give more loving kindness to friends and strangers  equally!!

  • Emily Crum

    This summer of love I will be enjoying the sun, the fresh produce, and delicious eats! 

  • Cari Kirla

    Have lots and lots of fun with my children!

  • Tian Lee

    Reading your blog and Facebook wall drooling over all of your quinoa recipes.

  • Sofeoly

    I’m going to sit out on my back patio in the desert & watch the birds drink out of and also bathe in my fountain.  I leave it on all the time for them.  They appreciate it and I appreciate having them as visitors.  If I get myself together, I need to read a book in my book club.  Birds are more fun to watch.

  • Maya DeLeon

    Get a car, and get tan.

  • Cat

    Run more, trail-style and experiment more with vegan cooking. Oh yeah and drink some beer. What else?

  • Jenny Hartin

    Packing and trying to sell our house!  I would love to move that beautiful mixer into our new home…..

  • Goetschc

    Heading to NYC!

  • Steph

    Keeping my kids entertained! It’s a hard job but someones got to do it. :) This mixer would help with my job of feeding them. Haha! We are looking forward to spending our summer at the beach, visiting family and friends and enjoying the beautiful outdoors. Cheers!

  • Christine

    I plan to eat, drink, read, play, swim, frolic, and rest. :)

  • Belinda

    Celebrate 10 years with the man of my dreams with our feet in a lake :) 

  • Jesy C.

    picnics, dog walking, making out, baking a pie a week, cooking everything, pickling, lots of arts and crafts, being in love.  Gonna be the best summer ever.

  • Christina564

    Mini-vacations to museums and plays, hugging granddarlings, reading for fun, and sleeping late!

  • Darailise

    Spending time at the beach with my husband and new baby daughter

  • Talentchic

    hopefully i’m going to make lots of recipes using my brand new ice blue kitchenaid!! ;-) love your blog :)

  • Kim Loan M

    Make baby blankets and bags for a local pediatric heart ICU, bake lots of copies for the staff of thy hospital, and spend some time hanging out with my kids and their friends watching them play and swim!

  • T Pixeltrash

    Ohhh…baby pink! Lucky! Love the ice blue too! We are headed to the Bahamas on a cruise. It would be super fun to come back and find that I had won. :-)

  • Amy | Amy’s Cooking Adventures

    Spending as much time as I can outside with my 2 sweet boys (and my handsome husband!)

  • Shannon J Ely

    I will be experimenting with new recipes (Shepherd’s Pie Eggrolls!), hanging out with my best friends, and drinking lotsa good craft beer.

  • Jennifer Reda

    Traveling with my boyfriend

  • Dennis Milbradt

    Working! :)

  • Niki

    I’m planning my wedding!  And depending on money, we may take our honeymoon before the wedding!  :)

  • Emily

    Flying to St. Thomas, then sailing around the British Virgin islands, for 10 days, with my friends (one of which is the captain)! So excited, haven’t been on a vacation in forever! :)

  • clarasaurus

    using this mixer.

  • Julia Carolina Sanchez

    “What are you going to do this summer of love?”

    The HR office informed that I have 48 days of vacations and that I have to take at least 18 as soon as possible so but I don’t have plans so I am still pondering what to do with a lot a vacations days and very litle money to spend … I guess I will have to get back to you when I make up my mind.

  • Spikesz32

    I will survive my boyfriend being gone all summer.

  • cpwalk2

    I begin my medical residency this summer.  Start my chosen career path….ah!  July 1st, no one go to the hospital if you are at a teaching hospital!

  • Naomi Karp

    Going to South Africa!

  • Desiree

    Adding some color to my life by repainting all the rooms in my condo. Oh yes and spending time with that person called “husband” :)

  • Renee Travins Carter

    Hopefully finding love. :)

  • Halcyon3608

    Field work!  Summer is a busy time in my field of natural resources, and I enjoy the chance to get out of the office and survey for grassland birds, band geese and ducks, sort baby pheasants at the game farm, look for newborn fawns, participate in prescribed burns… never a dull moment!

  • Sefali Bhutwala

    pick my own fruit at farms and bake pices and make ice creams!

  • Jennie Roed

    I am having a baby!

  • Ginny

    Celebrating my 5th wedding anniversary with a fun roadtrip

  • Varia Makagonova

    I’m going to learn to surf in Portugal with my boyfriend :)

  • Mairin O’Steen

    Researching philosophy graduate schools, since I hope to start my PhD. Fall 2013. I also will be learning how to drive and plan on spending time with family.

  • BrookAnne

    Hang with my nine month old and hubby, learning about our new hometown of Oklahoma City.  : )

  • Cheryl Gordon

    Enjoy the out of doors!!!!

  • Amanda@ Easy Peasy Organic

    Writing my heart out :)

  • Shari Y. Tamashiro


  • Doris

    Keep practicing my guitar!

  • Lily

    This summer I’ll visit Ithaca, and then NY city! I’m very excited!!!!

  • Maxia Severino

    Working hard in other to save money for my Master in Argentina. 

  • Heather

    I will be spending the summer with my kids and my Mom as she recovers from her recent bone marrow transplant

  • Heather J

    Enjoying my patio in my new house.

  • Carole Shaffer

    going back home to visit family

  • Melissa Lee

    Primarily, studying for the CPA exam (boring!), planning my cousin’s bridal shower (a surprise!), and in between, figuring out how to get my chicken tikka masala to taste like authentic chicken tikka masala!

  • Michelle Piluso

    My goal this summer is to start up and contribute to my own food blog!  I have the website, just need to get the content.  Blogs (as you know) take a LOT of discipline, so please wish me luck!!!

  • Kitchenminions

    Lots of baking, hoping that the a/c holds up!

  • Lisa S

    Road trip to pick up my almost 19 year old from her first year of college….one proud momma

  • Ali

    Take as much vacation as possible!

  • Cydneycakes

    I’m going with my love to visit his family, since he moved to Texas to be with me and hasn’t seen them in two years!

  • Janice

    I am going to do a lot of reading, a lot of appreciating, and hopefully, a lot of laughing.

  • Sdm

    heading out to the beach with a picnic basket

  • Mktheo

    I start my 3rd term in med school next week. But I recently started to talk to this ever charming guy in my class…sooooo for the ‘love’ part, I have summer ‘boy’ plans ;p hopefully it turns into something good!

  • Melodie

    Gardening, cooking, baking, eating, drinking Prosecco, reading, planning a few trips. 

  • Lana B

    I am going to love watching my 7 year old enjoy a family trip to Walt Disney World! …even though I have to watch from the sidelines since I JUST broke my ankle :(

  • Hunsaker_1975

    This summer of love I will be spending canning, baking & enjoying my family.

  • Mack

    Figuring out what makes me happy in life so I can pursue that in the future!

  • Ivana P

    Travel to Jamaica for our 2nd wedding anniversary and hopefully make a baby :)

  • Kristen

    Seeing my son after a long 8 months of him being away

  • Becky H

    Planning my wedding :)

  • asereTTeresa

    Going to school for most of the summer. (Fun times)
    I have two weeks to enjoy the sun and back to school I go :D

  • Alicia Castellano

    Here in San Antonio soaking up the sun, gonna keep working doing my photography and soon move into a new home where i can have my own little kitchen…yea-yah! :)

  • Brittany D

    Turning 17 and hopefully getting my life back on the right path. Exactly one year ago on June 25th I was released from the hospital (4 month stay) for an eating disorder. I loved cooking and baking and hopefully can find that passion again this summer.

    Happy baking everyone. Hope you all have great summers :)

  • Michelle L Hill

    This is gorgeous. 
    Incidentally, so are your photos.  :)

  • Cheriweeks

    I will enjoy every moment with my kids today we dyed the 9 year old hair red!

  • Maureen

    I am going to be getting out the heat as much as possible. And cooking as much new food as I can

  • Cmlny423

    Recently moved to NJ right outside NYC. I’m going to explore all the food wonders and see a little art and music in there somewhere:)

  • Angie Davis

    I’m going to lay in the sun and sip Pina Colada’s as much as possible. :)

  • Ccatoera

    Going to Vegas and party!

  • Helga Kvam

    I am going to be enjoying the short summer here in Iceland, going to cook away as I can and keep up my website; food and articles about enjoying life in all aspects. Basically I am going to try to cheat and do as little as possible with as much spirit as possible with positive effort (and not too much effort) while enjoying life to the fullest :)
    I am also going to travel and photograph landscapes, stay up all night past sunset and watch the sun come up, which isnt so hard in Iceland since we do get 23hrs of sunlight in June :)And YOU?

  • Whitney887

    Bake recipes that remind me of my mom and great grandmother and hit the beach as often as possible :)

  • Hullcha

     my grandmother recently passed away and I would like to spend my free time during the summer creating a perennial garden in her honor. She was a conservations and avid gardener. I want to be able to walk out into my yard and into my garden and remember just how much she meant to me.

  • jessica

    Going to enjoy playing with my two boys all summer long. Beach vacation in SD next week. Bachelorette party in Napa in August. A million and one weddings. How about you?

  • Rachel

    Beautiful color! I’m visiting Seattle this summer.

  • Carol Ann

    loving my grandchildren!!

  • Kasia Kaczmarek

    I’ll enjoy in the kitchen all the best produce that Portugal has to offer and share the joy with my friends!

  • Mary

     Going to hike the half dome in Yosemite! In my dreams. I’ll actually be in clinic all summer.

  • Silvia

    Moving to a new country.

  • Bebe

    I will be walking my dogs, gardening, cooking out, sitting under the stars, drinking cocktails and loving life!

  • Terrie Sobaski

    I am going to spend this summer of love making memories with my granddaughters, Isabella and Ruby. Besides the usual stuff of going to the zoo, the park, etc. I am going to teach Isabella,age 8, how to make an apple pie from scratch and Ruby, age 21/2 and I are going to the backyard and we are going to make mud pies. I am making live growing Fairy Gardens for both of the girls. They will have real plants to take care of and I will recycle sticks and wire to make fairy furniture. A lovely summer ahead with my girls.

  • Tammy

    traveling on both coasts!

  • Soccermegan11

    I am learning to love my own imperfections and to value the time I have to do the things I love like pick berries, cook, bake, spend time with family and friends, watch movies, run, etc.

  • Alexakamm25

    Working in NYC and soaking up every moment I have with my boyfriend before he goes to grad school.

  • Maureen Walker

    I’m doing a 100 days of real food challenge. No processed foods and focusing on local and organic. Today is day 16!

  • sarahbailey

    I’m learning about barrier island ecology and getting a puppy!

  • Alyssa Chang

    Getting ready for my wedding on October 5!!

  • Helen

    Enjoy time with my kids and have fun making great meals with them! Oh–and learn to perfect cooking on my new grill!

  • Lee

    Playing with my new dog

  • Claire Nutter

    I’m taking the bar exam, but after I will be spending time with family, cooking and baking a bunch to make up for  lost study time (hopefully with my new mixer) ;)

  • Noxnyx99

    Working at my local Humane Society, loving lots of kittens :)

  • Jfarrist

    Work, work more work and a lot of entertaining. Almost complete with decorating my apartment and I can’t wait to have people over to enjoy. <3

  • Alex

    This summer is all about friends, patios, beer and laughter!

  • Kelly Monday

    Drinking lots of lovely long cocktails

  • Kristi

    I will be reading a bunch and making lots of summery healthy food with produce from our own garden (I hope!).  

  • Hanna

    summer school :(

  • Jzegowitz

    cherish catching fireflies for my 4 little kids. 

  • Erin michelle

    trying to go to the beach as much as possible. and experiment with refreshing cocktails!

  • Timber009

    Helping my son and his son with their wedding

    • Timber009

      That was supposed to be helping my son and his fiancé with their wedding

      • Val

        The first way was more interesting! ;)

  • Eastwestfamilyfarm

    We are going to continue to work towards being self sustaining by raising, growing and making everything we eat.

  • Lizzie

    Try not to melt in the heat :)

  • Lisa_b

    I’m trying to move to a new city. And hopefully some roller coaster riding with the kids.

  • CLara

    Finish my volunteer program and then intern at a theatre… oh and bake and play with my puppy :-)

  • Christie Turner

    Lay in the Sun and drink margaritas!!

  • jєssîcα ℓÿnn

    Moving to a new city, to start over new, with two of my closest friends. Oh, not to mention quitting my job to go to culinary school, like I have wanted to do since I was 11 (And am now 24). This summer is going to be EPIC for me, and I have never been more excited for the next part of my life.

  • Angiesmith88

    Spending every moment I can with my kids and loving it!

  • Michael

    I’m laying in the cool grass with a plate of madeleines and reading Rumi to my lover.

  • Renee Travins Carter

    Hopefully finding love. :)

  • Bernice

    I’m going to spend my summer cooking for the ones I love.

  • Skachic110

    Me and my boyfriend are going to Peru to celebrate my parent ‘s 50th wedding anniversary. So excited!

  • Gilley79

    Remodeling and fixing up my grand parents home. Stating a new chapter in my life.
    With my bestfriend. My love .

  • Jessica

    I’m going to finally give myself more alone time. I’ve been so kept up in everyone elses world that I’ve forgotten where I stand with my own! Cooking, reading, jamming; all introverted, but exactly what I will deserve in the warm sun.

  • Katie B.

    Drinking summer beer, eating ice cream and exploring the wonderful city of Buffalo!

  • Christine

    Be all artsy-fartsy and make lots of frozen coffee drinks and ice cream (:

  • Holly

    Taking photos of my hummingbird couple at their feeder with my new telephoto lens. BTW I’ve been a tastespotting fan for years. Love it!

  • Anahita

    Enjoying my last summer as a graduate student, celebrating the fourth year of meeting my soul mate, and trying new recipes. 

  • Susan Nguyen

    Rereading all of my favorite childhood books and reading all of the classics. Also, baking of course!

  • Pamela Yu

    Can’t wait to soak up the longer days and catch some outdoor movies, take a trip to SF/Napa and hit up some concerts!

  • Emilykaylor

    This summer i will be Bakin’ my husband and I’s first child! Im sure there will be lots more mixed in there, but that’s the most important part!

  • Kathleen

    more ME time.. <3

  • Sarah Elizabeth

    This summer I’m going to have fun and make money… and bake! 

  • Onanku001

    Working hard on sharing the love and passing the deliciousness that comes from all the summer farmers’ market goodness!  

  • Lorie Kirksey

    Relax and enjoy life… And cook!

  • Andrea Boujoukos

    I am going to catalog my cookbook library and spend more time experimenting with new recipes!! Also plan to utilize my freezer more with all kinds of stuff and maybe if I am adventurous will start doing some canning with all the summer farm fresh fruit and veggies!!!

  • Sarah

    I’m heading to the beach in a few days and can’t wait to eat ice cream for every meal and read all day!

  • Brittany Nowak

    Work, research, cook, eat, drink, be merry.

  • Jess N

    hold picnic in the park with loved ones and my cat! :3

  • tessamom

    Getting through wedding season with my sanity intact – we’ll see how it goes.

  • Yooly

    Taking baking classes at the culinary institute!

  • Mark Gisi

    Workin away, as usual, on my own blog,, at my company,

  • Riley

    keep my garden alive and cherish its bounty.

  • Nathan Carrabba

      Hanging out with my new boyfriend, getting back into the kitchen and starting up my new food blog!

  • Aeezzell

    I’m going to make my life wonderful. New job, becoming a runner, and finishing this first year of marriage with flying colors.

  • emilysummach

    Camping, camping and more camping!

  • Eugena Gunderson

    Creating, exploring, & adventuring .

  • Ekamm

    Take organic chemistry and quantitative chemistry plus work…YUCK!!!!

  • Jo

    Perfect the art of the perfect carrot cake-cheesecake. And the perfect bananna cake-cheesecake, and the brownie – cheesecake… I think you get the gist ;)

  • Cliffordmelissa

    im riding my motorcycle, spending time with my family, and going to the beach as much as possible….ahhhh, summer!!

  • Cheryl

    Renovating our home, experimenting with more food…which leads to more eating!

  • Lilyeatsbugs

    Travel to Japan and Riot Fest in Chicago! Lots of love for music and culture. :D

  • Alanna D

    Building a portfolio, finding a job. And of course having fun and going to as many festivals as possible. Gotta make the most of what could be my last summer in the city of festivals.

  • 2denominations

    Spending as much time as I can with my handsome soldier and other family and friends! Always entertaining and cooking up something delicious.

  • Jamee S.

    I’m going to be watching my daughter swim her heart out on the local swim team. She’s 7 and she will be 8 the day this contest ends. :) I bet she’d love an ice blue Kitchen Aid stand mixer. It’s her favorite color. :)


    I will be spending my summer
    preparing the room for my first child.

  • Lara Levy

    I’m moving to a new town and starting a new job. I love my work and I can’t wait for the new adventures! 

  • Dan

    I will be making delicious food all summer. This mixer would certainly help ;) 

  • Neenayoon

    After summer school in going to try and do a bake sale in my neighborhood!!

  • Stephanie

    Spend time with my baby boy (his first!) before I go back to school in the fall.

  • Dana Willett

    Learn how to love myself again.

  • Tuesday H

    Drink prosecco, eat oysters, ride my bike and have picnics by the lake

  • cindy y.

    Nothing much… Internship hopefully!

  • literarymom

    Reading Les Miserables before going to the musical in August, enjoying family times outdoors, putting order into our house, planning our next school year with Tapestry of Grace curriculum…thanks for this opportunity to trade in my trusty, but tired handheld mixer for something much nicer :)

  • Laurel

    Bouncing between hot hot Phoenix and cool San Francisco. Discovering as many new foods and drinks as I can.

  • Hlenz

    Staying out of the heat first. I just moved to a new apartment and have some time to bake goodies for my friends and family. I love baking things and experimenting with new little bites and cakes.

  • Finn

    Good food, good drink, good company- and I’ll love every minute~

  • Lisatamaye

    Going to cherish my 2 boys (that I did not put in any sort of camp).  Nothing like the summer for good ole’ family fun and loving on one another.

  • Maurice

     Do something adventurous like learn to fly an airplane.

  • Monica

    I plan to eat great food, enjoy the company of good friends, and work on my personal 5 year plan.

  • Merry Maclellan

    Make lots of sangria!

  • Maddy

    I’ll be spending a lot of time at the cabin, with friends and family… which really means I’ll be cooking my heart out, as I usually am in charge of feeding everyone! 

  • Valerie

    Starting my second quarter at culinary school!

  • Diana

    This summer I’m going to work, play, and be thankful for my amazing boyfriend (who even eats my kitchen disasters!).

  • Amy Z.

    Getting married in August at Boston’s Harvard Arboretum! I can’t think of a better summer of love and family!

  • DeMonika Daniels

     I’m gonna bake lots of sweets to take around and give away! Chocolate cupcakes, Lemonade cupcakes, and all types of cookies! Basically my favorites to share with the people around me. At like day cares for the kids and nursing homes for the elderly and just for my family too! I would love that mixer though I’ve always wanted one but being in my situation, I’ll probably be dreaming even longer :( ! 

  • Amelia

    I’m going to be seeing my boyfriend again after being on different continents for three months!

  • Chana Lewis

    Hopefully find my first ever nursing job, should God will it in this challenging market…. 

  • Ariel N.

    Spend a lot of time cooking and tasting all the food I can manage.

  • Phu*O*n9

    Spread the love of summer.

  • Richard R. Smith

    I’m moving from being a lifelong New Englander to Southern Louisiana with the love of my life and my wonderful two kids.

  • Samantha Neff

    This summer of love I will welcome my first niece into the world. Additionally, I’ll be taking my first trip to Disney with the love of my life. In between, we’ll entertain friends and family under lovely South Carolina sun.

  • Nathalie

    My husband and I are producing a show together called The Real Drunk Housewives of the San Fernando Valley.  So this summer of love we will be working together and loving every second of it….hopefully! :)

  • Amber L Stosz

    I am going to love myself by getting things back on track and find a way to get my BA and find an affordable place to live and  a better paying job. The love myself summer with a little help from some loving family too.

  • Paula Messinger

    Going to the beach!

  • Anita Murray

    I’m going to learn to cook more with Arugula – it’s all over my raised beds : )

  • Andra

    My husband and I are going on a quest to find at least one good restaurant in the town we’ve lived in for the past 11 years before we move out of state. 

  • Gabriella Csanyi

    I will graduate in a month, so now i’m studying non-stop but after that I try to focus more on my tan ;)

  • Karyn McKinnon

    Spending every weekend photographing weddings so I can save up (time & money) to spend on my personal photography projects, i.e learning to food style & shoot as much as possible!  Thanks for the giveaway!  :)

  • Huyen

    I’m going to the Olympics! For once I can wave the American flag proudly in a European country!

  • Marilyn

    I’m going to buy a new sewing machine and start more sewing projects! AND start using my new KitchenAid mixer that I will win from you!

  • Stef

    Spend lots of time at the park playing pretend sushi restaurant with my son.

  • chrys

    Get as close to water as possible and read as much as I can!

  • A Lucia Estrella

    Letting love take me where it wants to. 

  • Jscoward1

    My 24-year-old daughter returns from a 11-month missions trip next week (where she has been serving in 11 different countries)! She loves to cook, and so do I. She has been eating mostly bland foods in remote and very poor communities unlike what one might expect. We look forward to being able to prepare exciting new recipes together and would so enjoy this Kitchen Aid mixer in my daughter’s very favorite color! (Photo of my daughter taking care of one of the little girls in the Philippines.)

  • CST

    I’m going to eat as many fresh fruits and vegetables as I can find, and try to find a good swimming hole near my new neighborhood!

  • Marion Myers

    My daughter is spending this first summer after her freshman year in college in Canada on a horse breeding farm, so I am missing her terribly.  Really, the only thing that got me through her moving to another state for college (5 hours away!) was the fact she’d be home the entire summer!  (sigh) oh well, I’m excited for her and the opportunities she is creating for herself!  So I guess I will spend my summer baking, blogging, and eating all the yummies! Oh and I’m going across the country to Seattle for a week – yay! Looking forward to hiking a couple days on Mt. Rainier and then spending a few days in the city exploring!  I love the ice blue color on the mixer too, and I still read your blog – thanks for all the delicious posts!

  • Jolie

    Continue to learn to cook: discover new ingredients, experiment  with different recipes, and post all of my cooking adventures on my new food blog! :)

  • Pearl

    Enjoy that beautiful limbo between graduating from college and entering the real world this fall!

  • Kathy Sucherman

    Gardening and cooking, what else.

  • Noei

    The apple of my eye is turning two this summer. I would like to teach her the joy of baking & cooking as well as appreciating the simplest things in life. I hope she will continue to grow well, smart & more adorable everyday.She is the reason my heart skips a beat. She made me a better person & mom. I am
    thankful to the Almighty for giving us the bestest gift of life in a form of a jocund & an inquisitive lil person. Naeema, Mamma loves you very much.

  • Shumaila

    I am going to get back into my pre marriage body shape! Another 20 pounds to go!!:)

  • Wgfoodie

    Take advantage of all the fresh, locally grown produce!

  • Erica Klein

    crafting, cooking, and watching the olympics!

  • Paula Evans

    Working out consistently so I can be “bootylicious” by FALL (since summer started today and I’m not there yet).  :-)

  • Sarah Bowers

    I am in Charlotte, learning more about poverty and trying to help the impoverished.

  • LW

    bake bake bake! bake for a tea party, bake for the wonderful friends, bake for me-time, bake for the chocoholic father, bake for trying all the recipes that ive been wanting to try and bake for the ever supportive boyfriend. 

  • Pancake Ninja

     Wear out my camera

  • Sarah

    Studying for the Bar but also enjoying some country concerts :-)

  • Alana

    Spend quality time with my family and friends before I go away

  • NomadicRachael

    Make lots of cookies, hopefully :)

  • Melissa Reinhardt

    Getting married!!!

  • Aysha Valkema

    Sun soak, eat everything, photograph, and cherish time with family and friends.

  • Jocelyn

    I’m getting married :)

  • Milliee Fox Rupp

    Perfect my cake and cupcake making skills, that is after playing out side as much as possible with my daughter :)

  • May N.

    Change myself :) I want to be more mature than now ….
    Also….I am going to bake a cake for my friend’s birthday and some cookies for my family , yummy ! <3

  • Kendra

    I am going to train for two things: my first competitive 5k and something my sister and I have decided to call “Fat Day”: a day in which we eat whatever we want for 24 hours.

  • Tammy

    Celebrating my wedding Anniversary the day after your contest ends :-) and spending time with family.

  • Amaerin

    Getting through a Summer internship so I can graduate from college in August!

  • Weissan

    Send my boys to camp.

  • JuliaC

    Spending time with family and then……celebrating our anniversary in Mexico!!

  • Samantha Scofield

    bake and look for a job!

  • Anya

    Spending time with my family; founding the equine rescue non-profit org. and spending more time with my family. 

  • Alyssa A

    Improve my skills in baking, art crafts and in music! I’d love to spend time making myself better. For how can I give what I do not have…I have to love myself to make my loving much better!

  • NConnolly

    I’m going to cook a lot of new dishes, brew up some refreshing beers, and spend lots of time with my friends

  • Deena

    Working and making baked goods for the jimmyfund! those kids deserve everything and more!

  • Hannahsized

    I have summer school. I would love to get some baking/cooking done as stress-relief ;)

  • Vanessa

    Take photos, attend some weddings and keep plugging away at my job as a baker.

  • Rod

    I’m hoping to use my new found love for all things baking. My partner is coming to visit this August and I’m eyeballing rhubarb strawberry pie.

  • Kari Morrison

    I’m going to be making lots of crafty projects..and learning some new recipes that don’t require turning on more heat!

  • Tinanikfarjam

    I’m going to enjoy beautiful santa cruz!

  • aditi

    spending a summer reading under the trees :)

  • esseppis

    Celebrate my birthday… on June 27th!  for real!

  • Kali Bliss Bush-Vineberg

    hopefully fall in love

  • Dunn

    Learning how to cook with as many fresh, local ingredients (including fish!) as I can get my hands on!

  • Lisa M

    Moving in to my first apartment!

  • Kayla Elizabeth Levine

    Living life, enjoying the weather, and having fun.

  • Mae

    Read as many books as I can and celebrate our 20th anniversary.

  • Aar8972

    I plan to spend the summer by the pool and also in the kitchen making delicious baked goods.

  • rebalikewo

    get on a plane to LA to see the pacific ocean. :)

  • OrangeCrush1970

    Spend time with the family on vacation in the Bahamas.

  • Mypieforyou

    Living a dream of having my own business. Makin’ delicious pies and selling them at the local farmers’ market. See my page… ttps://
    People love them and I am selling all the pies each week.
    Also, my old KitchenAid is making  a funny clunking sound!

  • Somchay Edwards

    Cape may, pool, and Nantucket.

  • Kate Jones

    I am going to travel up the coast of california, making friends along the way. perhaps gather some driftwood in norcal for some craft projects. :)

  • Adc2134

    Changing jobs, and taking time between gigs to finish some paintings and start a sculpture.  

  • Leilani Techaira

    I will be dressed for love. Whether it come in the form of new friendships, new adventures, new places or a new person. I am ready. 

  • Leila

    Working…ugh. The real world. But I’ve just gotten serious about devoting more time to my new blog (! Yay!) and hopefully I’ll get to take a vacation or two ;)

  • Aslakson3

    Mix up some delish meals for the ones I Love :)

  • Marlana Cooley

    I’m going to take my family on lots of hikes, make lots of good food, and make lots of memories.  <3

  • Melissa Nordstrom Terry

    Sell lots of freshly roasted coffee at my local farmers market. And try to make some headway on my PhD when I can.

  • Sondi

    I am going to take most of the summer off to relax and heal, and write!

  • Carley

    fruity smoothies on hot days, swimming in lakes, visiting family!

  • Karen

    I’m going to love until it hurts. Meaning I’m hugging everyone until I leave a bruise. 

  • Jil

    I want to knit, knit a lot. Eat good, wholesome food because it’s the most therapeutic thing I can do for myself. I want to run, far and fast. I want to flirt and fall in like with someone. I want to reconnect with old friends and find new ones.

  • Photon99

    Start training to run a half marathon with our daughter and new son in law!

  • Karen

    Baking! We’ve gone gluten free and boy do I have a steep learning curve!!

  • Elaine Friedberg

    Move into a new apartment and get my DIY on to transform it!

  • Nichole Murawski

    I am only going to work part time so that I can spend time doing fun things with my 18 month old daughter and my husband before he goes off to officer training school.  (And hopefully making baby #2!!!)

  • Tiffany B

    This summer of love I’m going to get my first real job and I’m going to love it!

  • Joelle

    Me husband and I are going to go sailing on our new sailboat. It’s 30 feet long and a joy to sail as well as a great challenge. I also get to work in a new culinary environment (a small boat galley) and complete a bunch of new craft projects. I recently made new curtains for the boat and am currently working on cushions. 

  • Anika B

    Enjoying the final weeks of my semester abroad in Chile!!!!

  • Jessica

    doing what i love most with who i love most:  wine tasting and traveling around the country visiting family and friends.

  • Holly | Beyond Kimchee

    Happy birthday, Sarah!
    I am taking my family to the Rocky mountain for some outdoor fun. Living in cosmopolitan surrounding it’s been years since we have been camping out in the wilderness (?).

  • Jenny Lee

     Vacation with family! Then back to work.

  • Jahnvee

    I’m going to paint and photograph foods made from my kitchen. 

  • Tritia T.

    I will be looking for the best cheese steaks, cupcakes, and ice cream in the wonderful state of California! =] 

  • Sky

    eat deliciousness!

  • Ssipos

    Getting in shape.  Priority #1.  Side-bar, is that your freakishly cute Chihuahua?  I have one that looks very similar!

  • Janeleger

    I am going to win an ice blue kitchenaid and head to the kitchen. 

  • Marla Ellis Avery

    Helping teach VBS. Going back to MD Anderson for my scans in July to get another GREAT report. Being blessed and thankful for every breath. Enjoying planning my daughters birthday in August she will be 3. Lots to do this summer and enjoying it all!

  • Carmen F.

    Sample wedding cake and share a backyard hammock with my sweetie.

  • Mary

    Train my new dog Howie!

  • Andie

    Remodeling my kitchen in preparation for my love to return in the fall :)

  • Rose C.

    I’m exercising like crazy and eating well; getting ready to start school full time after 30+ years….yay!

  • Colleen Madigan-Stockman

    I care give for a really sweet lady and just finished decorating a wedding last weekend in burlap and lace…lovely!

  • robin jones

    hosting lots of summer parties!

  • Kellynone32

    I’ve started running again.  I also plan to create a dog leash for my dogs and I plan to study for the MCAT

  • Hello Kitty

    Hide indoors to avoid the heat.

  • Karla_0526

    Spending my time in the place where it all started- San Francisco babyy!!

  • Sduca75

    Going to Napa with my hubby. First vacation since our honeymoon 10 years ago!

  • tbone

    hey this contest is awesome.  im planning to be swimming and playing frisbee (tossing disc)

  • Rebekah

    Grilling and eating a lot of ice cream!

  • Betty

     Relaxing and doing lots of things I don’t have enough time for during the school year! :)

  • TW

    Enjoy my first summer in Chicago

  • Lauren Ankele

    Cooking, working on my teaching content, and getting engaged to the love of my life! 

  • Millie Danes mom

    Move back home to Taos New Mexico where I moved from in 1993 while I was single to get my kids in what I perceived to be better schools, They are grown and gone and am expecting our first grandchild. Will be moving  with my new husband whom I have been happily married to for 5 years. We are building a food truck, plan on starting a Great Dane rescue and living happily in a town that has more love and spirit than I have ever seen. Feeling blessed and thought I would share….
    Nan T.

  • Vivian – vxdollface

    eat all the ice cream! and not feel guilty about it afterwards hehe

  • Molly

    Quitting my job to make my apothecary more full time…enjoying more time with friends and family…thanking God for my blessings!

  • DebbieB

    working way toooo much!

  • PaulaM

    Swimming at Cape Cod! & enjoining each week of my bountiful CSA. 

  • Kirra_80

    Hopefully get ready to have a baby!  

  • Reneejlyons81

    Home on maternity leave, closing on a new home, and hitting the beach for the 4th

  • Linda

    After recovering from a broken shoulder, I am going to start cooking for my husband again.  He did all the work for several months.

  • Eva

    Working and a vacation to a family wedding in Maine!

  • Nela

    I’m going to improve my relationship with my boyfriend this summer… we’ve been through a lot and this summer is the perfect chance for the both of us to be stress free and not always under each other’s skin. 

  • Ginny Schmid

    Baking lots of things! Cupcakes, cheesecakes, cakes, cookies etc. And of course enjoying time with my family and friends :)

  • Caity G.

    Busy with work in July, but hopefully some time for a beach trip in August!

  • IzieAnn

    This summer of love will be spent planning a wedding: I am getting married to my best friend of almost 7 years. We are relocating to our home state to spend time with family before the big day, and then we are off again, into the world! In the mean time, we plan to cook delicious meals for our families to show them our love and appreciation as we become one big family! 

  • Iluvmyhoneys

    when I’m not working, I will be spending time with my hubby and kids, and hopefully fixing up our new house we just bought!!

  • Sung Choi

    Quality time with my hot wife!

  • Jenn Morgan

    Getting ready to move half way across America to start grad school.

  • Casey Ann

    I’m going to be a new mom in a few weeks! I can’t imagine what I’ll be up to?! 

  • Pamw17

    Go on a trip with my honey!

  • Richard Huizar

    Work on my garden and harvest  as many fresh veggies as I can for my family.  Learn to can tomatoes, make salsa, and kale chips

  • Robin Bicknell

    Ride my super fantastic 6yo trekanner name “As You Wish” or Wishy (a 5yo named him :)  We went swimming in a nearby pond today after a trail ride – it was 95 in VT!

  • Branny

    Great giveaway.  I’m going to sleep in!

  • Jaime

    eat (and drink) my way through italy!

  • Camiecoffey

    Swimming and having fun in the sun every day!

  • wookietv

     Going on a 2-3 week roadtrip to discover the wondrous varieties of bbq in our country. Then bring back a plentiful amount of rubs and sauces to keep me going for the rest of the summer at home!

  • Neenayoon

    hopefully lots of baking with my new stand mixer ;) 

  • cutee_pie29

    go exploring through the province of Ontario… and taking photos along the way. Perhaps there will even be a very cute man in the car with me!

  • Sophia Li

    Hanging out with family and friends while enjoying Summer!!

  • Ive629

    Taking my kids to Disney and Sanible Island too.

  • Jazzymom1991

    I am going to San Francisco…with flowers in my hair.

  • Blueskyegrace

    I am going to revel in all that is summer. Trips to the river with homemade bread and jam, ripe strawberries and homegrown tomatoes. 

  • Cindy-oh

    volunteer, lounge, eat good food, cook, repeat :) 

  • Dididdit

    Telling every I love that I love them.

  • Adams_k

    I’m a teacher…so I am lucky enough to spend the summer with my 2 beautiful girls!

  • Darbanella

    I just got laid off.  If I win I’ll be redecorating my kitchen around this gorgeous mixer.

  • adek

    will be trying to find an awesome job!

  • Michelle

    Spending time on the verandah. Cool drinks, home made ice-cream and lazy reading!

  • kjmmn25

    Trying to stay cool and biking around town.

  • Betsy

    We are sharing  graduation activities with one grandson from high school and a granddaughter graduating from Notre Dame then on to wedding  parties and up coming wedding in August  for the granddaughter. The new mixer would be great for all my upcoming cooking and baking projects.My Kitchenaid mixer is at last 40 years old!!

  • khark

    My goal for this summer is to try new greens – any new greens I can get my hands on! I refuse to say no to something new!

  • Anna

    work, ride my horse and look for a job!

  • Jenfreygrl

    Spend time away with my husband at one of our favorite wineries that is having the grand opening to their new inn!!! 2nd night away in 3+ years!! (kids, anyone?!?!)…

  • Chima Nwanna

    Take summer classes

  • Danielle

    Working a lot but in my off time I’ll be reconnecting with my brother who has been in China all year teaching. Also hopefully cooking/baking up a storm with this amazing mixer that I’ve always wanted in a beautiful colour I just love!

  • Ariel

    Enjoy the sunshine and help my best friend plan her wedding! 

  • Whitney rector

    Spending as much time with my kids before they leave out if state for college . I do not look forward to empty nesting. :(

  • Ruta

    Visitong new places and learning new things.

  • Tiffiana

    Spend time with my sexy husband. And make some cookies with my new mixer. ;)

  • Laurengockley

    One word…watermelon

  • Natasha Montero


  • The Galley Gourmet

    Whoa– that might be the purtiest thing I ever saw!  More homemade marshmallows and ice cream sandwiches on the summer to do list with that beauty.  

  • Nkmontero14

    Im getting married this summer of L.OV.E!

  • Anasantosha

    I will be moving into a tiny little house next to a river in the middle of nature and living on my own for the first time ever. I will be single again after 32 years of marriage and family life with two beautiful sons. I will also have a garden for the first time and I’m looking forward to planting lots of flowers and growing some vegetables and herbs. And in the midst of all these big changes, exciting and scary in turns, I will also manage to figure out where in my tiny kitchen I will keep that gorgeous ice-blue Kitchen Aid mixer I’ve always dreamed of.

  • Brea Jeter

     Going on a trip to San Francisco by myself.

  • Mel

    work, visit my niece and prepare for a fall trip through italy!

  • Pauline A

    Bake and eat everything

  • from maggiesfarm

    How cool that you don’t have to scroll through 1000 comments to add your own–thank you!
    I plan to be a total slug this summer.  I may make it to the pool.  Once.

  • Jennifer

    Travel Europe and refuel my soul with friendships, laughter, and good food, of course! 

  • Angelme59

    Moving, starting a new job, and starting a new relationship :) :) :)

  • sandra

    this summer i plan to go camping and hiking!

  • Iceshatter

    learning to mix all the cocktails I love!

  • Casey McCabe

    I am going on a 10 day vacation to San Francisco for our anniversary and our birthdays. 

  • yehiii

    visit my grandparents in korea!!

  • pearl jones

    layin out by the pool. earnin monies for school. 

  • chubycookie

    Love isn’t just about loving a partner, but also about loving your friends and family. This summer I want to revamp myself. I want to improve myself as a friend, a daughter, and a sister. To say sorry to those I have offended and ask to be forgiven. To rebuild the broken relationship with my father, who I have neglected and disrespected. And most of all, to love the people around me unconditionally, looking past their mistakes and focusing how supportive they are for me. Love is also about loving myself. To put away the self-consciousness, the feeling that I’m not good enough. 

    These are harder said than done, but baby steps will eventually get me there. May this summer be a new chapter in my life.

  • Maria

    Road trip to the Rockies

  • Allison

    Directing a summer exchange program with a group of Belgians!

  • Greenk8ty

    Pursue my dream of getting into graduate school!

  • Jen

    making LOTS of cupcakes and other goodies for all of the lacrosse tournaments our daughter will be playing in this summer.  She’s a goalie and goalie’s rock! :)

  • Leann

    I am going to keep chipping away at nursing school and migrate back to the Mitten every now and then for some family time.

  • Hellokitkat04843

    Spending time with family and attending the wedding of my daughter’s best friend

  • Bexxhamilton

    Bask in the pool until I give birth come August!

  • Shanda Shick

    Lots of camping, beach trips, and hopefully baking up lots of yummy goodies with my kids …. with a Kitchenaid mixer, of course :)

    couponshanda (at) yahoo (dot) com

  • Nicole

    Going to some traveling to try different cuisines! Already went to Charleston, SC which was a completely different and delicious experience to my west coast mind and belly.

  • Vicky Leung

    Short trips here and there and just relaxing in between and enjoying the nice weather

  • Rmdatnk

    I am cooking low fat, locally grown, organic grains and veggies. Yum

  • Rubyryderattire

    Spending time w my kiddies making lots of memories!!

  • Jen

    This summer I will make popsicles in every color of the rainbow :-)

  • Kcbuckeye

    Enjoying summer with my son before he heads to kindergarten in August… And maybe reprinting the kitchen if I’m lucky to win the beautiful blue stand mixer!

  • emilyhanhan

    A summer of love is made for beach weekends.

  • Audrey_chua

    Spending quality time with my boy before going back to work. And try new dishes. Love your site, keep it handy whenever I need to get cooking inspiration!

  • Monica

    Keep my garden alive long enough to harvest some veggies!!

  • Robert

    Do some soul searching and take stock of where I am versus where I want to be.

  • Morgan

    Flying back to my home town with my daughter to get a FIVE generation picture!

  • Brittdunn88

    Plan my wedding and my best friends wedding! and go to camp as a counselor for 100 junior high kids! CANT WAIT!!!! (getting some baking in would be nice with a new kitchen aid too!)

  • Kristin K.

    Going to Cedar Point! And making things with the new mixer you’re going to give me! ;)

  • Rachel S Shur

    Warming my new apartment in Brooklyn with delicious baded goodies!

  • jerkstore11

    Grilling, beer drinking, and getting waaaay too sunburnt again.

  • Lifeissweet


  • Lionel9x

    Hi, I’m really grateful that I’ve got a chance to enter this contest, how generous of you :)
    For the question, I think I will try to bake every occasion possible, I’m trying to be a pastry chef in the future and your stand mixer would help me a lot. Thanks. :)

  • Pdobrenov

    I will spend the time making my hungarian grandmothers 200 year old cake recipes with my two boys. Our ‘kitchen’ time together is priceless, we bond with each other this way. I want my boys to know that it is important to cook and share laughs with family and friends over good food. Not enough fathers spend quality time with their kids.

    Peter Dobrenov

  • Megan J

    anxiously waiting for my first “real”job :)  Teaching in the fall!

  • Emily Grace

    Hopefully reading and dancing a lot!

  • Lauren

    Spending time with my brand new husband and brand new puppy!!

  • Kcresta68

    Spending time with my family and starting a new job.

  • Nessia

    either quitting this job, and find a better one *finger crossed* or going to enroll to culinary school


    I’m taking the summer off from school to spend some much needed time with my kids and husband.

  • Tricia J.

    For this summer of love I will be adjusting to working full-time as opposed to the part-time status I was enjoying, and trying to enjoy some time with my teens – if there is even such a thing as alone time with a teenager. Be that as it may, I welcome what and wherever this summer takes me!! :)

  • Amy A

    I am spending summer with my family hanging out, relaxing, and going to the beach!!!

  • Kait Payne

    I am going to fly across the country with my love to backpack our way around Crater Lake in Oregon with two of my very best friends. And in just two short weeks, too!!

  • Koekjegirl

    I’m going to spend this summer of love… Falling in love. I met the most wonderful man 5 months ago, and I bet we’re married before the year is out!

  • H.R.M

    Walking, Yoga, Reading,Baking and cleaning out my Grandmother’s house cool blog!

  • Elizabeth Stephan

    Going to Seattle to help take care of my grandma who had a stroke several months ago and staying there until my cousin’s wedding in September. Then I get to drive back to sunny California just in time for my birthday.

  • hMpipe

    Working at a pregnancy center for women, traveling to central America for a mission trip, and moving to New Orleans, Louisiana!

  • Ann

     I’m starting a new job at a new summer camp as a camp assistant instead of a camp counselor. after four years of stress and being underpaid, i’m starting over somewhere new…. and i’m completing a 365 day what-did-you-cook/bake challenge! :)

  • Shifa on cooling your mind..patience :)

  • Sarah Yeoh Sui Leng

    I will be working on a book of family recipes including my own. It is for a dear friend who is like a sister to me..

  • Alyssa

    Spend as much time with my family and boyfriend, enjoying the beautiful weather and taking full advantage of the outdoor activities we have to do in VT!

  • Savannah

    This summer of love, I’m going to VISIT my love! And hopefully bring many lovely tasty goodies with me (last time it was macarons!)

  • Staci Hudy

    Job searching!

  • Lkfatland

    I am going to continue falling in love with Southeast Asia and the man I met here!

  • Ashea

    Studying for my big test.

  • j3nn

    I’m going to be setting up the kitchen in our new house that we just moved into a few weeks ago. Can’t wait!!!

    This blue mixer is drop dead gorgeous!! OMG. Love it.

  • Corbie

    the hubby and i just moved to the coast this spring so our summer days will be filled with discovering all the places to see, cooking up batches of fresh seafood and buying horrendous amounts of fresh fruit tk make cupcakes with :-D

  • Jen

    Making sure mother earth and my family and friends know how much I love them, by spending as much time as possible with them, outside.

  • Cecelia Gonzales Pulido

    This summer I’ll be doing an interior makeover for every room in my house!

  • Tif

    work less and play more with my friends and bf!

  • Katherine

    Working my new job, visiting friends and family “back home,” and looking for the perfect house to buy… the one that will look even better with this mixer in the kitchen!!

  • Joanne90

    Hopefully survive summer quarter in college, with a touch of baking when time permits!

  • Lauren Stiteler

    I’ll be spending most of my summer riding my new bike!  I haven’t rode a bike since I was a kid and just bought one this week.

  • Maureen

    Interning as an aquarist at the Long Beach aquarium (which you all should visit!) and being able to scuba dive in the tanks!

  • Cara

    I’m spending my summer loving my adorable doggy! The sweetest golden retriever, who enthusiastically eats anything offered to her (but has a special taste for watermelon!)!

  • Ramseycookie

    Summer day camp for the kids, hanging out at the pool, 4th of July party, weekend trips on get aways for fun at amusement parks, baseball games, visiting family, and a summer wrap up with a week long trip up to Maine…Ahhh it doesn’t get any better then that.

  • Shawalls

    Soak up the Hawaiian sun before moving to Boston

  • Kris Mullen

    I’m going to spend a few weekends camping!

  • Allison Skinner

    Cooking, practicing my green thumb, and spending quality time with my wonderful boyfriend. 

  • Molly Carroll

    Working lots, getting married and searching for an apartment. :)

  • KMN

    Beach time with my husband and our two girls.

  • Emré Deveci

    I am going back home to Turkey for good after staying in the USA for 6 years. I can’t wait to have a great time with my famiy!

  • Lolo02_

    Submit my thesis, get my masters, go to Greece for fun and for a conference and spend lots of time cooking with fresh, seasonal ingredients!

  • Trudie

    Lots of time at the beach, lots of kids sports, and lots of reading and relaxing!

  • luvsfood

    Having adventures in cooking as I will have time for a change. Lemon mousse is up first.

  • Melissa

    I will be doing a lot of house projects (painting, mostly) and prepping to go back to school after a 10-year hiatus. 

    foodforthebees AT

  • Kate

    I’m going to take a road trip to Oregon, go hiking, and plan an epic two-month journey around the US with my husband.

  • Tara P.

    Work work work.. but hopefully getting in some fun activities with the family in between :)

  • Sarahstuder

    Get as much sun as the Seattle summer will allow!

  • Pisces_t2h

    I think i will enjoy holiday w my love, try and test a lot of recipes. :-) and master the puff patry! :))

  • Xanthippe Schwartz

    Support this area’s (central California coastal region) small farms by partaking of the copious bounty at our local farmers’ markets.

  • Alison Mutter

    Try to stay cool. 

  • Jessica Bush

    I am going to go to Disney World for a week with my boyfriend.  :)

  • missysha

    I live in Washington and I will sun every one of the four days of sunshine :)

  • randomentry33

    Sailing, biking and picnics.  Also known as enjoying the outdoors!

  • Kylie

    Cook and bake up a storm for the love of my life. 

  • Marla

    I am going to love, love, and love some more! Love my babies, love the weather (rain or shine), love the present. But I’m also loving the future too; we are going strawberry picking tomorrow with great friends. This is what my summer is all about. Lying low, going with the flow.. Wait- what year is it, 1969?!? Eh, no matter. It’s summer…

  • Rachel

    This is the summer of me before a milestone birthday this winter. I am getting into shape, getting rid of all the extra stuff I have accumulated over the years (actual stuff and mental stuff) and training my kitties how to use a human toilet. I’m tired of dealing with a litter box. ha :) The ice blue color of the mixer is wonderful and matches the new sofa I just bought. (For all my mixing endeavors that will happen in the living room…) Happy summer of love to you!

  • Marki

    Hang out with my family, eating and sleeping under the stars.

  • Tarynkelly

    summer of love: i’m actually trying to re-discover the single life, being newly single myself. that doesn’t stop me from visiting slash loving tastespotting tho and checking out recipes on the daily. yeah i cook for myself when no one’s looking, and then peeps at work are jealous of my lunches. it’s all good. summer of love, baby!

  • Kerrye

    I’m helping my daughter move so she can start her first year of university.. .  So I’ll be very sad and having a bit of that “empty nest” thing happening. 

  • Casey T

    I am going to DIsneyWorld!

  • Pereza

    I’m moving to a new city and starting a job as a brand new nurse!

  • Roan M

    Less work more play! Beach, BBQs, camping trips, all with the people I love! :D

  • Sarah Lafo Rose

    Packing up the kids and hitting the beach as much as we can!

  • Carmen

    Spending time with my husband and little girl – watching her explore the world now that she’s old enough to go places (quickly!)

  • Jessica Iser

    i’ll be taking many, many trips to see my boyfriend!

  • Katherine

    Drive-in movies, concerts, beach, spending time with family..

  • Mccarthyeden

    My boyfriend and I are renovating our new home.

  • Leahweinberg

    I am going to be a bridesmaid at a good friends wedding :) 

  • Sarah

    Working and going to two of my friend’s weddings.

  • Yiannab

     Heading to North Carolina to spend a week on the beach!

  • Elizabeth Eklund

     Finishing my first semester at nursing school

  • Laney

    i will be making sandwiches for money and spending 100% of the rest of the time i have with the boy who makes me so happy :)

  • Aimee

    Vacation, vacation, vacation and hopefully skydiving.

  • Vista Miller

    Playing with my boys

  • Shelly T.

    We are enjoying the beautiful weather and being outside.

  • carlsberg_lettuce

    I am marring my best friend. 

  • NikRansom

    Travel to the Outer Banks and San Francisco with the family and look into a new career path. One that involves making a difference.

  • Anna Goldberg

    Oh so many things to do and so little time. I can’t believe it’s already the end of June! I need to strip the paint off of all my window frames, sand them down and paint them (right now they sport 80 years of chipping/peeling paint layers). I need to make 150 jars of jam for favors for a friend’s wedding. I need to survive the insane 50 mile bike ride I signed up for to raise money for MS. I need to NOT get 2nd degree sunburn….and somehow get rid of the farmers tan and capri tan I’ve already got going on. I need to bake my way through my growing list of recipes pulled from magazines, dogeared from books, and bookmarked from blogs (like this one ;) ). I need to make it to at least one of the movies in the park that the city of Chicago still sponsors. I need to finally finish the 4 quilts I’m working on for Downy’s quilts for kids, and somehow finish the one t-shirt quilt I’ve started for myself. I need to find time to enjoy several bottles of chilled wine with friends on the patio (preferably spread over several nights). My this is turning into quite a todo list….and July is almost here! Sigh. Anyways, my poor silver kitchenaid that my friends all pitched in and got me for my housewarming is on it’s last leg. The poor thing wobbles all over the counter trying to jump off and a new one would be just lovely, so I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed…..which will make it awefully hard to cross things off of my todo list ;)

  • Picassocat4

    I am making it the summer of loving myself doing all things that to improve me, my quality of life so I can be a greater person for those I love!

  • Amelia

    Helping my son decide what colleges to apply to in the fall.

  • Jubes

    Lots of camping and swimming in the pool!

  • Annie Bakopoulos

    This summer of love, I will waste no time. I will cherish every moment possible spent with loved ones and friends. I will worry less and smile more.

  • Bewholesome

    Start a bakery! This mixer would help since I’ve used and abused mine =(

  • Hmorozov

    Spending time with grandchildren and hopefully making some clothes for them too

  • Katie

    Hopefully I’ll be able to travel a bit and see some of my extended family. My cousin is a caterer and we’re planning on trying to perfect my pizza dough recipe together. 

  • Kyle

    I’m looking to buy a house with my love.  And a new mixer would be amazing in it!

  • Lenalewey

    Starting over…spending great time with my siblings, nieces, nephews, father…remembering and treasuring my Mum and her wonderful spirit and cooking with her…finding someone to love

  • Kat P

    Heading to Bali with my friends on our first out-of-the-country getaway :)

  • Carter84

    Working in the ER, summer weddings, the drive-in, enjoying this new city!!

  • Fish Wong

    my love one propose to me at Bali, and we enjoying the wind blowing at the beach.

  • Amberdoan75

    I am going on a much needed vacation to Destin Florida with my family to celebrate
    my son and step-daughter graduating from high school. My husband and I just got
    married in November so this is our first official family vacation.

  • CatChenkus

    Moving in a week, which we all know is the worst, so everything after that is relaxing! Love the color, hope I win!! : )

  • Allison

    I’ll be spending my summer cooking and discovering a lot of new recipes as well as preparing for my last year of college!

  • Samuel Lau

    Listening to Pet Sounds exclusively

  • Etoms

    Going on my honeymoon! And spending the summer learning to bake… 

  • Christine

    Spend time with my family (and extended family) for the first time in over two years.  Shop at the farmers’ markets and cook yummy food with my partner.  Take long walks to the park with my dog.  Eat, drink and be merry with my friends.

  • Kyla Steinmeyer

    I”m going to make lots of new salad recipes by stealing produce from my mom’s garden :)

  • julia

    beach, beach, beach!

  • El and the Random Hedgehog

    I am going to kiss my husband. I will frolic somewhere – even if it’s just my backyard and I’m watering the veggies. I am teaching fitness classes for others and taking yoga classes for me. I will play with my dogs and admire their funny napping habits. I might bake some bread and try a new recipe now that I’ve cracked the code on bread-making. I will bring my mom some of the lemon ice cream I made that she loves especially since I promised I won’t eat all of it before she ges some. Basically, the usual stuff. Just with the joy of summer, long sunny days (or, well, the ones we get here in rainy Pittsburgh), warm sultry nights and flip flops thrown in. ‘Cause life is better with flip flops on your feet.

  • Feureau

    This summer of Love, I’m going to take some summer classes and hopefully, finally, get my dream of opening a bakery realized. *crosses finger*

  • Eliza Adam

    go to Grand Canyon with family!

  • Alejandra

    Taking some time off to spend with my family, cooking and baking and generally just enjoying life :)

  • Lizzyliles

    This summer of love I will tour with my band across the usa and try as many new restaurants as I can!

  • Cait

    baking, running, and yeah, I guess working a bit!

  • Abbie Steiner

    I am growing a beautiful garden and sharing its bounty with everyone that I love.

  • Robin Trahan

    Im getting my cheesecake business up and going. Best cheesecakes ever, I guarantee, I will absolutely send you one. Ah! the joy I get from baking , I love it!

  • laz

    Having lots of dinner parties.

  • antevorta

    Taking care of pre-mature babies in the intensive care unit and getting married!

  • lace

    I’m going to spend as much time in the hammock with my nieces playing the “cloud” game (where you guess shapes in the clouds)

  • Kirsten Delay

    excavating an archaeological site in Pueru!

  • Michelle

    dream of kitchenaid stand mixers!

  • Sarah

    learn how to build a business and re-fall in love with my career.  <3

  • Lposey1990

    This summer I am fighting and praying to win my battle against cancer (Melanoma) and spending time with my family and friends!

  • shayna

    Spent with my family and boyfriend cooking; waiting for my technician license. (:

  • christine

    I will be working at a thrift store while trying to find my first teaching job.

  • allana

    this summer I am going to love some sun, patios, friends, free time, cottages, ice cream and bodies of water because I’m starting my PhD in September and things are gonna get a whole lot crazier (errr… I mean interesting? Scholarly?)

  • C Clarstrom

    I will enjoy spending  time with my two young boys and my most loving husband. As always we will make the most of the life we have and enjoy the present. 

  • Robert-Christian Sanchez

    This summer of love, I’ll be spending as much time with my best friend. :)

  • Patricia Wojnar Crowley

    We’re taking a trip to Washington DC…can’t wait!

  • inga

    Work, sleep, cook, eat, beach, bike, read, laugh.

  • Kathykal

    Vacation on the islands of Croatia. Then come home and make all of the recipes I’ve learned while there with my Beautiful Blue Kitchenaid Stand Mixer!

  • Erin Badough

    eat less frosting and more brownies.  and find ways to make them really fudgey… and maybe given in and buy an ice cream maker.

  • Rday2010

    Learning a new recipe every week to try and make for my loving family! 

  • Marjorie

    I learned to love cooking with my mother, and in the 1950’s she was something. I once asked her how and why she learned to be such a great cook.Marjorie E. Johnston (nee smith) told her daughter (moi) that she loved to eat, so she had to learn to do it well. She did, she got Gourmet magazine every month from the time it came out until she died. I went through one dresser full of recipes, and I still have one box to read. It has been 30+ years since she slipped away. What a gift she gave me, I shared that gift with my future husband, my kids and lots of friends. I learnt to enjoy reading those magazines. I still purchase far more then I should. Every chance I get, I look for good ideas, recipes, and yes even decorating I apologize. BUT, weather it is a feast for the taste buds, or the eye however i dine…I want to do it in style. I have for a long time craved a Kitchen Aid mixer, and blue is my favorite color. You know your gift will be appreciated, A LOT, thank you.
    Happy cooking always, and best wishes with your own new machine. Your site is assume.   

  • -K-敬☆

    Aw, thanks for hosting this amazing giveaway! 
    This summer I am pursuing my dreams of becoming a graphic designer. Hopefully I chose to follow the right path, but I guess time will tell! 

  • Ima Wurdibitsch

    Ah, this summer of love I will be living and loving my life to the very best of my abilities! If there is someone by my side, that will be great. If not, that will also be great.

  • ahnoi

    Its always summer all around in singapore!!

    But during this period, it’s gonna be the fasting month prior to the coming big Eid fest,
    so definitely lotsa special family dinners (cos we get to break our fast during dinner,we make it count by making everydinner special :D), lotsa baking & prepping of the house for the festival with the nieces , nephew & family.
    The streets will be dressed with pretty lights, apartments , albeit small in singapore, of those celebrating will be drenched with colorful lively fairy lights wired into pretty shapes .

    Ouh i love this time of the year!!!!

  • Khutsko

    I am moving in with my best friend from college!

  • Joanne Quinn

    Enjoying some free time before resuming grad school classes in the fall…this will include a trip to Bar Harbour, some long weekends in OCNJ & lots of trips to my local library for reading material I won’t have to write a paper on, including cookbooks!!

  • Sydnay

    puppy time!!

  • Wmamax3

    my kids are home all summer…I’ll will be trying to keep as much hair on my head as possible!!

  • h_anne

    Working on plans for my wedding in December and working! Super excited to be getting married :)

  • lettuce_help_you

    Spend time with my family and friends and live in the moment.

  • Marilene Bussiere

    Actually, my boyfriend and I just bought a beautiful home and we will be renovating and making sure we transform our new home into home sweet home! 

  • Monica Schmidt

    This summer of love, I will be using my new KitchenAid Stand Mixer (in Ice Blue) to celebrate Strawberry Cake Day on July 16th.  Every year my boyfriend and I have been dating, I make some type of strawberry/cake deliciousness on July 16th.. not quite sure how that specific date came about, but it works for us :) Unfortunately, this summer we are spending halfway across the country from each other.  I still plan on celebrating!  

  • jf

    Working to pay off college tuition!

  • Marisa Leigh

    Visiting my cousins in Denver – first time in 2 years we will see them :)

  • katie s.

    Enjoy some time painting and taking a break from school! I need to relax and not stress so much. 

  • Jkoroscil

    Watching my sweet daughter marvel at birds in the sky and dew drops in the garden.

  • Siri

    Catch up with my reading + cook, eat, blog! :-)

  • Nicole

    Divorcing my friend and falling in love with myself

  • Withinthekitchen- Ceecee

    Make cookies with my new kitchen aid!

  • Staticresponder

    I’m working my booty off in grad school . . . and I LOVE what I do!

  • j_dreez

    spending lots of time at the farmer’s market and in my kitchen loving the smells and tastes of summer!

  • Carrie Allton

    That ice blue looks delicious! This summer of love I am taking my family to San Diego for a week of fun and relaxation. Can’t wait!

  • Janieceg333

    I love teaching so I will be working at our school’s summer camp.

  • Matthew M

    traveling to mexico city to experience the culinary and cultural traditions.

  • Katya Mickelson

    I have big plans for this summer.

    1.      I
    am going to open a farmer’s market stand for gluten-free baking. My first
    fledgling step toward doing what I want to with my life! I couldn’t be happier,
    or more scared…

    2.      Being
    there for my fiancée as he goes through a hard time. He is always wonderful to
    me. I hope I can be equally wonderful to him.

  • AllieB

    I will trying to find a job, and when I’m not doing that, cooling off and drinking a Lone Star beer in one of Austin’s many watering holes.

  • alishmika

    I’m spending it relaxing with my family and simply trying to get my health back after being epileptic throughout my teens before my last year of university.

  • MomoChris

    I am fortunate enough to be the babysitter for my brand new grandson who was born 2 months pre-maturely and who continues to grow and thrive.  Additionally, I will be assisting my in-laws with their final move of their lifetime: to assistive living.  It is a very emotional summer for those I love so I am hoping to remain strong and (when there is a free moment) bake them yummy treats so share together.  Life seems to be showing us it’s full circle!

  • Keshiacarswell

    Beach it up, yoga, and eat ALL the things!

  • Lauren Koch

    Going to school, enjoying the sun, visiting new york.

  • Tawhite12

    climbing lots of mountains

  • ErinS

    I am finishing up my thesis and getting my Master’s degree. 

  • mhemani1

    working on cancer projects and falling deeply in love with a future doctor!

  • Ardala Evans

    This summer of love, my love is taking me to Catalina Island to celebrate my 50th birthday.

  • nancy s

    I am spending it with the loves of my life, my hubby and 2 kidlets & our doggie :)

  • Sauvageblue

    Cook, bake, garden & can to my hearts content….

  • Kim Bee

    I’m driving my son across the country to school. What better way to send him off than drive him. 

  • Jacqueline

    Love as much as I can on my family. I cherish so much these special summer months when we get to be together!

  • Kristina

    I’m going to pick lots of berries and make lots of jam (and jam filled goodies) so in the winter, I can have a little taste of summer.

  • Liana

    going to grad school to learn about becoming a teacher! and day dreaming in class about the things I could make with a lovely ice blue kitchenaid.

  • Ellyseschultz

    Making 150 tiny jars of raspberry jam for my wedding in September!

  • Skbrand

    Gettin tan bro!

  • Nanjoomail


  • Cathy

    This summer I am hoping to knit at least 20 little hats to donate to the local hospital for those wee babies that enter this world way too early.  I am running again in hopes to improve my health … oh and so I can look half decent in a new dress for my daughters wedding next June ;)  

  • I Wash You Dry

    I am moving my family to a bigger house this hot hot summer. But we are excited about the change and especially the new kitchen. This would be an awesome addition to the new place! Thanks for this fun little giveaway!

  • Jocwoods

    Road trip through Wisconsin.  Beer and cheese!

  • Megan

     I will be working and hopefully going on a few hikes with my husband and our new dog.  And experimenting with making different flavors for my home made ice cream!

  • Maria

    I  will make lots of goodies to my dear ones!

  • Cyndy

    I’m going to eat an avocado every day!

  • Matt Terrell

    I will love people for who they are, and not what the relationship says about me. 

  • Katie

    I’m without a job waiting for the fall semester to start in Chico. A mixer would certianly help chase the boredom away ;)

  • Eileen_Agosto

    Spending time with my  family. Running, cooking and relaxing

  • Hyosun Ro

    Road trips, cooking fresh ingredients, spend more fun time with the family…

  • Charlene

    I am going to tap into my creative side and attempt to make sushi diaper cakes for my four friends who are all expecting little boys in August :)…

  • Za_al4ouk

    just finished high school. taking classes at a local junior college, keeping up with my diet, and looking for new recipe to cook and bake for my hubby =). and baking for my church, family, and husband

  • Nicola

    Moving over to Hawaii all the way from Hong Kong! And of course, baking a lot!

  • Bhumika Talsania

    Make some yummy ice cream with my new ice cream maker!  :)

  • Florence Shih

    I will be chasing my two kids around..or they will be chasing me

  • Cmfaivre

    Taking some well-deserved time off after a pretty tough year.

  • Juliz127

    Going to the amazon rainforest!

  • Natalie

    Making tons of horchata!

  • Esteretse

    drawing caravaggio-esque portraits of dogs to decorate a doggy daycare center

  • Rssimpson

    Spending time with my wonderful loving husband and two sweet daughters.

  • Celeste

    moving into my first home!

  • Rhoda Sollazzo

    Enjoying the summer festivals!

  • Meg F.

    I am working on finishing my second degree and planning my wedding for next summer.

  • Lsheng

    I’m taking my family to Vegas!!!

  • Swzutler

    Going to Paris!

  • Ella

    I’m going to move into my new (rental) house this Summer, and this Kitchenaid mixer is exactly what it needs! It also just so happens to be my favorite color of all time and the exact color I would have chosen myself if I could afford one! :) You’re awesome for giving this away.

  • Rose79joseph

    Sorbet, icecreams with beautiful stone fruits available in the markets. 

  • Batoolh

    Try as many tastespotting dessert recipes as I can keeping in mind the availability of fresh produce.

  • mcabaj

    spending as much time outside as we can with little ones before it starts to snow again :)

  • chris f

    I’m going to the beach!

  • Connie Zhou

    bake cakes for everyones birthday and launch my online bakery business :)

  • Nautica

    hopefully getting my life together ;( after 27 years of life so far everything was going pretty well til up to roughly about 3 years ago. Some really unfortunate events happened one after another. Brings back bad memories just typing this.

  • Jane Ko

    Working on my food blog!

  • Christina

    I’m going to finally start my own food blog

  • Xenia Saldana

    Planning my wedding :)

  • Unchokei

    This is probably my last summer holiday! Gonna do whatever I want to do, bake, cook, learn music and meet my friends!

  • demaderios

    I am going to give the best cook I know and the love of my life this blender of awesomeness!

  • Joyce

    Training for a half marathon!

  • Veragently

    I am preparing to move to a different state!

  • tat

    I am helping my sister move out and getting my first summer job .

  • Oddperson6192

    Read all the books I have been meaning to read, and organize all my recipes into something that is not the mess it is.

  • Monika S.

    Working hard because of the trip in autumn to Italy!

  • jiewonb

    Falling deeper in love with my favorite city

  • Janispearl57

    Visiting my mom for her “piano key” birthday (88).

  • Linda

    SpEnding the summer between Austin and the San Francisco Bay Area.

  • Charyse

    Relaxing and not thinking about school until M2 year starts in August!

  • Shea D

    Juggling school, work, and clinicals while trying to still have a life.

  • Stephanie Chan

    I will be travelling to Thailand and Malaysia and can’t wait to eat all the street food while i’m there!

  • variant


  • Gcpappas

    Going to Greece for 10 days… Where the water is sometimes as blue as that beautiful kitchen aid mixer…. That I desperately need!

  • TheNicole

    Camping!!!  Fishing!!! Plenty of roasting marshmallows and slapping mosquitos!!

  • PJ Phillips

    Getting ready for my son’s wedding and loving every minute of it..

  • Oh Sakim

    This summer, I’m going to New York!

  • Kendra Hanson

    I am working my butt off and taking a nice (and much needed) vacation in NM!

  • Elaine Chang

    I’m learning how to bake macarons!

  • Sawsan@chef in disguise

    I am going on a road trip with my husband and kids to explore the country

  • Eva

    I plan to move out and begin new.

  • Paige

    Moving across the country to start a new culinary infused life with my boyfriend

  • Harry Richards

    Work hard on the turn our fixer-uper into a dream home for my family, gather friends for good food, good drinks and fine company and enjoy every possible moment watching my kids develop into amazing people!

  • Jennifer P.

    This summer of love, I’ll be welcoming my new nephew to the world! 

  • Deanna

    I will be spending time with my husband who is my favorite person in the whole world…and hopefully moving from our apartment into a house if all goes well!!

  • Serena Kim

    no plans yet ^^ just take one day at a time =]

  • sri

    i enjoy it with loads of ice creams and palying with my kiddo!

  • Sara

    working for my parents and cooking lots of delicious food!

  • Mary Beth Hunt

    Sitting on the deck of our house by the lake, drinking a Vodka Tonic with Lime and enjoying the fruits of my labor. :)

  • Lindsay Pericich

    Im working like a crazy person and then going to Canada for vacation with my two loves: my boyfriend and my corgi :)

  • Donna Preston

    We are having a friend visit, so we plan to take her to all the fun places So. Cal.  has to offer.

  • Loopymunky

    Beach and BBQ!

  • Tinna Chung

    gonna try to make guava filled pop tarts from scratch. :D

  • Lisa Johnson

    Win an Ice Blue KitchenAid Stand Mixer??!!  : )

  • Val

    I am starting an online magazine! Shameless plug :

  • Ellie Jessup

    Planting a garden & helping it grow with the love of my life in our first apartment together! Also snuggling our dog, Zeke, and working my tail off to make ends meet!

  • Lydia Scharon Sanders

    bake, bake, bake!  (oh and maybe some canning too!)

  • Ryan K

    Butchering, pickling, jam making, fishing & eating berries when I can.

  • Jamie

    I am celebrating 25 years of marriage to my soul mate. 

  • Jason

    I’ll be graduating from college! Cant wait to start my career as a baker once I win this stand mixer! :-)

  • Emily Koonse

    Teaching some classes and taking some classes – yay Summer School!

  • Jennifer Kannarr Marsaw

    I am trying to learn how to bake Gluten Free more for my hubby

  • Trixy

    I’m going to fall in love with someone or something

  • the_gluttongut_diary

    Eternal summer here where I live, tis the season for baking, sharing the goodies and spreading the joy!! Hopefully, in the celebration of summer, to find a place in my heart to forgive the wrong which has been done….

  • Jeanne Griffin

    I’m going to be planning and gathering recipes to open my own bakery!

  • tal spiegel

    im going to try and get a scholarship for a pastry program in france

  • malina syvoravong

    What am I going to do this summer of love? I hope to stop moping over guys that I’ll never have or stop thinking that I’ll never be with someone. I’m going to try to be more optimistic this summer or just enjoy being single (there’s nothing wrong with that!). 

  • Caprica Joy

    School, work, clinical rotations, family, life… reading Tastespotting and finding great blogs like yours :)

  • Erin Han

    San Diego and Vegas with my girlfriends from college. Making the best of it before starting grad school this fall. :)

  • Lucy Hill

    I will go to my bestfriend, bake her the most delicious cake I could ever make and give her my forgiveness.

  • Ericarountree

    Enjoying my son who will be turning one year old and all his crazy antics! :D

  • Mandy

    Work, travel, hangout with friends, and summer school.

  • skippygrl

    baking baking baking – my love.

  • emily

    what a beautiful question! i am going to spend it cherishing every minute i have before i actually have to grow up.. one semester left of college, one last summer. making memories is my plan :)

  • Samira

    I’m going to pick lots of elderberries, plums and strawberries, and make lots of jam

  • Alexa

    Moving into a new home, making it nice and cosy and start new traditions there: BBQs, picnics and cook-offs with my friends

  • Emilydawnbrad

    spend quality time with my family!!!

  • Shreena

    Work, concerts, travelling, movie nights with my best friends (<3), playing with my little sisters, looking after both my dad and my granddad and helping with recovery after their respective operations and finally hopefully not being too much of a nuisance for mum! Basically hanging out with the people I love =]

  • Blurbxblurb

    learn more recipes to cook with my boyfriend

  • Rachel Heinze

    I’m planning on taking all the kiddos to museums and parks and all kinds of fun places that I never did as a kiddo myself.

  • Ms Mallori Ann

    studying for my MCAT and getting ready to apply to med school.

  • Hana Stolarikova

    Enjoy the sun, cooking outside and try to spend a quality time with my family, especially our 51/2 year twin girls who absorb everything they see and do like a sponge. I absolutely love and adore the way they see this world :) 

  • mel

    I’m planning on cooking delicious meals that lead to relaxing evenings on my balcony with good company.

  • Austina611

     Garage sale, camp, shop garage sales for camping gear, camp again!

  • Devyani Sirur

    Moving into and setting up my first home with my husband. Home-owners at last…woohoo!!

  • Sam

    I am living and working in France to improve my french!

  • Sonia

    visit the most charming places in the world!

  • Claire Balsley

    I’m flying over 7000 miles to attend my sisters wedding. If that isn’t love, I really don’t know what is.

  • Steve2inLA

    I’ll put up about a gross of homemade preserves, bake a boat-load of pies, then rest.

  • Mullally51

    I’m buying a house.

  • Missphleo

    I am going have Disneyland .

  • Greenlikejuly22

    hang out with my dog!

  • Ani Pamukova

    I’ll enjoy our first summer vacation with our son! Something expected for years, a dream that came true! Happiness that will be doubled by the warmth of the summer, brightened by the sunshine and the smiles on our little miracle!

  • Weeksygirl

    Eat..pray and love…best use of any summer :)

  • cookiemonsterrr

    This summer I’ll be welcoming my new baby cousin into the world! :)

  • hjk

    visit with my cousin who was diagnosed with stage iv cancer.

  • Evelienscheelen

    My boyfriend and I are making a bicycletrip from Donaugeschingen (Germany) tot Begrado (Serbia).

  • Josephine Young

    Baking & eating everything because food is love (;

  • Ravenous Alaska

    I will be enjoying my garden and the fact my children want to play outside. It is our first warm summer (by Alaskan standards) in 3 years. We are all high on sunshine and I am loving that I get prime billing at our only local farm on Saturdays. I suddenly want to bake bread and goodies again.

  • Jennij_oh

    Hi, we’ll be camping around the Gargano promontory in italy. 

  • Sarah

    I will be giving birth to a beautiful baby boy.

  • Summer

    I’m goin to bake tons of breads cookies cakes and whatever I can make from the mixer!!! I’m just so addicted to cooking and this baby blue (or ice blue if you say so!) and I love seeing people enjoy eating my food :D

  • weezermonkey

    I’m going to travel and eat!  As usual. :)

  • rustedbrandy

    I will be swimming in the beautiful blue sea of greek islands, free camping and love making :)

  • Cuchi Square

    visit ibiza, the beautiful island  in the mediterranian sea

  • annagloria

    Reconnecting with and learning to love myself alone after the end of a relationship, getting outside in the sun when I can (west coast and all) and, this weekend, making ichigo daifuku. Does my love for strawberries and mochi count? ;) 

  • shelby

    Hiking a fourteener. 

  • Dturken

    I will try to publish my book!

  • Mshinobu

    This summer of love will be spent baking, eating with friends and family and playing with my dog. 

  • Lisa

    I plan on spending the summer working a lot, but in whatever free time I have… beach, carnivals, you-pick fruit farms, making homemade goodies for my two young sons, and anything else we can do together to enjoy the beautiful weather. This mixer is beautiful, it sure would come in handy for our days in the kitchen!

  • MacArthurbug

    This summer is our last here in rainy over cast somehow magical and disgusting remote Spangdahlem Germany. This is our last chance to (semi easily) tour Europe. We’re planning a trip to London, A girls trip to Euro Disney, A cave expedition, and a “scary” night drive through the Black Forest. I expected more from Germany, but this summer I plan to give my family their fill. 

  • Kalli

    Showing my love for everyone around me by feeding them and savoring every bite : )

  • Sassi

    I’m going to chill with my cats and my boyfriend all summer long and bake and play and move to a other house and, i hope so, adopt a dog from the local sheler :)t

  • Laurafr26

    drinking wine at the wonderful beaches in croatia!

  • maryc

    winning a new KitchenAid Stand Mixer in Ice Blue??  :)

  • BMone

    We’re having the first summer with our sun and enjoying all those “first times” as a little family. 

  • Loic Lacomme

    I am visiting my family in France.

  • mayuko

    I will be sitting in the yard, playing catch with my baby boy and maltese. I hope Gerald doesn’t step on Muffin’s tail anymore… And hoping for James to be back from camp…

  • Tanya

    My children and I, who are America, live in England. We are planning a nice long holiday in the US to visit my dad, who has colon cancer. My boys want to go to the local carnival with pappy, ride some rides, play some games, and eat some gross carnival food. A trip to Maine to visit my mother in law is on the cards, too.

  • Kristin Overton

    This summer of love?

    I’m spreading the love <3

    • Gabydds

      Learning how to take better photographs of my kids and eating chocolate.

  • Acgoo2

    I am moving to Boston!

  • Diana

    Practicing my first wedding cake…which I’ve been asked to make for my friends wedding! Eeek!

  • Mloi

    starting my first job after college…hopefully


    I like pizza rolls.

  • Aoife

    After years (12 to be exact) of college I’m taking time to look after myself – eat right, sleep right and exercise. Itsd been amazing so far – I feel like a new person!!!

  • kwikou

    i will travel to morroco to see my familly.

  • Lisa-marie_kribbeler

    I’ll spend the summer in the south of italy together with my boyfriend an his brother+ girlfriend. we’ll go there by car. 2000 km in an really old one- hopefully everything will be ok! we rent a small house at the seaside which is part of an old village in calabria. i’m really excited- on the 23th of july we’ll start our trip. i look forward to enjoy the fantastic italian kitchen! cause as everyone knows- it’s the best one!

    PS: sorry for my bad english

    lisa from germany

  • Becs Bakes

    I am going to get better, gain more cake experience (both making, decorating, and eating!) and leave my current job!

  • Samantha

    Visiting Family and Travelling!

  • Donna

    I will be relaxing in the sunshine at home with my family

  • Ted

    I am going to be working and hopefully taking a few weeks off to go camping

  • Aijahall

    This summer I will enjoy all the fresh produce from my local Farmer’s Market.

  • colors

    I am going to enjoy summer with my husband and our 5 month old babyboy.

  • Amy C

    baking for the love

  • Jessicakochendarfer

    After what seemed like the longest and hardest year of my life… I’ll be living in each moment, grateful for each day, excited and open to ALL the possibilities that life has to offer :)

    • freedomatleast


  • Doraemontay

    i will be spending it at a beautiful beach in malaysia

  • Hannah Schiff

    I am exploring food and fun in India this summer. Learning to make curry!

  • Aukeline veenemans

    made a promise to make every day a new unfamiliar dish, with only the freshest ingredientsJ

  • Nmck031

    Finish my thesis! FINALLY take a break from studies and relax. 

  • Susu

    Spending time with my gorgeous husband and son :)

  • Sydney Gellner

    Rediscovering the ugliness and beauty of my small hometown after a year abroad in Berlin.

  • Brenda

    Spending time with doing things with people I love… 

  • Beth Collier

    I need to learn to love myself and let go of this depression that has been hanging on since I lost my Mom in March of 2011~

  • Curr Woodlea

    Life has been unsettle for quite some time but his summer we’ll be enjoying our newly purchased home and renovated (blue) kitchen, welcoming our friends and family who come for a visit and enjoying being settled once again.

  • Terri

    I’m going to be enjoying all of my children home at the same time and listening to my youngest play his guitar every evening for me, just as his great grandpa did years and years ago. I love the way life circles back at times. The love you give out IS the love you get back. :)

  • Spandana Bondalapati

    Spending time with my alter ego, my sis :) One full month of happiness, travel and not to forget FOOD !

  • Joycekul

    I plan to take a little trip to Maine.  I’ve always visited my aunt who lives there every summer since I was kid. She lives on a small lake…’s so peaceful listening to the loons early in the morning.  Can’t wait to get my does of Maine :)

  • Caro :)

    Visit my long distance boyfriend in England. 

  • Nicole

    Getting fat and happy!

  • Kaśka Maciąg

    Making love, of course :) and some lovely desserts too….

  • Ddul80989

    spending the summer with my family

  • Elin Bríta Sigvaldadóttir

    Im going from Iceland with my boyfriend to visit his family in London. Then we are going to take the train over to Paris for a little romantic getaway, just the two fo us ;)

  • Margarida Valle

    sun, beach an sea :)

  • Sarah Giammarino

    Going to lake Winnipesaukee with my extended family of 20!

  • bbstx

    I am going to make wonderful peach ice cream with my new ice blue mixer.  And when the peaches are gone, I’ll make lemon cookies to keep us refreshed!

  • Nestra

    Taking care of my little boy, he was born May 1st.

  • Jessica Mak

    It’s winter here, but I’m going to enjoy baking and making food in the comfort of my own house. :)

  • Amina

    Cooking up a storm with all the beautiful fresh produce from my CSA and the wonderful dairy and meat from my regular farmer! Thank God for healthy food and raw milk, which have helped keep me healthy for the past 2 years.

  • Cindy Halbritter Hartley

    I am enjoying the sun and sand at the lake.

  • Cezary Biele

    i’ll be building smokehouse :)

  • Ismemimi

    I would make this summer the best one of my life. Start by spending more time with the kids, show them some tips on gardening (1st time with a garden for this 5 & 7 yrs old). Make homemade ice-cream with fresh fruits from the yard and have a BBQ 3 times a week (my last BBQ was 5 yrs ago). Also, try to go through all the recipes I had on my to do-list.  Let have fun this summer!


  • Bill Heckler

    Pickle vegetables from my garden and enjoy them on our boat with my wife. Some banana cream pies made with this mixer could be nice too ;)

  • Katelynne

    During the course of this summer of love, I am going to spend as much time possible with those who I love dearly, and those who have defined love for me through their kindness and warmth. ♥

  • smitam

    I am going to try and love my children and myself and my husband all that the same time….ha! easier said than done ;-) And maybe if there is some love to spare I’ll bake something new! Thinking of biscotti

  • Marianna

    i’m going to make huge vats of jams and chutneys in preparation for Autumn and Winter festivities (and in lieu of a job!), and enjoy every minute with my family and close friends

  • Ace83j

    My best friend will be coming back from UK and we are going to bake together! :D

  • Julie

    I will read, eat, work and cherish every moment of my life.

  • Photosuzanne

    recharging and relaxing, although with no formal vacation plans…

  • kate

    I am going to cook/bake all the lovely local fruit and vegetables for the ones I love.

  • Sumika Kan

    not the most hear touching, but am going to start my dream job of teaching at a montessori school. And seeing my grandparents two states down as often as I can.

  • Danny

    attending the wedding for two of my closest friends!

  • doggy

    I wanna spend this summer of love baking with my love with this kitchen aid!! <3 

  • Tammyhammat

    I plan on spending time with my husband loving him and myself, I plan on dancing cuz I want too. crying when I need too and cooking cuz I love too. I will smell the sweet breeze of summer, and laugh in the warm damp rain.  I will be greedy with the sparkles of the fourth of july, unabashed with the hazy days of august,and stoic with the coming of fall.  In short I am going to fall in love with it all!

  • Eugenia Lee ☂

    I’m gonna be spending my free days baking up delicious treats! & meeting those I love before University starts

  • Magdalena

    I will be traveling with my husband!

  • Pat Potter

    This summer of love will be filled with baking for family and friends, new neighbors, church, etc.  Want to fill freezer with quiches’ of all kinds and roll cookies so I’m prepared for guests year round.  What a beautiful summer the Lord is blessing us with. 

  • guest

    i will be teaching summer school. oh, the joy.

  • Alpsrana

    Baking , baking & more baking with a house filled of friends & family. 

  • Amy Lea

    This summer of love I hope to soak up the sun, play with my dog, and learn to relax a little more.  Thanks for such a great giveaway.  Happy Birthday!  :-)

  • ninu

    spend time with my gorgeous baby aydin =) and eat lots of ice cream  =) and sleep.. and pray… and eat… =) sigh  i cant wait !!

  • Nicole Underwood

    Try not to work so much & spend some serious quality time with my daughter.

  • Melissa@IWasBornToCook

    Enjoying my daughter, heading down the shore, trying out some new adventures!

  • Sally C.

    Giving birth next month. Excited & nervous!

    • Sarah J. Gim

      excited for you, sally! good luck, good love!

  • Kharcher04

    Try to keep up with our garden and give away veggies to our friends!

  • Cdct

    Gettin a new apt, hopefully a new job, and yes- love would be nice too ;)

  • Anie

    Moving :)  to a place with a yard and planting gardens.

  • AmandaE

    Enjoying my first summer as a married lady :-) 2months married as of today!

  • Mel

    Enjoying outdoor fun with family!

  • Marissakemory

    This summer of love, I am determined to achieve my top condition: physically, mentally,  and spiritually!

  • Emilie

    After finishing my school year abroad in Spain I’m staying for the summer because I found an internship, but mostly because I’ve fallen head over heels for a Spaniard, so I’ll be spending the summer with him and my host mom (who I might love even more. She’s an angel).

  • Vicki

    I’ll work, play, swim, eat, and goof off with my daughter.

  • Jessica Eichlin

    spending my first summer away from home, working full time at school. living it up in my own apartment =]

  • Jessica Conrad

    I’m going to bake sweet treats for people I love with my new stand mixer!

  • Jessie

    Spending 12 days in the Caribbean at The Cuisinart Resort with the man that makes all of my dreams come true.

  • kac825

    Lounging by the pool and doing yard work…but what I’m most looking forward to is going to Costa Rica for our 1 year wedding anniversary! 

  • Vickih22

    Looking forward to carefree days of easy dinners, drinks outdoors with friends, bbq with my kids-no pressures and stress free living!

  • radha

    Spending time on the beach in Mexico!

  • Josh Ramish

    Hopefully moving to Colorado springs for a new job. Also get back into bike racing and triathlon. 

  • Dessica

    I am going to give birth to a miracle baby who I have been incubating…..what could be more about love than that??

  • Cottontofu

    Trying to bear the bad weather and have healthier habits (more fruits and water!) I think…

  • Mbui87

    I am relaxing after my first year of dental school, and possibly build a play oven set for my niece.

  • Leah

    Spending as much time as possible with friends and family!

  • Esprit260

    Living life to it’s fullest potential and shedding all my fears and worries!

  • LyndsayW

    Curling up with my baby as much as possible, since he’s not going to be a baby for much longer!

  • Barbara D.

    Nothing out of the ordinary that I don’t already do…sleeping, eating, cooking, loving my boyfriend, loving my dogs, breathing, enjoying life, being happy, spending too much money, reading ( a new hobby!), …..  :)

  • allison albainy

    hanging out at the beach!!

  • Karim Hussein

    cooking and baking as much as possible and testing out my new ice cream maker!

  • tingie

    I’m planning to relax and just enjoy myself and the company of my beloved ones, before starting in a new job:)

  • Lori J

    I’m planning on hanging out with my babies and trying to get my 4 year old into a pool!

  • Lisa @ Je suis alimentageuse

    Going to France and England to meet really good friends of mine I’ve known since I was 12 but never actually met. =)

  • Judith Reppucci

    After six surgeries in five years, I’m making this the summer of loving myself. I’m eager to get back into shape as soon as my foot is healed — I used the elliptical at the gym twice this week!

  • Candice

    researching in a lab!

  • Jackie

    I am starting a brand new life. New town, new job, new people to meet. It would be so lovely to bake for new friends!

  • JasonUnterman

    enojoy life

  • Darcy@brown butter bakery

    I’ll be making wedding cakes, and lots of cookies and cupcakes for little baseball players.

  • Emily Bernstein

    Begin a journey through a yoga teacher training!

  • Angmac

    living, loving, learning

  • Paula

    I’m driving across the country with my dear friend as a farewell roadtrip and start to her new life in the West coast. I’m also building a pediatric clinic and somewhere in there hangin out with my family and dogs.

  • Moren6

    working at a bakery and loving every minute!

  • Kathy Vaught455

    I wish it was the summer of 1967 again, the “summer of love”. I would be a teenager again and have many summers of love ahead. But, since it is 2012 I will be very happy that I continue to be cancer free (20 years now) and will rejoice in the love of my husband of  30 years. Hey – maybe I will be using a new ice blue KitchenAid mixer

  • Chrystal

    Visit Niagara Falls!

  • VO

    Working , but making the best out of it with some small adventures to new places and experiences of new dishes.

  • Emma

    Baking with every berry I can get my hands on! This gorgeous mixer could help.  :-)

  • amelia chesley

    I am waiting patiently for my boyfriend to get back from a crazy long trip through China, Kazakstan, Russia, and Europe… and when he gets back we will spend the month or so before grad school starts up again sharing stories of all kinds. there will also probably be lots of yoga and a few videogames…

  • Beth

    Working my but off so hopefully I will be traveling in Jan…

  • Kayley Pace

    Nannying a 9 year old boy :0!! and recharging before my last year in nursing school!

  • Lauren K

    Moving to a new city and starting a new job :)

  • Hdmmmmm2

    cooking, eating, and enjoying my amazing family

  • Tracey E.

    Cook on the grill, make pesto, sit on the patio, listen to great music and drink wine! :)

  • Debbie

    going to the beach and enjoying the wonders of the ocean

  • LizRuiz

    Play with my new nephew!!  4 months old and a chubby ball of adorable-ness.  Oh, and lots of homemade ice cream…. yum…

  • Mark

    Enjoy our new grill with my wife and child.

  • Katarina

    Just hanging out with my 4 kids this summer.  Although if I win the mixer, I will be doing A LOT of baking with my kids – hint hint.  

  • BetsyB

    learning to love myself and leaving the abuse I have endured for to long.

  • Baumnara Cho

    Going on one of those fancy rafting trips where they serve you wine along the way

  • ThinMints

    Relearning how to cook and love food with the awesome and cute guy who lives in the apartment next to me.

  • Natasha

    I just graduated college and now I am studying for the MCAT. Hopefully if that goes well,  I will be applying to medical schools and fulfilling my love and dream of becoming a doctor ;0) Not that romantic huh?!? lol

  • harchangel

    Prepping for our new child coming this winter, grilling, painting, and hosting as many outdoor movie nights and bon fires as we can fit in.

  • katrina

    I plan on taking my daughters’ on their very first vacation

  • Hayleyerin6

    Going to get my eBay business up and running selling my own artwork and creations :) Also i will be doing lots of art-making :)

  • NMK123

    eat sandwiches, read in parks, play frisbee, take walks, drink cold icy beer and laugh with friends!

  • Annie

    Finishing year 12 and then following my dream by going to pastry school in France!

  • Erica DePompeo

    making lots of gazpacho and mojitos to enjoy with friends on hot summer nights, taking impromptu road trips to the beach and the mountains, doing lots of yoga, and studying for the LSAT! 

  • Lemon Lavender

    Enjoying family, BBQing, making ice cream, recovering from our county fair (love the baking contests!), thinking about next year’s fair entries (can’t wait to see my fair friends again!), and appreciate that life is good!

  • Rosa

    Spending time with my loves of course

  • Jeremy

    Finding a job…hopefully!

  • Ateka

    Spending summer  in a beach house.

  • Sullycrash

    Spending time at the beach.

  • Charisse Oates

    WOW! There are way more than 8 comments here. Tastespotting has really boosted you up. I love this color – I would gladly take this or the Raspberry Ice color. :) 

    This summer my mother and two nephews are coming to visit. My daughter is so very excited to have a summer with her nephews and Grandma. They live in Texas and we are in NY. We will go to NYC for my birthday in July. We are going to Lake Ontario, Niagara Falls, hiking and camping. It should be a very intense OUTDOOR summer and I can NOT wait.

  • Marissa M.

    Marissa D. M.
    Learning how to grill! 

  • Noor Mehr

    I will be sharing the beautiful summer with my wonderful parents! 

  • Zer X.

    Taking my little family on our first ever summer vacation to Yellowstone National Park. And so it begins..

  • Decharms1221

    trying to make the best out of a very long distance, overseas, relationship!

  • djb

    GSoaking up the sun!

  • KarmaCucina

    Back to work after baby – cherishing the weekends and weeknights with the family – lots of sun, sand, and outdoor cooking!

  • Milena

    Where i live is actually winter (hello southern hemisphere!) but for summer i’ll eat tons of ice cream and fruit popsicles while watching the waves dancing at the sea with a bunch of people i love. Heaven itself couldn’t be more appealing!

  • Lindsey H.

    Going to visit Denver, CO for the first time!  Plan to do some sight seeing as well as hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park!

  • kayla

    Hopefully finding a job! :(  Wish me luck everyone

  • Brittany

    Just doing something exciting. I want this to be a memorable summer.

  • Lauren

    Increase picnic outings

  • Justinebowles

    This summer of love i will fall in love

  • Topper

     “What are you going to do this summer of love?”

    Do a lot of cooking and baking with my new KitchenAid Stand Mixer of course!

  • Mdunger

    Lots of work, with hopefully a little play :)

  • CrispyBits&BurntEnds

    I’m planning my wedding!

  • Tanitra

    Gardening with my husband and eating the fruits of our labor.

  • Joyce L.

    Walking and swimming and taking better care of myself

  • Kristen

    enjoy my family and friends.

  • Danielle

    Working as craft service coordinator for my boyfriend’s independent film!

  • Meredith

    This summer I pledge to make time to do things I love (Yoga at the beach! Ice-cold beers on a rooftop! Long walks with my dog! Hiking!) with people I love.

  • 04Hokie

    visiting the ocean – thank goodness. 
    ps. it’s my birthday!  let me win!  :)

  • Glyeah

    Going on a hiking trip to ALASKA! Can’t wait…

  • Susi L.K.

    For some days we will climb in the Austrian mountains, rest of the time we have to work but in the evenings we will enjoy the time in the open air cinemas in vienna or sit on our balcony and look in the sky.

  • Hannie

    Cooking, swimming, and reading my fave books

  • Tass

    I’ll be spending my summer browsing the net and drooling over places I’d like to visit since I can’t afford to go anywhere this year :3

  • Jeana

    cooking and eating outdoors with the ones I love. summery drinks on the balcony. jumping off a dock into a refreshing lake.

  • Lauren @ Pass the Plate

    tan, go to the pool, go shopping, read, relax and of course do lots and lots of baking :)

  • Bree_VT

    This summer I am going to spend time with my family, friends, and boyfriend as much as possible!  I love them all, and I want to enjoy this gorgeous weather with them at the beach, on the lake, on hiking trips, at barbeques, you name it!
    I’m also getting  my own baking company started this summer, and winning this mixer would be such an amazing help!
    Thank you so much!
    Bree <3

  • Julie Gallagher

    I moved from the desert to a new england coastal town over the winter… so I am ready to enjoy my first summer here going to the beach as much as possible.

  • Marena S.

    Getting ready to start my first year of college in the fall!

  • Ashley Vinson

    Working:(  But trying to spend as much time as possible with my 2 boys & hubs!  

  • Audrey

    Making lots of delicious recipes–especially with fresh herbs and veggies from my garden.

  • Katie Godfrey

    Celebrating my first anniversary with my amazing boyfriend :) 

  • Pyrochick30

    Gonna spend this summer running around after my 16 month old at the beach.

  • Roxanne B.

    First road trip with our puppy to a family reunion in Summerland :) 

  • Bridget of Champagne Frosting

    I am going to soak up the sun every chance I get, swim as much as I can, and cherish every moment I spend with family!!

  • Kyle Martin

    I’m remodeling a house – this would go great with the hippie chic aesthetic!

  • Megan

     Planting a veggie garden with more tomatoes than I can ever use because they are my favorite vegetable! <3

  • Kathy Waxler

    Ooooh.  I love that color.  Now that I’m (extremely happily) retired, I spend most summer days relaxing on my deck with a book.

  • Emay_19

    It’s a busy weekend in Seattle with Pride and the Rock n’ Roll Marathon.  My Hubby and I plan on strategically doing fun things away from the crowds.  :)

  • L.A.B.

    Hiking in the Isle of Skye with best friend/love of my life as a post bar exam treat.  

  • Diana Eastman

    After 4 years of hard studying, I am flying to Edinburgh to watch my amaze-balls of a boyfriend walk across the stage at his graduation and officially become a doctor! And then he’s coming back to America with me to take advantage of an amazing American summer before he heads back to the UK to start his job. And I’ll spend the rest of my summer working for the most amazing wedding photographer on the East coast, swimming in the Fingerlakes and saving up my money to move to London in the fall!

  • Mspainhourd

    I’m going to be inseparable from my Italian greyhound rescue Louise.

  • jj

    I will spending my time playing beach volleyball, enjoy gelato under the hot summer…hoping sun shines onto me and I will be moving into a different stage of life..

  • Samasumu

    Enjoy my time in the sun with friends, new additions to the family, my pup, and my new found love.

  • jacky b

    breathe deeply.

  • Elsa Dure

    Trying new things to stay fit. Stand up paddleboarding? Yup!

  • kathie

    Starting real life and embracing the 9-5 (but also the joys of cooking!)

  • Mfpatton3

    I’m going to the drive-in for the first time, and learn to accept love into my life for the first time. These may, or may not be related activities. *wink

  • Ali C.

    Going to Spain!

  • Lud

    Stay out of jail. Stay out of the hospital and stay out of the morgue.  Full speed open for anything else!

  • Meg

    moving in with my love and growing lots of  (mostly edible) plants

  • Nina

    I just started a new job and I’m planning a vacation in the next few weeks.

  • Junie12e

    Preparing for our new learning commons!

  • Hannahlkang3

    Love people, spread love and be happy under the sun in Detroit!

  • Epsilon Sellas

    worship the Lord Jesus Christ with all my heart as he prepares me for the next season in my life!

  • sursab

    I’ll be figuring out what to do with my first ever CSA share!

  • Maryam Kazeem

    writing my dissertation, but also spending much needed time with my family.

  • Veronica

    Writing papers in the sun

  • Margaret at Cafe Buttercup

    Looking inward more than outward and learning to accept that everyone has a different timeline and to appreciate where you are in life
    Ordering these shoes I’ve been eyeing finally!
    Vacationing in NYC, LA and possibly the Caribbean
    Enjoying what might be my last summer in my hometown (Washington, DC), as I may finally be leaving the nest next year to join my boyfriend in a new city (:

  • Becca

    Buying my first house!  And I’ve signed up for a German class in preparation for a vacation to Munich at the end of the summer. 

  • Kit Garcia

    I’m spending my summer up at my Grandparents ranch on the Umatilla River.   I plan to float the river almost every day, fish, toss horse shoes, and eat as many home made apple chips as humanly possible while I’m there.

  • Jeremy

    Winning my girlfriend a really pretty stand mixer!! :)

  • Jennifer Pasquill

    Cooking healthy dinners for my fiance (and packing his lunches) so he can shed those last 20 pounds which will bring his grand total of weight loss to 125 pounds!

  • David Cordes

    Spending some time catching up with friends, and relaxing as much as possible!

  • Daniel Garcia-Perez

    Teach my son and daughter how to swim

  • Mandie Fitch McGlynn

    I’m going to give two very deserving and loving men a baby. 

  • Srubenoff

    Spending as much time with the love of my life as possible. I finally found him.

  • LKK

    Soaking up the sunshine – more vitamin D!

  • Kay S

     I plan on spending a lot of time at
    work on a summer long project and every free moment will be spent making
    something in the kitchen to get out my work frustrations (with alcohol nearby, of course).

  • Renae

    I will be visiting my home country to meet my parents and siblings : )

  • Dhaiden5

    loving myself. getting healthy. finding joy in the little things in life. 

  • stephjd

    Taking two bar exams, and then going on two tropical vacations (because one won’t be enough to relax)

  • nicole @ kimchiburgers

    I’ll be attending science research seminars, scouting the best pistachio gelato of Manhattan, and (hopefully) using this stand mixer for marshmallows, pavolvas, and meringue toppings for lemon meringue pie. Thank you for the giveaway! 

  • E

    Spending as much time in the pool or getting away for camping weekends as possible.

  • Mercedes Golip

    I will be planning my new life :D <3

  • Rebecca Parry

    I am going to relax before beginning the adventure of law school!

  • Mika

    Relax and enjoy our new house.

  • Kate

    Canning all of the delicious, seasonal bounty from my garden and the farmer’s market. Yay!

  • Chariklia Vasiliou

    Im going to a 5 days music festival with my cousin and my brother, camping by the river!

  • Celeste

    Starting to help my little sister plan her wedding! 

  • Zfin

    Playing with zebrafish in my laboratory! 

  • Aminn002

    Picking crabs, drinking sangria, grilling, and biking.

  • Adeluta04

    Moving into a house that has an awesome kitchen! Can’t wait to make huge yummy messes. :)

  • Ruffy666

    I hope I find love during this summer of love.

  • Dahliakatz

    Spending time at a cottage for the first time in my life.  A lot of grilling and chilling going on.  Also bringing our sphynx cat with us, who really enjoys catching (and eating) flies.

  • Keyin Lu


  • Amy

    I’m taking a once-in-a-lifetime road trip up the California coast to Portland, Oregon with my husband and two of our friends!

  • Pollevi

    Im going to win that KITCHENAID!!!!!!!!

  • Tee

    Cook for my friends and family and stay outside as long as possible.

  • Pollevi


  • Pollevi

    I’ve always wanted one!

  • Pollevi

    AAAAND its perfect!

  • Sandra

    I will be working, but trying to spend all my time off work outdoors with the boyfriend and learning how to cook :)

  • Corina Stan

    Celebrating getting married and taking care of myself and the ones I love.

  • Emily Duncan

    Moving to Brooklyn, writing, and trying to stay cool with my boyfriend. Also, hopefully using a stand mixer to make all the things!

  • Christine

    I will be more crafty; sewing, scrapbooking, painting, etc.

  • Rosa Tran

    Make Ice Cream, Learn After Effects, write a story, go to the beach, spend time with Mr. Wonderful, and move.

  • Deanna

    enroll in culinary school and study in Italy. Nervous and excited and can’t wait to get started!

  • Ruby Lynn

    I am going to begin a life with my boyfriend. Hopefully soon to be fiance. 

  • Laura Knisely

    I have a 4 week old, so I will spend most of the summer nursing him and trying to catch up on lost sleep! :)

  • Adam

    Going to Maui!

  • Surfrdoll5

    Taking long lunch breaks from work to meet my hubby at our new pool! 


    Will celebrate my grandparents 70th wedding anniversary with the whole family in less than a month.  Gotta love family time.

  • Jacki C

    Going to try speed dating and plan to cook a whole lot of Mexican food!

  • Nisha Patel

    moving into a new house with six of my best friends!

  • Emily

    Visit family, eat far too much ice cream, and soak up the sun with  my husband and baby!

  • Alison S.

    Working, baking (without air conditioning because I’m hardcore), and losing the last 10lbs of an 80lbs weight loss.

  • Cloudyish

    This summer we are visiting my husbands family in Canada!

  • Purplelu

    This summer the weekends will be full of visiting our little cabin on Rough River Lake in Kentucky. 

  • Emily Codik

    Loving my South Florida mangoes! It’s mango season down here, and I’ll be loving them in everything (it’s amazing how many meals I can add mango to!)

  • Kate H.

    Hanging with my friends, going to concerts, and exploring the beautiful Colorado.

  • wcorbin

    caring for my 1 and only grandchild.  Precious!

  • Junglist0220

    wwould be great to win a Kitchenaid to help with experimenting new recipes this summer!

  • Louis Burns

    summer of love? someone broke my heart and i’ve been single for a couple of years. thank heavens i find warmth in cooking so i’ll likely be finding some new, kick butt recipes to add to my collection. they’ll never cheat on me :)

  • sharon c

    sharon c…what a lovely color!  I’d be using this cutie to make treats for my husband

  • Lara

    Enjoying time off before med school

  • Florine B.

    Organize our Farmer’s Market, take my children to the gym, the pool, avoid the horrible summers we have in TX!

  • Lorinda T

    Keeping my creative juices flowing with delicious baked goods and chilled bottles of wine

  • Abbey

    Living in Bolivia

  • Catherine

    growing and eating vegetables. oh and working.

  • Danae Kelly

    Baking a different pie every weekend!

  • Angie

    working a 9-5 and dreaming of far away places 

  • Cuinspain

    Getting my son ready to go to Culinary school. SO excited for him!

  • Lori G

    I will be working hard this summer (7 days a week) to put my two girls through college!

  • Miss TK

    cook, bake, and clean for the most part.

  • Courtney

    Getting settled in a new city.

  • Chelsea

    I am planning on having lots of tapas parties, staying out late on weeknights, and looking for a new job!

  • Alex

    Finding an apartment and moving to Chicago. I’ll also spend a week exploring NYC (on a budget).

  • Nellie

    I’m going to start my life over again after leaving an 11-year abusive relationship! House is being sold, divorce papers are drawm, I’m ready to meet somenoe who deserves me and will treat me right!

  • freedomatleast

    Picnic for my birthday in July. I just got a divorce from a 6 years of abusing relationship (finally got the courage) and for the first time in my life i feel free and LOVED by my family and friends. I always had to spend my birthdays in restaurant when my ex husband will act to be the perfect man and pay for pricey food (we were’nt rich but he liked to show of on my birthday. other days will be stingy days). This year, I want a picnic with my friends. My family is out of country and my friends have become my family. It will be a fun, full of love birthday.

    • Nellie

      I feel for what you are going through, “high five” to us girls to finally get the courage to break free!!!

    • Holly Brook

      well done beautiful

    • Sarah J. Gim

      hey freedom: it’s terrible to read that it was six years, but SO HAPPY to read that you got out of an unhealthy, abusive situation. welcome to your new life of love and freedom!

    • Oregongrape

       Wonder what the story is from the other side

      • freedomeatleast

        My assumption…It will be a woman who doesnt want to stay home all her life in a cage and left him cold. I agree with you, there will always be 2 sides of the story. I hope if he ever get a second chance with someone else, he will not do the same. I have pictures of proof at least to remind myself that it’s truth and not just a bad dream.
        Anyway….back to summer of love and happy thoughts…

  • Lauren

    Supposedly getting engaged… I guess we’ll see!

  • Dina

    eat a lot of ice cream!

  • Nawal

    baking and cake decorating, lots and lots of it :)

  • Ccm82

    visit my boyfriend in Boston before Medical School starts!

  • Nita Pie

    selling our home, moving to a new place and can’t wait to enjoy some new recipes i’d like to try out :) continue my exercising and healthy eating habits :) 

  • Ashley

    I am going to take my family camping in the mountains and enjoy the laughter and good times of my little ones:)

  • Kristina

    I am going to bake lots of sweet treats for my lovely children and the best hubbie ever! And btw, I love ice blue ;)

  • Lisa Peach

    Trying to get a visa extension and then hopefully moving and furniture shopping. :)

  • Pepi

    Just Chillin, Workin and Layin By the Pool

  • Katryna_RD

    I am going to eat summer fresh foods!

  • Ann

    I just plan on spending time with my family and friends enjoying our favorite pastimes…cooking and eating.

  • Kevin Kelly

    I’m going to actually try and learn how to make things in the kitchen for the very first time. I live in a house now, and it’s a crime that most of my meal prep is still “opening the frozen dinner” and “eating leftover takeout.” It’s time I stepped up to the (hot) plate and beyond.

  • Michael Okusa

    Working a lot, traveling to Montana and Wyoming, and making as many different exotic ice cream recipes as possible. Most recent concoction was Roasted Banana w/ japanese curry powder and caramelized white chocolate swirl.

  • Helcho

    No special plans (the horror) except working.  How is it that summer is already here?!

  • Brittany Mc

    Summer of love= summer of food, wine, cheese and novels! Yeah for us independent women! 

  • Theringt

    Getting my start with a career in the food business.

  • Lauren


  • Eva Kosmas

    I am going to be gardening, ALOT. And hopefully, if all my plants produce, cooking up a storm with my new veggies!

  • Kate

    FIND love!

  • Amanda Bloomfield

    I’m trying to cook something new everyday this summer.  :)  A lot of food experimenting to fuel some delicious meals.

  • brighteyedbaker

    You’re seriously giving away this mixer? Just because? It’s so perfect! I’m going to France, which I’m thrilled about. I can’t wait to try all the food and see all the sights and soak it all up.

  • eflegg

    I’m going to grow mint and then make it into buttercream :)

  • Vanessa Mendoza

    Lots and lots of cooking, baking, and entertaining (and at some point completing the furnishing of my condo)!

  • Sophie Kauffman

    Take Tango lessons with my boyfriend, leave my full-time job at a great nonprofit to pursue my passion of Nutrition, and bike down the west coast with my good friend and housemate!

  • Shannon Holliday

    I’m devoting my summer to as little work and as much play as possible. Canoeing, reading, beach weeks, and mixed drinks will hopefully FAR outweigh office work, planning for the fall semester, and household chores!

  • Atefeh

    I’ll be completing an Olympic distance triathlon on September 9th in my fight against cancer.  :)

  • Randiemac

    Spend as much time with my family before they go on a month long vacation.

  • MaryCecilia

    I am spending the summer traveling the Northwest coast: Seattle, Portland, Vancouver. I’m so excited to explore that part of the country, and I’m most excited about all of the food I’ll be tasting along the way.

  • Yi

    Wow, I wish I could have this KA stand mixer. What a nice color.

    I am going to experiment some different grains and flours for my bread baking skills this summer. Wish I have nice and pleasant outcome and share with my lovely family.

  • Andrea_zeng

     I am going to eat stone fruit like there is no other summer.

  • Paul Liow

    This September I’ll visit my daughter in Oregon where she has a beautiful farmland for growing organic vegetables and fruits.

  • Christinesotelo

    Have fun in the sun with my daughter.

  • K Hester

    Resting up and saving up for my first year of Graduate School. Pursuing my Doctor of Pharmacy!

  • April Aceto

    Heading to Paris <3

  • Rachel R

    I’ll be spending plenty of time at the pool working on my tan this summer!

  • Jessica

    I’ll be spending much of the summer stationed by my grill with a beer in hand. Or in a tent. Or driving cross-country to Colorado. Or running races. Hiking. 

  • May Ketpongsuda

    I will be working on writing my art history Master’s thesis…not too exciting for summer plans, but maybe I can take plenty of study breaks to bake some goodies!

  • Cgww8822

    My boyfriend is from out of town, and this summer, we’re going to try out a new recipe for every time he comes back home!

  • Zelma

    Sleeping in, tending to flowers, visiting my beautiful daughters, and spending time with the love of my life.

  • Cara Moseley

    My family and I are leaving soon for Orlando Florida to go to Universal Studio to see the Harry Potter Theme Park, While we are there we plan on checking out a Vegan Bakery, a Raw Vegan restaurant (research, I am a vegan pastry chef, and a raw vegan chef) BUT the most exciting thing I am looking forward to, is our excursion to Cocoa Beach to kayak with the manatees!  I  LOVE Summer!

  • Olive

    Retaking organic chemistry at college :( My roommates wont be at our apartment so I plan on baking and cooking a lot :)

  • Adriana

    This summer of love, I’m moving in with my boyfriend! only one week left. I’m incredibly excited. And there’ll be lots of baking to celebrate. 

  • Ella

    Playing lots of music and planning lots of picnics and bbq’s at our new place!  Moving next week! :D

  • nuicgood

    What am I going to do this summer of Love? If I win the ice blue, Kitchen aid stand up mixer, I will be doing a lot more baking and cooking.  I Love spending the summer with my children showing them lots of love and doing lots of volunteering with them.  I feel showing our children how to serve others with love in our hearts is such an important attribute to have.  I love to bake and so I volunteer to bake for others who don’t always get fresh baked goods. 

  • Jackson

    I’m working on a book due this fall, mostly!

  • Juanita’s Cocina

    I work for the public schools.  I am LITERALLY going to sleep as much as I can.  And cook.  And eat.  And then sleep some more.

  • Clara

    Ooh good question. I plan on mastering a few simple ice cream recipes, reconnecting with my family, tending to my friendships as well as my garden, getting refocused again after a speedy, blurry time, and sitting on a rock overlooking the ocean pondering the meaning of it all and figuring out what’s next. Whew! That should take me through August. Thanks for letting me play.

  • Yvonne Kemper

    I am traveling to Portugal and Japan, moving my boyfriend to LA, reading, gardening, hiking, and cooking cooking cooking.

  • Echo_Psyche

    This summer I am going to do my best to explore more of BC, Canada, where I’ve recently moved to be with the love of my life. Originally from Miami, a city of concrete, I am now in beautiful green spaces filled with vast skies. I hope to tweak more of my old recipes and find some amazing new ones to play with, and most of all, I plan to give my all to starting this new life with my husband and spend time with his amazing parents (whom I would love to cook more often for but we’re kind of low on kitchen appliances. But hey, one thing at a time right?)

  • Jenna Pacelli

    This summer of love I’m going to do lots of yoga, drink green smoothies, dream big, and nurture myself and those I love. 

  • Christina

    I am taking this summer off from school and working for the summer. Going to be busy taking care of the garden and going out to the lake and do some wakesurfing! Oh, and lots of camping! 

  • Myriah_17

    planted a garden and am watching it grow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • miki

    I would just like to relax and bbq :) 

  • T nareau

    Well…as a grandma of 9 “grand” grandchildren….they seem to be taking turns coming to visit me this summer.  They are in FL I  am in Asheville, NC.  So, my very excited answer is:  I will be cooking for my 14 year old and   my 13 year old grandsons, cooking WITH my 4 year old grandson and having “Granny Camp” with my 4 and 5 year old granddaughters where cooking will be part of the camp experience.  ONLY – I discovered this morning while making a cake for the 14 year old, that the beaters in my mixer no longer stay where they belong.  They actually fell out!  SO…having said all of that, I will be loving all of my wonderful grands this summer. (In a variety of ways!) Let the loving begin!!!!

  • christine

    Settle into a new single family home with my sweetie.

  • Jackie

    For this summer of love, I’m going to travel back and forth to Utah to visit my Mother.  We just found out the end of April that my Mother has pancreatic cancer.  The Doctors have given her 6 months to live.  My mother was such a wonderful women and gave me so much positive influence on cooking and caring for my own children, that at the end of her life…I want to spend as much time with her as possible.  Living in AZ and her in UT, means me traveling.  I’m not complaining….I would do anything for her!  AND….I will do it with a positive attitude

  • Cierra

    Hike to a lake and jump in! Followed by a picnic and eating wild berries. 

  • Mirinblue

    Going to love on my son and visit family! Gonna love on some good food at “Lola” and gonna share the love with various retailers throughout the land. What are you doing?

  • Danielle

    I will be taking the bar exam. And then getting to the beach, no matter what.

  • Natalya M

    I am going to visit my home in Uzbekistan and I am excited because I haven’t been back for like 11 years.  It would be nice to see all of my family again

  • andythebaker

    start learning how to capture summer with canning and preserving (and fermenting too).  oh, and make lots of pies.

  • Kaye Stain

    Going on my 1st Carribean Cruise with girlfriends, which  also happens to be one of the ladies 50th Birthday! This will be one of the rare times I am without my children or husband!! Anxious, Nervous, &Truly Excited!


    This summer I am hoping to get divorced and be with the love of my life.

  • Viviana Salazar Sherman

    I am going to celebrate my 2nd aniversary with my husband! :D Summer is my favorite season and will enjoy it every day watching the blue sky and going to the beach a few times. Also I am looking forward to eat all the awesomeness that appears in the produce section, sweet peaches and huge strawberries, have i told you that I love summer? 

  • alasalamb

    Trying to enjoy the summer before my final year of school (and therefore stress)!

  • Marillyn

    Cherish the time with my 3 young kids… I am pregnant with #4 and need them to know I love each one of them individually. Will probably do special things with each of them (whatever they want!) and hope to make good memories!

  • Lynette Garringer

    I will be seeing my most dear and very best friend this summer, it has been way too long since seeing each other and we decided that this summer we would somehow manage the great distance from New York to Washington state and spend some much needed friend time together.  Also, there will probably be a lot of ice cream and lemonade. 

  • Sandy Lim

    Going to a lot of outdoor movies, picnics, and concerts.  Most importantly, spending time with my family and friends. 

  • Adalton124

    I am rehabbing an 1800’s cabin to live in come fall, with my husband and other assorted folk that I can bully, cajole, drag, bribe, or otherwise coerce into helping me (I mean us) get it all done.

  • bhohman

    I’m becoming a teacher!

  • Brenda

    I finally found a job! So that! And maybe some backpacking..

  • mpaik

    i want to appreciate the current loves of my life! :)

  • Jesse

    working 3 jobs and then london for the olympics!

    • Annie

      Me too! I’m sooooo excited! Good for you :)

  • Aubry

    My new favorite activity is viewing others through the eyes of his or her beloved. There will be lots of that had this summer. It’s got the most romantic quality about it… what if I were in love with them? What are their endearing qualities…

  • Claudia Beck

    Move my family across the state, so my husband can go back to school…so that eventually I can stay home more with my wonderful son. :)

  • Mom on a mission

    Spend quality time with my girls

  • Sue

    Gonna spend time with family and hope for a little getaway or two!

  • Bookgawker

    I’m going on a photography safari through the Ngorogoro Crater in Africa! There are no words for how excited I am to see a part of the world I’ve never seen and be able to experience an ecosystem that may not be around forever, at this rate. I think I’ll try to incorporate it into my book/food blog too. Less than a month till I leave!

  • Liza W

    This summer of love I am preparing for grad school, writing poetry, and cooking all my favorite recipes! 

  • Chanteuse Designs Kathleen

    Wow, what a kind offer and I know how you feel about your readers…….I fluctuate between 5 and 15! BUT here goes: Huge garden of loving veggies and herbs for me and my small family! Hoping to travel but most importantly getting lots of beautiful new designs out for my little boys and girls and puppy’s line!! Thanks for the selfless offer and best wishes for your summer of love plans!! 

  • salenasf

    This summer of love I am going to work really hard on trying to relax more and enjoy all that I have.

  • kellymc

    Hoping work will slow down so I can spend more time with my kids.  And maybe a quick getaway to Mexico with the hub.

  • AHomeBaker

    I would love to get one to help my baking business kick off! I was just let go from my job at a bakery because of a false yelp review so, I really cannot afford one now :( It would be really cool to get one!

  • Anna

    This summer of love I have quit my job to move to Italy and learn Italian!

  • Rosa

    I will be making yummy healthy baby puree for my little 6 1/2 months old. This mixer will be perfect for her future food!!!! :)

  • Jen S.

    ….my goal for the summer is to be in the moment, share time with family and friends, be good to myself and slow things down a bit.

  • Mtbcrh

    Cook and bake for my wife:)

  • Norine

    Teach my grand daughter to cook

  • bfg85

    This summer of love I am going to a wedding in Moose Factory and floating on the lake in a raft with my chocolate lab while enjoying adult beverages and sunshine!

  • Dhaith1229

    This summer I am going to relax and travel to the beach with my girls

  • Laura Tomas

    This will definitely be a summer of love for me!  The long distance part of my relationship is ending next month!!

  • JW

    This summer of love I plan on giving and receiving love equally; with open arms!

  • Abby M

    I just got married, and started to learn baking. I want the hubby to come home to the smell of freshly baked pastries everyday, and friends to look forward to visiting again! So my baking-related project for this summer is, to make a pastry for each kind of the fruit that I can get my hands on! 

  • Kankana

    Picnic, bbq, visiting farmer’s market more often and volunteer, take as many photos as I can cause I get more day light :) And oh oh eats loads and loads of berries and mangoes(my fav!) 

  • Ken

    Try a new recipe every week, read some good books, go hiking, enjoy life. 

  • Elixirsue3

    Spending this summer with my husband and our pup adventuring from California up to Canada. Our first summer as a married couple. I can’t wait! 

  • susan

    See Disney’s ‘Brave’ with my daughter for my birthday Saturday.

  • em

    I’m going to my cousin Jessie’s wedding in Charleston this July! Until then, trying out lots of no-bake desserts for this summer heat!

  • kwame

    My summer of love will consist of trips to Western Massachusetts with my girlfriend and hours of getting lost in our nearby natural preserve, staring at their collections of ferns, trees and cacti. And farmers markets!

  • Julie

    Happy birthday, Sarah! This summer of love, I’m marrying the love of my life!

  • EP

    i will be celebrating my first anniversary with my husband :)

  • Jettrash23

    Play music, dress up in costumes ,eat great food and laugh loud.

  • Doctorgrg

    swimming fishing boating and grilling copious food at the lake

  • Hdpreisler


    visiting my kids

  • Tengounhornoysecomousarlo

     I am leving the kids with the grandpa’s and intrigued for a 10 week without them at home. 

  • Jeremy Lewis

    Taking a four day solo backpacking trip on the Pacific Crest Trail, followed by a week and a half in Costa Rica to recover!

  • Richie

    This summer I will be watching the one I love move away from me for the next three years.  It has been almost two years since we met, but it seems like just yesterday.

  • catsmeow

    Finding happiness with friend and family with the help of baked goods, fresh greens, refreshing cocktails, and the explosive passion that only food can evoke.

  • Nikki @ Tikkido

    I’m hiding from the blistering summer heat, and perfecting paletas.

  • Tais Horta Trovao

    This summer I’m mixing sugar, happines, butter and sunsets. Baking it for 3 months with lots of love.

  • meb

    This summer of love I am going to be cooking lots of healthy food, enjoying nature, and cherishing life in general.

  • Cwhitloc

    I’m eating all kinds of food!! :-)

  • Age_wolfy

    Loving my three year old…..who loves me…  :))) while we get dirty in the garden….soaked in the sun….bloated from watermelon and down sprinkled teaberry ice cream cones!!!

  • kellypea

    This summer of love, I am working hard to continue being more healthy (I’ve lost 25 lbs. and have 25 lbs. to go), embracing my older self (I’m going to be 56 on my next birthday), and spending more time on feeding my creative self (which involves less time with food and more time with writing for the sake of writing and taking photos of life instead of food.)  Food still fits in there somewhere, because let’s face it — I love me some food!

  • Christ at HyeThymeCafe

    Preparing for a move and the loss of a Kitchenaid Stand Mixer, so this is a VERY timely post and a bee U tee ful color!  :)

  • Angelfishten

    reading, eating, running, biking, and enjoying my freedom before I start a long graduate program in the fall.

  • Jillian Martino

    This summer of love, I am continuing to plan and get ready for my wedding in November! =) 

  • gbarrington

    hopefully learning to fall in love…and of course, swimming, cycling and dancing!

  • Joanna Fernandez

    This summer of love will be about giving back to the community. I plan to volunteer as much as I can!

  • Katrina H.

    I think this is the summer to sort out some things , start swimming again, and get myself in a kayak.  Hope YOUR summer of love is awesome!

  • linzalexis

    Cooking my to the heart of a devilishly handsome man.

  • Thatcher Imboden

    Try to try out a new recipe each week, get all the weeds out of my vegetable garden, and have a blast with my 15-mo old.

  • Jeremy Pepper

    I’m going to contact OPI and see if I can get that color made into nail polish for your birthday. 

    Okay, fine. Summer of love? Hmm, how about continue to get to the gym at least 3x a week, be in better shape and maybe find new love.

  • deena

    I’m going to try and find love!

  • Ken @hungryrabbitnyc

    Enjoy all that summer has to offer in the produce department, events and with good friends

  • Emilie Yount

    This summer, I hope to find LOVE! True Love. If that doesn’t work, bring on the pretty cocktails.

  • Heidi @ Food Doodles

    No big plans for us, just day trips around home to the river and the lake with the kids, but I have a feeling the sprinkler will get used in the backyard more than we’ll go to the river or the lake :D

  • Holly Brook

    Summer of love is going to travel the world on my own

  • lulu

    Moving to Paris :D

  • Sarah

    This summer of love I am preparing for my PhD qualifying exams. Oh, and I’ll go to the lake house for some summer fun too:)

  • Bzzzmahal

    My cousins and I now have little ones old enough to join in activities.  So, we want them to play the same games and do the same things we did growing up. The summer’s schedule will be filled wtih pool trips, picnics, slides and lots of laughter. 

  • Kitchenista

    One thing I’m really excited about is a week at the beach with my kids…rented a house with a view of the water…nothing to do but soak up the sun and family, hang out, play board games, cook, eat and laugh!

  • Psychohistory

    I’m hoping to fall in love! In the meantime I’m preparing for my first salsa performance, cooking with fresh food from the farmer’s market down the block, and concentrating on leaving the emotional trauma of the last few months behind me.

  • Machelle Bamberger

    this summer I am recovering from total knee replacement surgery and finding the passion and joy in the simple things.

  • Duster497

    For this summer of love, I’m going to do things for myself that I love-hiking, traveling, exercise.

  • Cindy

    Going to the beach and working!

  • Stephanie D.

    This summer of love I’m taking a Spanish class, working part-time, exercising, and watching the Olympics! 

  • Ariella D

    I am applying to medical school (maybe MD/PhD) and trying to find a new job for the upcoming year. I am trying to figure out what I love and how to get myself into doing things that matter and are personally meaningful

  • Mayihavethatrecipe

    I am going to Barcelona, Spain to attend my cousins wedding.  We grew up together and she is my youngest cousin, the last one to get married.

  • KMerry

    Working at my first legal internship

  • Lisa Yelichek

    I plan on lots of fun little day trips with my hubby and punks…and always looking for new recipes to do on the grill!  Thanks for the opportunity!  I’ve always wanted one of these!

  • Rebecca G.

    I am off to Hawaii for some relaxation!

    • Eric

      Cool I’m from hawaii

  • Camille B.

    This summer of love I’ll be baking and cooking for my future paramedic. :)

  • Jillmbooth

    I’m having Kidney surgery…and cooking :-)

  • Chris H.

    This summer of love I’m putting behind a terrible relationship and putting my heart into a brand new apartment, and this mixer would look soooooo good in that kitchen!! :D

  • Jessica Valentine

    This summer I’m spending time with my family – they live across the country, and I am pumped to spend some time with them.

  • Jewels

    Try to recover from a bad case of the giggles over your “8, er, 7 readers” while NOT holdings breath. A very Happy Birthday to you!

  • Jan

    Watching my little boys grow up…too fast.

  • Sabine K

    What I love to do in summer is to pick all the lovely ripe fruits from the garden and make lots of cakes and jams.

  • Laura (Tutti Dolci)

    Making as much ice cream as I can!

  • lewisham_tiers

    I’ working on my rabbitry and building all of my summer back yard furniture

  • Grace Komjakraphan

    This summer of love i wil be doing a little bit of traveling, a little bit of crafting, but a lot of bit of lovin’…

  • SallyJean

    Read a lot of books.

  • Cecilia

    This summer I plan to spend time by the pool with my friends, do a bit of baking, and preserve as many seasonal fruits as I can!

  • Kelly M

    Helping my newlywed daughter and new husband move to West Virginia to attend graduate school.

  • Jackie

    I hope to get some great produce out of my garden and do some cooking!

  • Farah

    Welcoming my baby daughter to the world and becoming a mommy!

  • Priyabsharma

    Travelling to Napa for some wine tasting, R&R, and romance! 

  • BadgerKitchen

    Enjoying friends, family, good food and company all summer. The best kind of loving.

  • Maggie

    Cooking, hiking with my dog, and enjoying the sunshine! 

  • kristan adkins

    lots of home improvement, lime popsicles, spending time with friends and family.

  • Tippytoes

    Preparing breads and baked goodies for my lovely, pregnant wife (our first, due in January), and since “summer” in the SF Bay Area is freezing cold, baking will be a comfort in the kitchen!

  • Ophelia

    Drinking many mint (from my front yard) based drinks!

  • Becca Goldring

    spend every minute I can with my boyfriend since we will be spending nine months apart starting in august. Our favorite date is getting ice cream! 

  • raiseyourglasstohope

    Find a  job *fingers crossed*, bake an amazingly decadent chocolate cake for my best friend’s birthday, go to the Mermaid Parade, the Pride Parade, get more freelance video editing work until I find a job… and visit my dad’s family for the 4th of July where there is sure to be all kinds of amazing food!

  • Prapps1

    I turn 30 in July and am finishing a grueling year of graduate school.  I have been collecting cookbooks for 7 years now and have not cooked my way through a single one of them yet. This summer, when I finish school I’ll be cooking one cookbook from front to back, regardless of if I think I’ll like the dish. I’ve had very little time this year to work on my cooking and this is how I plan on getting back in the game :)

  • HLeigh

    enjoying life and cooking in the sun

  • JacquelineH

     For the 2012 Summer of Love, I am going to drink wine, read books and make fabulous food for my friends!

  • Maya

    I’m finishing up with grad school and falling in love with life while trying to figure out how to make the most out of the opportunities I have :)

  • lauren

    After the most challenging, lonely year, I’m finally building a life in a new city and finding ways to love new friends, enjoy my neighborhood community, and be happy with everyday responsibilities.

  • Konnie

    I live in the Great Pacific Northwest and plan go go p the mighty rogue river! We eat like royalty and will be eating fresh salmon for sure.

  • CDiaz

    Grill, drink wine, camp, golf and enjoy as much sun as the PNW has to give OH and drink more wine

  • Sydney60171

    going out with my husband every friday night

  • Tiffinyjackson

    I am going to learn how to use a smoker for BBQ.