McCormick & Schmick’s, Beverly Hills – Animal Kingdom, a Club Sandwich, and Life Goals

mccormick & schmick's beverly hills, los angeles, ca - salmon club sandwich

mccormick & schmick's, beverly hills, los angeles, ca - antipasto plate
herd mentality: to share

McCormick & Schmick’s in Beverly Hills is not my first choice for a lazy weekend brunch – neither is it my second choice, nor third – but we ended up there simply out of convenience. My family has gone there many times for dinner, for that’s the type of place that McCormick & Schmick’s is. You go there with your family for Mother’s Day or Great Aunt Rita’s birthday or graduation so Dad can order cioppino as an excuse to lecture
about the difference between cioppino and bouillabaisse, Mom can allow herself to ignore her cholesterol and eat crab Louis salad and the one daughter who makes herself special by claiming a seafood allergy can eat a starter plate of roasted garlic and other assorted antipasto as a meal.

It was long past the first half of what makes up brunch, so a couple of plates to match the second “unch” half seemed appropriate to share. The roasted garlic and antipasto platter is a reliable standard for me. It certainly wasn’t outstanding, but as long as the garlic isn’t burnt to an ashy crisp, I can appreciate squeezing each clove to release a buttery fragrant paste from the papery skin. I admit it. I don’t even bother to put it onto bread. I just eat it right off my fork.

mccormick & schmick's, beverly hills, los angeles, ca - roasted garlic
vegetable kingdom
mccormick & schmick's beverly hills, los angeles, ca - salmon club sandwich
imperfect destiny

Beyond knowing a little about salmon in their natural environment and their springtime spawning activities, I am not a fan of salmon as a food in any format. I recognize salmon as a superfood, but for some reason, I can’t shake this idea in my head that salmon, not tuna, is the chicken of the sea. In a club sandwich, however, it wasn’t as pedestrian as I expected, though it is just a sandwich after all. McCormick & Schmick’s serves the sandwich, as stated, with a small pile of French fries that I ate, but not with the usual *sighs* and soft squeals that are emitted when I’m eating thin fries, crisp on the ends, yet soggy and glistening with sodium-infused grease.

It wasn’t perfect, but I guess that’s okay.

McCormick & Schmick’s
206 N Rodeo Drive @Wilshire
Beverly Hills, CA 90210

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  • mattatouille

    i’ve been to that mccormick’s many times for happy hour. probably the cheapest meal you can get on rodeo.

  • sarah

    matthew k: ah yes, happy hour at mccormick’s – surprisingly very good. can’t beat a $2 burger!

  • sarah

    matthew k: ah yes, happy hour at mccormick’s – surprisingly very good. can’t beat a $2 burger!

  • Tarie

    I like your salmon metaphor for life. I think I understand how you feel. And your salmon metaphor has helped me understand my life a little more. :)

  • sg

    ok, did we have the same dad? mine also pounded pbs and nature shows down the three sisters’ throats also – hysterical! is it just a tad weird, too, that i am an s. gim as well? nice to meet ya!

  • hermz

    OK, that last paragraph is the first time I got a chill down my spine from reading the tDL.


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