Moulin de Tricot Margaux 2009 + OPI ‘Clubbing ’til Sunrise’

Moulin de Tricot Margaux, bordeaux wine 2009

I hate crowds, don’t like enclosed spaces, but worse than either of those, I am terrified of… the flu.

So how I agreed to attend a wine tasting in a dark, windowless “salon” two floors underground with 1,499 potentially contagious other people at what I am now hoping was the height of hysteria a few weeks ago, is beyond me.

Hundreds of growers who had not only traveled from France potentially harboring their own strain of “le flu,” but had intermingled just days, even hours before with thousands of others at preceding events, fatigued, and practicing risky greeting behavior, spreading germs with every handshake, hug, and god forbid, kisskiss. Improperly sanitized glassware in an enormous hotel hosting simultaneous events competing for resources. Glasses, water bottles, cheese, sitting out on tables inviting airborne germs to settle on their surfaces. Running into someone I sort of knew and, ohmigod, having to talk to them.

“I’m not really a ‘Bordeaux girl’ so maybe I’ll just pass…”

I ended up going. I pulled a wine glass from the very back of a fresh rack of steaming glasses that had come out right when we signed in. I clutched it to my chest the whole time, and kept it covered with a cocktail napkin. I stood off to the side for a large part of the event, seemingly deep in thoughtful mental tasting notes with my nose in the glass, but really just using the glass as a surgical mask over my face. When running into people, or being introduced to them, I gripped the wine glass in one hand, and awkwardly-on-purpose held two water bottles in the other, smiling with the display and an apologetic “hands full, can’t shake your hand.”
OPI clubbing til sunrise copper nail polish
Moulin de Tricot was not a grower who showed at the Bordeaux tasting. However, the label’s perfect polish pairing with coppery OPI ‘Clubbing til Sunrise’ seems appropriate in light of this season’s (i.e. “my”) flumania.

If you cannot get out of a situation in which you might have to shake hands with strangers, do this beforehand: paint your nails in a very bright copper color with an ultra high-gloss “wet look” topcoat. When anyone reaches in for a handshake recoil in horror, start blowing on your nails, and scream “My nails aren’t dry yet!”


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