Nong La Cafe {restaurant}, Sawtelle, West LA – Pho

Nong La Cafe - Bun Chay

I’ve just realized that there are probably 9,000 pho restaurants within 4 miles of me.

But for three-and-a-half more miles, and in the other direction, I get Nong La Cafe.

{above: Bun Chay with Tofu and Mushrooms, additional note: Bún Bò Huế was had and liked, but the photo accidentally deleted!}

Pho Ga

Pho Ga: free-range chicken in chicken broth. So far, other than the version I now make at home, Nong La’s very light, clean chicken broth is my favorite. Granted, I have only had pho at maybe a total of 7 different restaurants over the course of my delicious lifetime, but still…Also? I think I am victim of the “free-range chicken” marketing phrasing.
nong la cafe chicken pho ga

Pho Garnish

nong la cafe, pho garnish

Nem Nuong Cuon {Pork Rolls}

Fresh rice paper rolls with grilled pork, and fried crisps inside
nong la cafe, pork roll

Goi Cuon {Spring Rolls}

fresh rice paper rolls with pork, shrimp, and rice vermicelli
nong la cafe, vietnamese shrimp summer roll

Hue Beer {Vietnam}

hue vietnamese beer


from their list (!) 2011 La Grange Tiphaine ‘Riage Tournant’ Rosé and NV Domaine de la Pepiere ‘Pepie Bulles.’ So if I say Nong La is my pho-vorite so far (you knew I was going to do that somewhere, right?), it might be because of the Pepie Bulles!
nong la cafe, wines

Wine List

nong la cafe, wine list


hashioki chopstick rest

Nong La Cafe

nong la cafe

Nong La Cafe
2055 Sawtelle Blvd
West Los Angeles, CA 90025
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1 FriendOfBob December 18, 2012 at 5:28 pm

along with the ability to rapid fire four finger baton twirl an ink pen, the efficient construction of a chopstick rest from materials at hand denotes yes, you are an f.o.b. fo sho


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