Park’s BBQ, Koreatown – Seoul Food

Parks BBQ - The Table

Marinated Shrimp, Bulgogi (Sliced, Marinated Ribeye)

Parks BBQ - Shrimp and Bulgogi

Marinated Pork Belly

Park's BBQ - Marinated Pork Belly

Charcoal for Grill

Park's BBQ - Charcoal for Grill

Prepping Grill with a Rubdown of Fat

Park's BBQ - Grill Prep

Galbi (Marinated Shortribs)

Park's BBQ - Galbi on Grill


Park's BBQ - Galbi Piece


Park's BBQ - Bulgogi on Grill

Pork Belly

Park's BBQ - Pork Belly on the Grill

Pork Belly and Kimchi

Park's BBQ - Pork Belly on Grill

Pork Belly

Park's BBQ - Pork Belly Piece

Braised Black Cod (with lots of garlic!)

Park's BBQ - Black Cod

Sauces for Grilled Meat

Park's BBQ - Sauces for Grilled Meat

Bahn Chan

Park's BBQ - Bahn-chan

Jahp Chae

Park's BBQ - Jahp Chae


Park's BBQ - Kimchi

Oi (Cucumber) Kimchi

Park's BBQ - Oi (Cucumber) Kimchi

Miyuk (Seaweed)

Park's BBQ -Miyuk (Seaweed) Kimchi

Miyuk (Seaweed)

Park's BBQ -Miyuk


Park's BBQ -Squash


It looked like mini-tripe. I didn’t try it to verify.
Park's BBQ - Tripe?

Dooboo (tofu)

Park's BBQ - Doo-boo Jun


Park's BBQ - Cabbage Salad


Park's BBQ - Mook

Hae-mool Pa-Jun (Seafood Omelet)

Park's BBQ - Hae-mool Pa-jun

Hae-mool Pa-jun

Park's BBQ - Hae-mool Pa-jun, Sliced

Soon Doo-boo Jjigae (Soft Tofu Stew in Hot Pot)

Park's BBQ - Soon Doo-boo Jjigae

Park’s BBQ

Park's BBQ

Park’s BBQ
955 S Vermont Ave #D
Los Angeles, CA 90006
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  • babamoto

    Oh, God!

  • mel CH

    Looks incredible, especially the top picture of the entire spread…

  • Food GPS

    Wow, I’m clearly way overdue for a return trip to Park’s. I shifted allegiance to sister restaurant Don Dae Gam, since it focuses on pork, but that pork belly looks incredible. So does the black cod.

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