Pesto Pasta with Tomatoes, Pea Pods, and Mozzarella – Fancy a FIFA Wager?

pesto pasta with tomatoes, pea pods, and mozzarella
Sarah: *hands on hips* You know, it is just like the Americans. They just latch onto whatever seems “cool” at the moment. I mean, what is with all the sudden interest in the World Cup? When did Americans become so interested in soccer? Puh-leez. It’s just those sneaky advertisers creating hype so they have yet another opportunity to market their products on tv. I don’t remember this kind of excitement last year. I mean, where was all the excitement last year, huh? Huh?! *throws her hands up in the air*
JP: Sarah, the World Cup is every four years.
Sarah: *pause* Oh.

Yes, I admit that I wasn’t into this whole FIFA World Cup Soccer malarkey. I didn’t even “get” it when my Mom would call me, tired and cranky and sleepy because she had woken up at the crack of dawn to watch Korea earlier that morning. Korea? I have no pride.


Then I discovered the object of my World Cup affection. Oh, boy. Boy, literally. As soon as I caught a glimpse of Cristian *pause to let out a dreamy sigh with hand to a heaving bosom*….first I practically fainted, then I took a very keen interest in soccer; I very strangely became obsessed with Portugal. What can I say? I fall in lust pretty easily.

So, now we are down to it, and even though there is no promise of my beloved Cristian ripping his shirt off in a glorious, victorious frenzy in the Finals, I will be watching. I mean the World Cup isn’t only about Cristian for me. Italy has some purty hawt players, too. ;)

Fancy a little FIFA Finals wager?

My money is on Italia (as my supporting pasta indicates).

If Italy wins, you take me out to an Italian restaurant of my choice.

If France wins, well…they won’t. (Does Urasawa count as Italian?!?!)

So, here I go again, posting a recipe for a dish that needs a recipe like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich needs a recipe. I can’t help it – I just need something easy and fast because I can’t see the tv that well from the kitchen.

Pesto Pasta with Tomatoes, Pea Pods, and Mozzarella

Let’s just say that you’re making enough pasta for two. Toss 3 c. hot cooked penna pasta with about ¼ c. pesto, more or less depending on your personal picky taste. Hey, you go right ahead and use store-bought pesto, and while you’re at it, throw together an Italian tablescape, Sandra Lee, but I would highly recommend making it fresh just to avoid the ridicule and shame, ‘k?

Add a handful of fresh pea pods cut on the bias to match the shape of the penne (details, my friends, details!), a handful of cherry tomatoes cut into quarters, and fresh perle bufala mozzarella.

Serve in bowls that won’t spill when you jump up from the couch and scream.

Forza Italia!

** a year ago today, i took a turbulent trip around asia at typhoon **

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