Pok Pok at Night+Market for Thai New Year

Pok Pok at Night + Market, Thai New Year 2013

I am obsessed with Pok Pok (Portland, NYC) and I haven’t even eaten there yet. When Andy Ricker (chef) came down to night+market in LA to cook a family-style feast for Thai New Year last week, I somehow very luckily scored an invitation to the private event.

Ok, maybe I bullied my way in…

Since it was a New Year festival, I’m hoping it’s okay to reset my New Year’s resolutions, one of which now includes “Go to Portland. Eat at Pok Pok.”

I missed photos of some of the dishes. Sometimes that happens when you’re having too much fun.

Laap Ped Umphoe Phen

Issan duck laap in the the style of Umphoe Phen, Udon, by night+market
Pok Pok at Night Market -Laap

Laap Muu Suk

Pork laap, Northern style with naam phrik laap Mae Rim, offal, khaep muu, herbs, fried garlic, by pokpok
Pok Pok at Night Market - laap

Hor Ab

Catfish “tamale” seasoned with pork fat and sawtooth, by night+market
Pok Pok at Night Market - catfish tamale

Yam Jin Kai

Village chicken soup with makhwen and diiplii, chilies, and herbs, by pokpok
Pok Pok at Night Market - Chicken Soup

Kaeng Hung Leh

Burmese-style curry of pork belly, ginger, pickled garlic, tamarind and burmese curry powder, by pokpok
Pok Pok at Night Market - pork belly curry

Phat Khanom Jiin

Stir-fried golden rice vermicelli, by pokpok. This was one of the later courses and even though I had already indulged to the point of unladylike fullness, I ate almost the entire plate (meant for the table) by myself.
Pok Pok at Night Market - vermicelli

Sankhaya Turian

Pandan-scented coconut cream custard, duck eggs, palm sugar, and durian, with sweet sticky rice, by pokpok
Pok Pok at Night Market - Pandan Durian Custard Dessert

Pok Pok at Night+Market Menu

Pok Pok at Night Market - Pok Pok menu

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1 Ahu Shahrabani April 8, 2013 at 6:19 pm

what a feast!


2 Jax April 8, 2013 at 8:42 pm

I thought Andy is your cousin, didn’t you live in Portland?


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