Prime Rib – White People Version of Galbi

prime rib, medium rare

What is it about prime rib that Korean people love so much? …

The question didn’t come up when we had prime rib for Thanksgiving this year, in addition to a turkey and a whole ham.

It was a week-and-half later at the KoreAm Unforgettable Gala. They served Lawry’s Prime Rib.

I was disappointed by Lawry’s, not by the food itself, but by the choice. I was hoping that we’d have Korean wedding reception-style buffet replete with enormous tangled piles of banchan, bulgogi, and jahp-chae, but I’m probably the only Korean person in LA who doesn’t eat Korean food on a regular basis.


That’s when I asked myself the question. What is it about the white people version of galbi? Is it the taste of the meat? Is it what the meat symbolizes — the American Dream? Is it the luxury and indulgence?

And that’s when I realized that it’s not even the prime rib. It’s the association.

Prime rib is associated with Lawry’s is associated with…

Free meatballs.

Prime Rib Roast, The Delicious Family Thanksgiving 2011

{rime Rib, medium rare, sliced

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