Super Bowl Sunday – Boys vs. Girls

super bowl sunday, 2007 - jimmy's quesadillas
My sister and brother-in-law threw together a little last-minute party for the Peyton Bowl at their house. They cooked a few dishes and various guests brought along some food. The dinner and coffee tables together, covered with all kinds of foods, was quite an impressive spread.

super bowl sunday 2007, caprese salad with fresh roma tomato, basil, and buffalo mozzarella
girl:”caprese.” guy: “burger toppings”
super bowl sunday 2007, fresh fruit
fresh and fruity feminine feeling

Originally, I was going to write an in-depth analysis of gender-based perceptions with respect to food based on who brought what kinds of things to the house and what they chose to eat throughout the party.

super bowl sunday 2007, buffalo wings
buffaloes have wings?
super bowl sunday 2007, kielbasa and li'l smokies
sausage party. literally.

Girls eat “girly” things like “brunch” and salad and fresh fruit and tiny tea sandwiches and pretty-in-pink little things that won’t defile the $31 French manicures that are wrapped around the fragile stem of a Champagne flute.

Guys eat “guy” things like beef and steak and sausage and meat. Pizza, too, but only if there is nothing remotely vegetal on it.

super bowl sunday 2007, brie cheese
easy brie-zy beautiful, cover girl
super bowl sunday 2007 - cheddar and pepper jack cheese cubes
cheddar and pepper jack. no jill.

Wedge of Brie cheese with fancy crackers? Girls.

Cheddar and Pepper Jack Cheese Cubes? Guys.

My blog post was going to be a fascinating exposé of the gross gender-based flavor profiling that occurs in our society. It was going to be brilliant. I’d be thought of as “genius.” Scholars and academics would praise me. I’d be on Oprah!

Yeah. Well.

super bowl sunday 2007 - quesadilla
super bowl sunday 2007 - guacamole
guacamole isn’t a vegetable, is it?

It all went to hell when my brother-in-law walked out of the kitchen with a frying pan to plate the rest of the quesadillas he had cooked while my sister, the rest of the girls, and I were face-down in a plate of sausages.

Besides, I think most of us are progressively modern enough to know that cupcakes are gender-neutral anyway.

super bowl sunday 2007 - joan's on third pita chips
from joan’s on third
super bowl sunday 2007 - joan's on third cupcake
ding dongs are unisex

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