True Food Kitchen, Santa Monica {restaurant}

True Food Kitchen - Bison Burger

I love this place. I wish they would open a location in West Hollywood. The end.

Edamame Dumplings

with daikon radish and white truffle oil, in shiitake mushroom broth [$9]. I will be attempting to recreate these dumplings at home. The only natural action after inhaling five dumplings, whole, in about 35 seconds.
True Food Kitchen - edamame white truffle dumplings

Thai Shrimp Dumplings

with basil, mint and jalapeno [$12]
True Food Kitchen - Thai Shrimp Dumplings

Turkey Bolognese

brown rice penne pasta and parmesan [$14]
True Food Kitchen - turkey bolognese

Sweet Potato Hash

comes with Grass-Fed Bison Burger with umami mushrooms, onions, mayo and parmesan on flaxseed bun [$16]
True Food Kitchen - sweet potato hash

Medicine Man and Honey Lemonade

Medicine Man (antioxidant blast): olivello (sea buckthorn berry) juice, pomegranate juice, cranberry juice, black tea, soda, and pomegranate seeds [$6]. Honey Lemonade [$4]
True Food Kitchen - medicine man and honey lemonade

True Food Kitchen Table

True Food Kitchen

True Food Kitchen
395 Santa Monica Place, Suite 172
(ground floor, entrance on 2nd Avenue)
Santa Monica, CA 90401

[lunch with Williams, 11.11.2011]

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