Types of Sparkling Waters

boylan seltzer water

Drank a bottle of Boylan‘s Seltzer Water for the first time last night. It was THE MOST refreshing “sparkling” water I have EVER HAD.

Though this could just be my mild morning-afterglow talking. (!)

Really though, I doubt that the seltzer water was more refreshing merely because of temperature. The flavor was different — or rather, the no flavor — and it seemed like the bubbles were bigger. And there were more of them. And it was so awesome that I took 9,000 pictures of a bottle of water at the bar.

I asked myself many questions. How could this water be so much more refreshy than others? Was it the specific brand (Boylan’s)? Was it the size and shape of the bottle?

Was it…the type of water?!?!

This, of course, reminded me that I have, in fact, been plagued by the unclear (to me) differences among the “sparkling waters” for months, and finally hurled me into a research fury this morning.

So I have cleared it up, once and for all.

Though this still does not explain why/how last night’s bottle of Boylan’s was so good. I will be continuing research.

“Sparkling” Water Types

from general to specific…

  • carbonated water ~ any water that is effervescent because carbon dioxide has been dissolved into it
  • soda water ~ synonymous with generic “carbonated water” (above)
  • seltzer water ~ artificially carbonated water with no other added ingredients
  • club soda ~ artificially carbonated water with added salts for flavor
  • sparkling water ~ naturally carbonated mineral* water with naturally occurring salts and minerals

* side note no. 1 * “Mineral water” can be either sparkling or flat
* side note no. 2 * Tonic water has nothing to do with any of these. It contains something called quinine that makes it bitter. It also has 100 horrible, wasteful calories per serving.
* side note no. 3 * Yes, yes I know that sparkling water plaguing my sanity for months basically makes me a total psycho. Whatever. I also take pictures of gummi bears.

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