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The Delicious Life Cookbook-a-Day Giveaway

The Highlights: Click to make color commentary on your favorite food done on the grill to possibly win either Grill! or Grill Every Day. You can only win one, and you might not win anything at all in this round, but don’t worry, we only use the word “loser” in the same sentence as “Boston,” mmm-k?

Full Coverage: In the NBA Finals, there can only be one.

The stunning display of speed, accuracy and refined talent on this blog may confuse you, but this is not the NBA. Cain’t you read? What are you, illegitimate? This is TDL, where delicious happens, and in the TDL Finals, aka the Birthday Month Cookbook-a-Day Giveaway, there can only be — do the calendarial math carefully now — 30.

Let me break it down slowly for the remedial fans in the nosebleeds: 30 days in June. 30 books. 30 winners.

We’re only a third of the way through the month and of course, I am already a few cookbooks behind. Are you surprised? Can you blame me?! It’s summer! It’s my birthday month!

The Lakers are in the NBA Finals!

It hasn’t been easy blogging in my old high school cheerleading uniform for the last five days.

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  • Jim

    To grill or not to grill? That is the question.

    I’d be happy with either one of those!

  • Jim

    To grill or not to grill? That is the question.

    I’d be happy with either one of those!

  • Michele

    Mmmm…they both spark a flame with me.

  • Kaitlin

    Garlicky potatoes on the barbecue.

  • Ari

    korean spicy ribs or kebabs!

  • Kim G

    whole chicken legs with tons of sauce, veggies and pizza. Hmmmm.

  • SJK

    Tri tip. Slow grilled. Enough said.

  • sarah j. gim

    jim: how is that the question? ALWAYS. GRILL.

    michele: you’re punny ;)

    kait: oh, care to share how that’s done?

    ari: you had me at “korean.” or maybe it was “spicy.”

    kim g: pizza on the grill! i have a cookbook dedicated solely to that coming up this week!

    sjk: tri tip. man, you really ARE from texas, aren’t you?

  • Susan

    veggies, veggies & more veggies, please.

    do i get eliminated from the contest if i’m rooting for the celtics? :-P

  • sarah j. gim

    susan: i’ll pretend i didn’t read that second line. (though i do have to say, i have a teeny bit of a crush on KG)

  • Linda

    sweet corn (with lots and lots of butter!)

  • Linda

    sweet corn (with lots and lots of butter!)

  • Jon

    meat… all kinds!

    love the graphic spoof on the NBA commercials.

  • cocoa-licious

    jalapeno poppers on the grill:

    slice pepper in half lengthwise and de-seed and de-vein.
    fill with cream cheese.
    wrap in prosciutto (for fancy people) or bacon (for the midwestern types) and skewer to keep pork product on said pepper.
    grill cut side up until done.
    enjoy and schedule appointment with cardiologist for coronary stent.

  • sarah j. gim

    linda: with jalapeno butter!

    jon: thx :)

    cocoa-licious: if I weren’t doing this giveaway by random drawing, i’d pick you for the jalapeno poppers

  • H. C.

    balsamic-marinded strawberries in a foil packet — served with ice cream (if the guests aren’t scalding their fingers picking them off while you’re doing the scooping!)

  • FranMag

    I love anything grilled, but one of my favorite things is red and yellow bell peppers grilled until charred, peeled then drizzled with olive oil and a little bit of salt and pepper. So yummy and great with grilled meats.

  • teri48xxx

    grilled kalbi and chicken are very delish.

  • ashley

    do spicy buffalo wings count?

  • sarah j. gim

    hc: wow. do you also add sugar or honey or anything?

    franmag: skip the meat. i could eat roasted red peppers for an entire meal (with some cheese, though)

    teri48xxx: korean reprazent.

    ashley: of course they count. i am of the firm belief that as with deep-frying, you can smack anything down on the grill.

  • SunJun

    Nothing beats a good ol’ fashion ribeye. That, or galbi depending on which loyalty is stronger that day.

  • SunJun

    Nothing beats a good ol’ fashion ribeye. That, or galbi depending on which loyalty is stronger that day.

  • Sonya

    I have to be true to my roots (well, half of them anyway): Samoan BBQ Chicken!

    …although I’m digging the jalapeno popper recipe, too! Thanks, Cocoa-lish!

  • Sonya

    p.s. I’m also impressed by the graphic play on the NBA commercials! I knew Kobe would pull out the win, knew it!

  • H. C.

    No sweetener needed – just good quality balsamic & fresh ‘n ripe strawberries. It only needs 5-10 minutes on the grill & the vinegar helps accentuate the berries natural sweetness.

  • XD

    Paula Deen’s chocolate chip cookie s’mores hot off the grill: to die for!,1977,FOOD_9936_36830,00.html

  • Tiffany

    Succulent, tender grilled flank steak topped with herbed butter :)

    I’m getting hungry just thinking about it…

  • Lillian

    I should saw something like grilled vegetables or fish, but while I like both of them. The quintessential summer food to me is a grilled bratwurst.

  • Erin

    I was thinking: which one?

    I say either…OR BOTH!

  • Craig

    grilled fruit, grilled vegetables, hey wait, what about a slowly smoked piece of pork, hmmmm.

  • Simply

    I’m a purist, I like meat on my grill. A nice carne asada baby! I also like oysters still in their shell over Bar-B. Yum!

  • hohomanx

    i luv meat on the grill, but most recently i’ve been goofing off with trying to smoke ribs on a charcoal grill, but i guess that’s more bbq than “grilling”. i guess i’ll say a juicy steak that’s been marinated overnight in a mixture of soy sauce, garlic, peanut butter, citrus, and onions. mmmmm

  • brewinphan

    Galbi or tri tip. Next time I’ll give pineapple slices a shot.

    Love your blog!

  • Toystory

    Chicken, ribeye, shrimp, darn it, anything on the grill I love…I even used my grill one year to bake things — so the house would stay cool.

  • jessilynn

    Yummy, someone said oysters on the half shell, that would be my favorite too except we would do those over and open fire with a piece of tin out in the woods with a keg of beer when we were I also have to agree that nothing beats a big, fat juicy steak. Thank you for your giveaway!

  • briannechase

    PIZZA, PIZZA, PIZZA! Any topping, anytime! :)

  • ababe28

    This giveaway has me all fired up!

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